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  1. Well here is my few cents about this update: The good : Requiem fail death is no more,such quality of life and personal annoyance remover(but still it puzzled me why did u add this??) Larvaling weapon show : now u can see what urs little pain in buttocks will shot at ya Murmur farm is now enjoyable ,not sepuku with dull spoon The Bad: Why we cannot invite converted Lich on our Orbiter to hang around(my latest adversary was so cutey,so i decided to keep him just for his funny lines,yet he is now reduced to simple rng DURRR!! Maybe allow us to make them as our companions aside moas,sentinels and pets??) Rng with weapons percentage bonus(yeah going trough tons of weapons just because u wanna get that best roll is kinda lame)
  2. Since everyone have some questions here are mine(order of importance): When u finally stop this content frenzy and instead releasing half baked pre-pre-alpha trash,we get something that can be called beta at least?? When u finally fix those bugs that breed like rabbits on overdose of blue-pills When will be 3d map for archwing flight in RJ and Archwing missions. When RJ and other modes will be finally connected to themselves When Liches will be finally not insult to Nemesis system. Maybe before releasing another Open world boredom finish 2 that u realease before?? When Kubrow's,kavat's and chargers finally be usesfull(aka proper ai,command system) When we get option to skip that blah blah every mission that we repeat When Plague Star,Acolytes,Ghouls will be finally event occurences like Fomorian and Razorback are. When extractors will be aviable to deploy in RJ When all this grind will be worth of our time,nerves,etc?? When all guns will be finally sorted out (aka tiers of dmg) When older Warframes will finally get some rework that will allow them to stand in this garden of mayhem,while beeing usesfull??
  3. The point is that many people are too ignorant for distinct sound that ramsled emits,and characteristical sound that accompany boarding(aka quake,explosion,alarm) and people wants to blame something so they blame Cy And for those with implosion problem,i checked it out. Things explodes in vacuums.Since vacuum means no pressure and RJ have pressure,whenever it get breach air rushes trough it at high speed,weaking whole structure around and if breaks out its like u pop baloon with knife
  4. I missread Weapons for Warframe durrrrr.
  5. Just for reference initially Prime version of everything meant to be armani of warframe aka better look with slighty better stats and some polarities
  6. Personalities?? Well : Crazy : sprout nonsense,act weird(sometime stole something from us,sometimes gift us something),shoot everyone without any discrimination (foe and friend alike). Friendly : talk in friendly manner,whenever we get killed he/she would say something like : "Oh i am so sorry friend,but were mean.And mean child needs to be PUNISHED!!" Corpus Hater : Whenever see Corpus becames fixated about them,start speak about them then proceed to rampage Caring : Whenever we kill Grineer unit,lich goes beserk sprouting lines about how monstrous and cruel we are etc,otherwise speaks fondly about Grinner and Queens Pet Lover : Whenever we have Kubrow or Kavat,lich remarks about them saying something like "Oh what a cutie!! Don't mind if i take it when i KILL U!!" plus some funny quotes whenever lich get spanked by pet Sentient Lover : Having armor with Sentient units parts as decoration,praising Sentients,Hunhow and other main character from that faction Drunkard : aka Smashed Lich everytime,speaks in slurry manner ,have burning liquor attack aka instead throwing grenade throws bottle of burning liquor at us that burn us and make our camera acting like Wf would be tipsy:D Screamer instead blah blah blah Lich would scream,grunt and make other noises:D
  7. As long we get option to kill Lotus,i dont mind if war will be lost or won. A hunter must Hunt Tenno must hunt and kill enemies of balance. Lost war ,won war either way it will bring balance
  8. @Aadi880 if they move plain more bit to pole it could be fortuna and plains in one big place but hey
  9. is that gun wich throws glue?? that one wich Nox use as oversized variant??
  10. Care to elaborate? Cause u get me interested in that opinion:D
  11. Nightwave and good for me is big contradiction. How chores and playing what do don't want to play can be good??
  12. When we finally get option aside (vanquish or convert Lich),to shame Lich aka turn into operator and burn his face with void energy stealing everything he stole with his weapon.Ofc each time we shame him there is chance to brake him, turn him insane (aka more dangerous,higher level cap with tasty new gun) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slZYMEtHbes
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