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  1. I completely agree and brought up the same issue of lack of tutorials for Rail jack in my own post on the topic. The start is very much not helpful to new RJ owners.
  2. I've always liked the idea of Railjack, being able to fly around in space in a dedicated combat ship, but the actual gameplay feel for a new railjack owner is brutal, especially since there are no tutorials to explain the core mechanics. Due to the mission flow, I have to leave my RJ, use my archwing to fly over to an enemy ship to break into it, and because my RJ is freshly made with only the basic equipment it quickly blows up from being attacked. I can understand needing to upgrade my RJ overtime, but why is a warship seemingly made from paper? These two issues make me not want to play with
  3. When using Mirage Prime's "Hall of Mirrors" ability and the Cycron secondary weapon, the copies of Mirage Prime display the Cycron's default energy colour and not the one I have applied. This is very noticeable as the energy colour affects the circular portion of the Cycron, which is the weapon's predominant visual feature. This is admittedly a minor visual issue, but once it is noticed it's really hard to ignore. For purposes of troubleshooting: my Mirage Prime is from a Vault Access pack (no idea if that matters or not), I have installed a catalyst into my Cycron, I have not put any for
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