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  1. A very disingenuous approach to the situation as obviously there are true reasons why this game mode struggles. You did not participate in the discussion you merely made a conclusion based on negativity. And therefore it is not considered.
  2. Oh believe me.. I was forced into learning it just fine xD. The problem with this suggestion is that it is the same as every other. "Use a synergy!" Ok, Id love to use a limbo right now! Oh, well what about Unairu dash? This doesnt work. First and foremost not everyone does have the ability to go and grab a Lua lens and slap it on a burst/dps frame for ESO to farm focus, let alone do an effective tricap for focus. But what would you tell a player who is less adept than that? What if they never picked Unairu? What if they dont have XYZ? Would you really recommend that someone go out of their way to , on the first day farm all the parts .Maybe by the end of first days quest build parts, then the frame for another 3 whole days just to grab harrow? "Go farm Limbo and unairu to get harrow" is just not a good suggestion. And it doesnt solve the overall issue that this game mode has nothing in it other than one part for a warframe. Also. I think it would be wise for people to realize this as well: That is a 2020 usage statistic for every warframe in the game. Im sure it hasnt changed much by now. Go and check out harrows percentage... he is right next to mag prime, a vaulted prime frame as old as the dang game.
  3. Im honestly up for that idea. I actually like railjack... Did I just say that?
  4. Actually its quite funny yo usay that . That was the first strategy I employed when doing the defection as I like to play as gara, but unfortunately that splinter dmg resistance probably Either: - Doesnt apply in full to defectors - Or their base stats are so low that when it comes down to the infested reaching a higher level that the damage resistance does little to no effect. as after about 10 rounds the splinters do nothing. I doubled down and made sure that I have enough strength to get the 90% resistance but alas, I did and gave up on the strategy. Plus, the over encompassing problem here is that yes, the splinters give 90% resistance but you have to recast it on all 4 to 8 defectors every time it runs out. This drove me mad and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this strategy is just too much of a hassle to employ. You're more worried about the splinters duration of defectors than you are about the rest of the game mode. Too distracting, wisp is better as a support task and Gara should use CC instead. And I never claimed I couldnt hit C rotation, I can. But the problem is that its not efficient by yourself and overall not worth the time. Players now have to farm for TWO harrow systems instead of just one.
  5. Lmfao sorry, youre right . That game mode needs better rewards in it too.
  6. I heard "Play a warframe you dont want to" and "Farm petty resources while you waste time not doing higher level content" tbh. But yes, I understand what you mean, but "Just adapt" doesnt help solve the problem as a whole. Playing by oneself is never as entertaining as just running it solo the whole time and that is something that DE understands and has tried to address in other situations (Such as railjack) . Also, only having a healer isnt enough . There needs to be: - CC for higher level infested - A vauban to make speed pads - Healing - AOE burst Otherwise there arent enough optimizations to make your time well spent. Youll spend half an hour in this mission waiting for defection to snail crawl all the way there. These are pretty much the staples for defection. The best squad you can have for this is: - Equinox - Vauban - Wisp - Pick a fourth . Because believe me , Ive done plenty of tier III defection at this point and I gotta say, 11% drop chance for a harrow chassis is a lie.
  7. This in particular is the most unbearable thing about defection. I cannot tell you the amount of times a defector has gotten stuck and was forced to just die.
  8. Tier 3 Defection has to be , quite possibly. The most unpopular game mode in the entierty of Warframe. I have been trying to get a squad to play it with for actual days and cannot get people for it. DE please just reconsider this source. This game-mode is awful and noone wants to play it . I want to play Harrow, but for gods sakes im about to just give up and not even touch him becaue the farm is so awful to recruit for. And needless to say noone is sitting in the nodes waiting for people to join because noone plays them. Edit: So I ended up grabbing two people to farm it , and the farm lasted two games before they got bored enough and fed up with the so called "11% drop chance" that this farm offers on Tier 3 nodes that they just quit. Seriously, at this point its not even worth the time.. Summary: Overall I appreciate the feedback from everyone. But please relaize that warframe synergies do not solve the issue when you cannot have a synergy with one player anyways. Farming a specific frame, using a specific ability, these are all moot points. Overall if Pablo likes new things , then they should maintain these new things to be beneficial outside of a farm for one part that everyone already has. One person outright just told me one day "Youre better off just pulling out a card and paying for it like everyone else did". What a take. And also, How in the he** has the word about escort missions in video games not been beaten to death that we dont like them? They are never good!
  9. Thats honestly my biggest issue as well. How people with garbage railjacks with like 1k hull and shields end up at the veil? I dunno.
  10. It doesnt work at high level without using the nukor as a crutch tbh . And no, I forma'd it and put a full build. Its just not viable as an option. Believe me , if I thought it was strong I wouldnt post about it. Edit: spelling
  11. The Iron Staff is garbage. DE listen, before and even after he melee nerfs the iron staff has always been the absolute worst melee weapon. Its an exalted yet I would probably say I could make a Skana better than this piece of garbage . It deserves better man. People actually subsume to get rid of the iron staff sometimes because its so bad. Ive poured some forma into it and cannot understand how this hasnt been discussed more. Buff it please. It needs it .
  12. In order to start a railjack mission with my own railjack, I have to either A: Play by myself. Or B: SPAM click a node so that when on public lobby I won't join another crew already in progress. I want to do the missions with my own railjack. Not someone elses ... Can we please get an option to stat a lobby on public without searching for a crew to join? Its a hassle for real.
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