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  1. Why not adapt the interior of the ships to the models? Why do you have now instead of lateral contactors (as they are also seen on the model) now suddenly one above and one below? Why do the Lichs run around although I have assigned them stations?
  2. I stay with it, before the update system of the railjack was better (just because it was different from the rest). Is stupid that you now also need potatoes and formas. My ship was ready and now I have to start all over again. WTF I can't say anything about the rest yet, because it spoiled my desire for it for the time being.
  3. What bothers us at the moment is the new avionics overview. Why is that now the same as the frames etc (modding screen)? This is boring, and that the "learning curve" thereby increases is unlikely (is not so complicated). Find it as it is now better, especially since the railjack is also the only vehicle that is really different from the rest ("mech" is unfortunately also just another frame).
  4. What should be better about it? Apart from the fact that it no longer works for some like me, you did not have to collect it manually before (especially since you only have 24 hours, otherwise it's gone). So it was much more user friendly. edit: I have linked the account again and now it works again. Let's see if less than 100% the phenomenon occurs again.
  5. Hi, since yesterday the drops don't work for me anymore. When I wanted to pick up yesterday, I saw that it stopped at 73%. Today it is still there and even after an hour of watching nothing has changed, no more drops get......
  6. Thought the Drops can always be picked up. Had not picket up the Reactor on Tuesday, when i looked in on Thursday he was no longer there. Have already inquired at Twitch, but no Answer received. How long do you have to pick up the drops?
  7. I don't understand what progress this is supposed to be, it will be even more cumbersome. Such a nonsense. 🤮 Has worked well so far(at least I can't complain).
  8. Tr0yMC

    Funny Bugs

    Since there are always bugs, which are also times to celebrate, I thought I just start a topic with it. Here one with a ZAW(Jai 2, Sepfahn, Plague Akwin)
  9. Hi, am looking for Asian songs for the Shamisen(can also be for the other Shawzins). Preferably faster parts. E.g. like this from Kubo by Dario Marianelli (Story Time & Origami Birds). I know it from other Films, but i cant Think of any where it was in there.
  10. Im in, will have this too!
  11. Very nice tool. But where do I get midi songs from? Found a few sites, but either they don't work with it, or it's only about 30sec. Had also looked for converters, but either they also do not work or the midis are not played (onlineconverter).
  12. And where should that be? Have no autoplay, when I load a song runs left the button combo, but you hear nothing.
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