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  1. Augments are too different for any sort of augment slot or different type of application to not be power creep. Many of them are straight up upgrades to the ability (Example: Reactive Storm, Negation Swarm, Chromatic Blade, among others), while many tend to be ways to change how the ability works (Example: Partitioned Mallet, Resonating Quake, Enraged). The latter would be appropriate for some sort of augment slot, as they already come with their own "downsides" as the abilities have to be used differently or they lose some sort of stat, but the former don't have any downsides other than the fact they take a mod space, and frames generally have enough space to fit everything relatively easily unless you're using Umbral Mods. And of course, some augments tend to be bandaid fixes to a problem that shouldn't exist, such as Catapult... Right now, the system should not change unless augments are going to be given a look-over entirely.
  2. Though, corrosive would still not be used. Viral works on all enemy types and buffs things like slash, and grineer are also weak to viral (the armoured targets...). The graph is a simple trap to make you think a certain way by omitting a lot of factors. Vast majority of people hate the faction mods for obvious reasons, buffing corrosive would just relegate it to that status, not make people use it.
  3. Hi! I've just been hunting the new Prime Vault drops, and I've noticed that the Kavasa Prime Buckle is worth 65 Ducats rather than the standard 100. Looking it up, it's because it used to be an uncommon in the past, but now it's a rare only -- could this be bumped up to 100? Getting the rare feels pretty bad when it's only 65 compared to a standard 100. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I recently did a mission on Flexa, and when attempting to board the Galleon, I got met with a black screen. I was able to open the menu, and then moving around seemed to indicate I was still in Archwing. Pressing interact (Y) again made me attempt to enter the Galleon again, but the same issue occurred. I could open the tactical menu and also use my Omni to return to my railjack, but attempting to board the Galleon again caused the same issue. I had a friend in the mission who was on the Galleon (who ended up dying completely, oops). You can find a video here: https://streamable.com/z56r2t I've ran into this bug before, moving between the different "instances" in a railjack mission will just completely bug out, and potentially make the mission unfinishable, which is what happened here.
  5. Literally says right below. Yes, and also no. Depends where you live.
  6. Agreed, please buff Gauss base sprint speed to 2.00. I want to go faster. There is no such thing as too fast as Gauss.
  7. I've been noticing this a lot in the past week as well. You'll start missions and the entire squad just gets kicked. I don't think it's anyone's internet, as no matter who is hosting or who is the client, the same issue always happens to many people I know.
  8. This has also been happening to my friends and I. Our connections are fine, but sometimes when we load a mission, half the squad will get "connection lost, returning to menu". There's also been an increase of host migrations as well completely out of the blue -- there's no sort of lag or anything preceding it, it just happens.
  9. Note as well that when duration is under 100, any efficiency above 175% is also counted (but hidden to you). This means that R5 Fleeting Expertise and R5 Streamline will actually go off 190% efficiency and 40% duration for channelled abilities, which gives it the maximum 75% energy reduction cost.
  10. Go to the upgrade screen of your Hek (or the "mod screen"). When on this screen, click the right thumbstick and you'll be given a listen of options, including Auto Equip, Polarize, etc... You'll be able to apply the Orokin Catalyst there.
  11. The cities listed are just examples, they cannot literally list every city as an example or there would be no space. You should know your own timezone, or the names of some cities in the same one. Nevermind the fact that Paris is literally listed there, as are other EU cities such as Lisbon, Berlin, Madrid, etc...
  12. You can farm the relics -- they can all be obtained from bounties in Cetus and Fortuna and are relatively common (they're an uncommon reward). That being said, the weapons do not go away, nor do the relics or any materials, so even if you miss them, you can still try to find people to run the relics with you, or buy the parts later down the line with platinum you get from selling other things.
  13. The operator mechanic does work properly as a host, but it seems like it's tied to latency with the host when you're playing as a client. For some reason, the netcode is really rubbish on the Switch version, and they should really work on doing something about it, because things are so extremely laggy in multiplayer it's not fun at all. Alternatively, just make Transference not dependent on the host like every other ability.
  14. You don't need life support as long as your kill per second is high enough. If you have any sort of loot frame, the kill per second requirement goes down due to extra drops.
  15. (NSW)Matt-S

    Field Of View

    This still happens, although no need to reset the options. Going into operator in the Orbiter and then going back will fix it, as will starting an instance (which will then keep the setting on return to Orbiter).
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