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  1. btw try use napalm grenades with ember passive,
  2. Well i am not good at this but if u wanna u can slap some of urs ideas:D
  3. Unkempt, smelly, disgusting Hobs just wanders around seeking new drinks to consume Passive : Drunkard - When Hobs drink his liquor he gains stages of intoxication. Sober Hobs is angry dealing 20% more dmg Tipsy Accuracy reduced by 10% and dmg reduction increases by 15% Smashed accuracy drops by 75 % but meele dmg rises by 75% 1. Breakfast Hobs takes swig of his liquor giving him boost to hp and shield regen and rising his intoxication meter 2. Elaborate Technique Hobs farts so loudly gaining him attention of enemies. Enemies near him takes toxin dmg 3. Gentleman Voice Hobs belch obnoxiously loudly stunning enemies and allies alike in range 4. Happy hour Hobs spilling around his liquor allies and enemies are affected by his current passive effect
  4. Syq111

    Spin to win

    Well i am patient and tolerant man,but instead working on meele 3.0 adding tons of new content,instead fixing mess they create.I probably will keep solo play or something, And i just hope that this will be before i reach 40 years
  5. Syq111

    Spin to win

    so why not to remove it or totally change
  6. Syq111

    Spin to win

    Whenever i see it, i feel like i participating in some dead-brain game like some mobile games. Can u finally do something about this thing like totally remove range modifier from rivens or cap overall bonus to 100%??
  7. Nyx reworked yet she feel no psychic at all
  8. U know worthless effort of yours,cause DE never gives damn about urs idea and there is napalm grenades to cheese hers passive out. If u think that i am jerk,check this sole forum how many "reworks" are here
  9. For the love of everything is right and good,bring back manual blocking. I wanna be back as knighty nighty Knight with my Shield and meele
  10. Syq111

    Outbreak Mission

    I think aside this cancerous chores and that annoying Nora,nightwave introduces something wich i guess this whole new alert system wanted to be from start. I do like way it's done(it could be better of course,but i stopped expect much from DE long time ago),u do Infestation related mission,earn passage to story related mission,meet new enemies and get Standing (without bullS#&$ like fishing or mining,nice and clean).If Nightwave would be like this from start minus chores,just more variety of missions, I would enjoy Nightwave alot more.
  11. Hey Tenno are Void Demons to Infestation. Why Helmy should allow access someone who sense stench of Void from them??
  12. Well i am not surprised,this game is not the 1st one who treats Founders that way, and cause this i have iron rule when play this kind of games = Spend no money on them. DE are so hellbent on making money on all costs that they forgot about those who help them this game running. I dunno why people backlash on Founders,hey if not those people this game would not run at all probably or we would not had semi-fair grind system. Founders deserves overhauled Excalibur Prime,Skana Prime and Lato Prime. I don't give damn if they will outshine everything else. Just give them what they deserve after all as sign of gratitude to those who help this game running from very origin
  13. Damage 3.0 is not needed,overhaul of procs yes.Balance of all procs to make them all viable is I guess titanic effort that i doubt DE will undertake
  14. Why build k-drive i still riding with that one wich Eudico gived me:D Still good archwing substitute if i am shoot down too much
  15. Weird,never happend to me during host migration. Just asking do u have cache cleaned up?? Maybe this have something to do with it? How long it happens to u?? Since this patch?
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