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  1. they are the weapons that can be found in the code of the reveal site.
  2. dude didnt you just post a thread like this that got locked like a few minutes ago?
  3. I like it except. Why would founders be the only ones to get cool stuff for buying anniversary stuff? Ive spent more money in this game then some founders have. (im not saying I want founders stuff) but since the founder program is over and they already got all the things promised to them. That would not be fair now to give them special stuff this far along into development. Im still hoping DE would make a Proto forum Avatar for all the players that bought the Proto skin.
  4. love your grineer concept, cant wait to see it ingame!!
  5. This is alot tlike the Concept I was cooking up. Mine was going to be an assassin modeled after a Japanese dancer. I really like the concept are for this!
  6. Chakrams like what you see from Zena and Axel from Kingdom Hearts. I could dig it.
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