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  1. problem is on the players not on the wukong. Those who afk shamelessly, take advantage of others for nothing will always find the frame to do this kind of sh*t.
  2. get yourself a saryn, then you can be the man who nuke enemies
  3. In the eidolon mission, use operater destroy it shield, then transference back to warframe use weapon destroy eidolon's weak point. but usually is team work, one get shield, one get the weak point, on get the lure, and a one aider. have the Amazing game play and the visual effect if everyone finish their work well. It's the best mission in this game.
  4. both, cm and ms for those abilities. and a little change for the combo The rest are all good. hope this can come true one day so we can save least 200k kuva and a lot of time
  5. 这个bug会在玩家不是主机且应该会在ping值可能高于150以上的情况,在同时按下wukong一技能,跳舞表情的快捷键,以及传识键后,这是wukong的分身不会跳舞,而且传识回战甲后无法解除跳舞状态。
  6. I don't have any bad intentions,I just don't understand why many people on this topic think cut half to the chain number is "almost equals nothing". Can someone explain to me where is those thoughts come from? I feel like I play a totally different game with ↗ u guys...
  7. The probability of this happening in the past is much smaller than it is now. As for the reason, I believe anyone who plays for a long time knows it.
  8. ....if the chain number is higher, it will link and kill to the enemies hide in the dark! The stupid navigation will put the point back to the few enemies after I already run few hundredths meter away.
  9. I think the more important question is, once game going too popular, the RMT and the black platinum will exponential growth, especially this game have trade systems, It might hit very hard to this game, even end it.
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