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    Warframe Builder

    Glancing over yours show that they're indeed not "best in slot" builds, rather than ones completely founded on paper dps, like critbuilds with vile accel (using vile accel ever in any build other than trying to jack up the burst dps number on the calc...) and hcal (Using hcal on crit builds that massively incentivize headshots, especially in the age of huntermunitions & vig armaments. Then you have stuff like Trinity builds using Redirection+Vital and Primed flow on a EV build but not just dropping both mods for QT for more eHP & more modspace. I mean most of them massively skip over stuff that is pretty much widely agreed on by the community and is why the popularity system is a failure, there needs to be a better way to vet these kind of builds by people who actually sit there and crunch them ingame, not just build it entirely around the burst DPS value on the calculator which has been proven time and time again to be massively ineffective and woefully inadequate springing forward tons of problems like ammo economy or just straight silly event mod builds/people slotting mods that actively hurt the players build in the persuit of a number that thinks hunter munitions is less DPS than Mag Size. For example - Your Lenz build (You'll have to pause the build to verify it, also no primed cryo rounds because it's completely overkill on a bow that can already oneshot/twoshot level 500 enemies) - My Lenz build (This is also a rough draft and thoroughly unoptimized) - The deconstructor prime on my Helios also has nothing on it modwise right now because I was leveling it, and both were under the same crappy conditions - 1 corrosive projection. This is also a common theme over all the weapon builds of yours I tested against the cookie cutter metabuilds, Soma, Ignis Wraith, etc. Bottom line the website needs a much better way of critiquing builds and there validity, being based on clicks is an extremely poor system and I can't say I'm sad to see it go. I can see why comment sections aren't a thing on it aswell, but maybe give creators the option to open themselves up to constructive criticism via a opt in comment section?
  2. Edit: After reading what you said quite some time ago about how overly complex things aren't really ideal - I was wondering if the attached song instead was simple enough to translate into the chord? No specific points, but some points feel like they could translate onto the chords scale easily - or maybe i'm wildly overestimating it's capabilities still.
  3. Nines.AI

    Warframe Builder

    Lowkey question, have you ever thought of purging builds after a certain date? Mostly because whilst it's very easy to see which are current and which aren't, having say, a build from 2016 using old modding conventions being #2 on a build search page is rather counterproductive and takes a lot to filter through. I'm just assuming that the workload would be waaaay too much when you can easily filter by date, but I figured I'd ask.
  4. IGN: Noitavaino MR 18 Been playing since closed beta, on and off but alot more active nowadays.