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  1. Right now he is outclassed by everything he needs a lot of love so here are my ideas 1 His first ability stays With four Powers :First vortex With lower range and duratio but Higher dps. Great for chocking doorframes. :Second bastille also lower range but good duration and automatically pushes ennemies out of the field when exceeding limit of lifted ennemies. :third a turret With high duration good range and medium health it needs more dps than His courrent first ability (wich sucks) its mode of fire would be automatic puncture dammage not to op but still good for point defence. :Fourth could be a stun grenade youd need to hit the ennemie for Them to be open for finishers long enough duration for you to get to Them and melee them. Only stuns one at a Time. His second ability a ammo/health Regen aoe maybe as big as garudas health Regen pool but shorter duration With similar health Regen. his third could be a energy cost reduction activating it would give you x ammount of Time for you and allies With lower ability cost. Id give this ability low to medium range and good duration or huge range but low to medium duration Finally His fourth id give him an exalted grenade launcher mainly blast dammage and everytime an ennemie dies from it they explode with this kit he would keep all the abilities players like and are actually usefull he would also have team use and abilities would synergies somewhat together. Finally His grenadier / engineer concept stays true.
  2. I think am going to explode when i play the quest no sorry right before playing my brain will not process me actually playing the sacrifice quest
  3. i think 4 is pretty boring for a vampire inspired frame i would love something more visually appealing like shape shifting into a shadow or bats or whatever and once enemies enter this aura you project they could be susceptible to finishers and all enemies killed would gain the weird mechanics his other ability do. at least like that you can choose specific enemies you wanna turn + it's a good opportunity to make it a unique finisher animation making it even more vampire related as a whole the kit feels strong only thing i think would be good is a strong indicator witch enemies are turned to prevent confusion right now i know it's a placeholder the ash indicator but it needs something like nekros 4 so other players know witch enemies are turned and witch are not. and finally if you stick with his current 4 could you guys add the eidolon scream since it does look like one i think the eidolon scream would fit him as well.
  4. if it's plaque star am actually exceted cause am too lazy to farm cetus wisp or even fishing thingies guess it's time to faaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm!!! space ninja plays farming simulator free
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