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  1. Idk how, but somehow the update messed up the orb vallis map. Moving it around makes my eyes water, and almost gave me epilepsy. It shakes, tears and blurs when moved
  2. About time. FINALLY I will be able to do missions in peace without being interrupted with annoying, unchallenging enemies, that provide 0 benefit to anyone who's finished the series
  3. Whenever i use bonewidow i always experience a bug in which; a melee attack after Shield Maiden runs out of health, and attempting to re-equip Shieldmaiden, says 'ABILITY IN USE', then auto equips the shield and performs a melee attack with it when I'm trying to do a normal Mech slap. and saps energy equivalent to shield bash. This is terrible because sometimes i just want to concuss enemies so i have a second of breathing room. But to be forced randomly into wasting energy makes me reluctant to use it. Another bug is when I activate Exalted Ironbride, it keeps saying 'LANDSLIDE
  4. Why do you always make them random chance? Your random generator NEVER works correctly, why can't you make them guaranteed drops?
  5. I'm having the same issue. Except my screen doesn't even have an objective on it. It's blank and I still can't progress
  6. Last time I logged in and traded with the quills i had 1200 Flawless sentient cores. 1000 exceptional sentient cores and 1200 intact sentient cores. Intact has the same amount. But Exceptional sentient cores: I only have 900. And flawless, only 500. Wtf happened? I've only been gone for 1 day. Even if i did trade them for standing yesterday, it's physically impossible to run out of cores in 1 day. What could have caused this?
  7. I hope Scott isn't going to be as miserable and disinterested as last time, I hope he feels better this time. Other than that I am excited to see the new content that will be released
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