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  1. its not about 1 shotting, its about having the potential to 1 shot, melee has its own competition factor, combo, rifles do not, and seem to lack damage across the board
  2. i called him smoothbrain because he said that if the weapon didnt work, move on to another
  3. im not saying it needs to be balanced im saying they need buffs, balancing the steel path is bad, yes, however if you tickle enemies with any weapon then thats not good because this game is based on preference which means you can use any weapon you like and it be effective
  4. the whole point of the freaking game is the ability to make anything work how smooth brained are you, you dont need a meta weapon to steamroll
  5. no way 1 mod changes the whole build, and what would you estimate the highest riv percentage you can receive with the fulmin's dispo?
  6. thats the problem, there is no middle ground, you steamroll and get tickled or tickle and get steamrolled
  7. serration, split chamber,point strike, vital sense,hunters munitions, argon scope, rime rounds, maligiant force
  8. this game was made purely on preference and if you want to be like everyone else, be my guest
  9. agian, this game was made for every weapon and warframe have the ability to compete, provided built correctly, i dont care that you think the bramma steamrolls everything
  10. i have 4 forma and i built it for viral plus slash, ive tried everything and this thing still shoots marshmellows, you think i havent tested this gun before i S#&$ on it?
  11. this game was to allow any weapon to steamroll provided you build it correctly, if you have a underdeveloped weapon to start with then you cant do anything, you have no room to talk with your meta weapons like the kuva bramma, which everyone uses, that doesnt make you special or good at the game
  12. the fulmin, for the love of god DE, we need buffs for weapons to compete with steel path, this is not limited to the fulmin, you cant simply buff a weapon by giving it a specific mod,(the soma)
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