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  1. Toroids or something rare would have been more likeable but even then. Why grab bags AGAIN? Is it some passive aggressive tactic to prove yourselves right? When so many viewers tell you it doesn't work, and they receive the same drops over and over? I don't understand what you're thinking. You're either 4 months too late or 9 months too early for an April Fool's
  2. Wow a grab bag. The drops are gonna be bugged AGAIN. Wake me up when it's guaranteed drops and not more RNG
  3. On tenet weapons with a briefcase function the tertiary colour does not save. And is only saved on the briefcase itself. I use white for a clean look and it is ruined by the mustard-yellow default colour. The briefcase itself is fine with the white but when transformed the default takes its place.
  4. The Kuva Grattler is now barely anymore useful than the regular. A slight damage increase. Removed the 0.1% multiplier (tiny i might add) but oh good we have 2% more crit chance and unnoticeable damage without 60% bonus. And let's not forget the lower fire rate. Thank you to the moronic developer who did this, and doesn't see that archguns are G U N S and are supposed to be buffed not nerfed
  5. So i guess we can confirm that Scattered Justice isn't compatible with the Kuva Hek. And not just a bug. But intentional. What a moronic idea.
  6. Wow this is actually really convenient thank you ^-^
  7. Why don't u deactivate vigilante set bonus while you're at it? Nah cos that's not melee. And those can be equipped on any sentinel not a weak little sentinel who scans things and requires high damage output to kill the thing shooting at him b4 it kills him for the rest of the mission. Nahh that would be absurd
  8. I am sad that the kuva hek cannot equip scattered justice. The Vaykor cannot equip it because it already has a syndicate effect. the rakta dark dagger can equip it's augment because melee is somehow different with syndicate effects. I guess consistency isn't possible in this game. Edit: that seemed a bit more negative than i intended. I'm just dissapointed that there is no reason the kuva hek cannot use the mod except that it would be too powerful.
  9. This is great but there are no fixes for corpus railjack softlocks and no fixes for specific railjack corpus not spawning. I.e the Orm Engineer. And the regular Orm fighters. Because only elite spawn
  10. Why can't we have Granum void relics? Like relics but rather than relying on ancient orokin death defiance (twin orokin queens). It relies on Parvos' higher understanding of physics. A more artificial death defiance. With relics that have a clean, circuitry look, in gold, blue and silver. The mods with a hybridized orokin/corpus language. Recycling Requiem relics is just lazy and boring. Make the rare reward in granum relics an exilus warframe adapter blueprint.
  11. It's just a handheld, non-explosive version of Biz' mortars
  12. Hi there. A tad bit late but i want to add that Empyrean containers are exclusive to railjack. They require new scans and don't appear in the codex. I believe that they also have different drops. But none (even normal mission's rare containers) are guaranteed to give good stuff.
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