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  1. I mean it could have also been players who didnt even know what to do. Not all players pay attention to influencers. Also not a lot of people participate in events. Saying DE are scummy to make sure their hard work didnt go to waste, is kind of $&*^ish.
  2. Can we Plez get a look at the new Op hairstyles!! I needz meh Fashionater!!
  3. I think this question if for Sheldon(I think). My question is. Will we ever get to meet Mizaki and Little Duck in game? I would seriously lose my mind!
  4. Operator hairstyles WHEN!! I NEEDZ THEM!
  5. I would love to see cooler looking op blindfolds 😉 and even hair styles when that gets added.
  6. Question: Will Railjack become the replacement for normal Archwing missions?
  7. I would love to see the whole demo Steve had when he was pitching the original Dark Sector. would be an awesome retrospective.
  8. Graxx all the things, also since Operator tennogen has been announced, Im really excited to see a Graxx Op skin
  9. Yeah I didnt get mine either. watched since 7am,
  10. is this a Graxx or a different skin like Nezah'a?
  11. and im just here. Still waiting on that Oberon skin 🙂
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