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  1. bad4youLT's post in Tempestarii Turrets: What are they and how do I obtain them? (Mission Spoilers) was marked as the answer   
    As of yet no way to obtain and prob won't be obtainable as those were most likely added to Tempestarii to avoid players possible terrible loadout .
  2. bad4youLT's post in Is It My Imagination, Or Do Assassination Bosses Spawn More Frequently On The Steel Path? was marked as the answer   
    Because they are , all assassin spawn rates in steel path have been increased .
  3. bad4youLT's post in Please Help Eidolon Shard for Focus. was marked as the answer   
    That wukong player was in no position to complain , pubs are pubs if he wanted something else he should have made private match , don't give up on pubs just because of one rotten apple .
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