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  1. Why there? A Grineer Ghoul weapon, that we got through Plague Star, from Nakak, who's from a different planet and now the vent kids have blueprints? Did you have no other idea for those little dojo space wasters?
  2. Stop the leveling too for MR30+, we're wasting so many hours just to get a piece of gear into an enjoyable state, it's madness, especially with the amount of gear you've already done that with at MR30. If you want us to spend more time in the game, give us meaningful (long term) content. Headache, regret.
  3. Changing a number resulted in a couple of multiplayer functionality issues? Really?
  4. Having the same issue. At the final stage (the RJ mission), this basically becomes a softlock, since she stays down instead of the healthbar resetting, so you're forced to fail the mission and do it again. Absolutely horrible gamedesign.
  5. The amount of times the parazon option shows up on a Sister but then doesn't trigger the animation and you have to go through the health segment again is infuriating. Especially in the final mission in RJ since it just softlocks you in the mission and you're forced to "fail". Since this literally just happened, you need to work on a lot more fixes. One day maybe you'll release something that isn't bug-ridden. I assume I'll be retired by then.
  6. Saw that now, oops. Regardless, also bad, just in a different form. I guess they don't want people to be able to stack up a few of those to make their life easier getting all the new weapons. All the more reason -at least for me- to completely ignore Liches & Sisters right now.
  7. Imagine the convenience of being able to use three and blast through the horrible grind. You might actually have a good time. Can't have that.
  8. Allow me to take a minute to kindly remind you that Warframe became / is ( / was?) successful because it is (/ was?) not like other games. Don't go down this road. I don't want to see Warframe drop very far down the list of top games by current players.
  9. Ever consider just making a certain gameplay loop better instead of endlessly slapping band-aids on everything like we're toddlers that have a booboo we need a distraction from?
  10. Ah, here we are, decreasing our damage output again. We will just find other ways DE. But why? Because we need that efficiency of killing as many enemies as fast as possible. But why? Because we want what they drop. Because drop chances for certain resources etc are abysmal. Because you guys at DE have made this an insane grind/collect-a-thon. Unless you at some point address that, we will always find new ways. We play more than you. We know more than you. We share more than you. Address the issue at it's base, or deal with this forever.
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