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  1. Interesting, I didn't look at it that way. While I understand and respect your view, I'm still triggered by lmao.
  2. I don't mean to sound like a snob when I say "aesthetic continuity", but if you've gotten the player base used to seeing it on the left arm, then for the love of God, keep it on the left arm. It's kind of like being used to driving with the steering wheel on the left-side of the car only to wake up one morning and find your steering wheel on the right-side of the car. You would no-doubt still be able to drive and go on about your day, but why....? It wasn't necessary nor warranted. Take Saryn's right thigh for example. In every single iteration of her skins the right thigh slightly differs from the left. Thicker and more gnarled above the knee. Why? Idk, I could speculate all day but that's irrelevant. Regardless, it's always been the same. Aesthetic continuity. Or Octavia with her somachords. Every one of her skin iterations we see the same motif. I could continue, but the point I'm making is that most frames have a visual signature. Why fumble something as visually defining as that? Hate it or love it, that just my two cents and hopefully someone at DE corrects it.
  3. So on the first two Revenant skins, vanilla and Draugen, the ethereal effect was on the left arm. But now on the Mephisto skin (really nice skin btw) the ethereal effect is on the right arm? Why do this? Was it intentional? Can it be changed? I know it's not a big deal but this visual "flaw" (IMO) messes up the aesthetic continuity of the character and makes the Warframe feel foreign, for no good reason that I can discern. If someone from DE is reading this, please don't take it as slander. It's only an observation and possibly a call to action if this is something that can be remedied.
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