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  1. Thought so, Ty I was also looking for the issue and ppl on Reddit are also annoyed. Lol I can't wait to see twitter after this 🤣...
  2. Yes there still populating but I got mines tomorrow for sure for you guys i'm from NA
  3. Omfg thank you I went to get a hair cut so I’m not at home, but for you guys I’m happy it’s good because though we would probably have had to wait longer it’s here. I hope they learn from this though I’m not saying it’s fully DE’s fault but I’m happy I stayed patient.😁
  4. If u got to the earlier pages of the discussion I think It was for rj or the in game market
  5. theres different forums pages for that but be sure its for ps4
  6. they did have the issue but I think It worked like a little after
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