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  1. so agree with this. lore wise, sentient have ballas and the lotus now, they lost against our warframe in the old war, and again in the scarlet spear, of course they now tries to disable our warframe where most of our arsenal comes from. remember fellas, sentient is "ADAPTING" and the Tenno should adapt to changes as well.
  2. yeah if i can delete a lich i would just keep creating lich until i got a 60% weapon lich XD
  3. already built mine long time ago, but yeah, nice build. useful for helping newbies too for me
  4. already seen the nerf coming when everyone uses khora to farm SE, but now that SE farm is no more, why don't you revert khora back DE?
  5. her 4 needs a buff, but overall she's a good frame imo
  6. There's no point of trying to argue or explaining yourself with toxic player like that, so instead of risking yourself getting hates messages further, why don't you just ignore that player? Isn't that's precisely why we have ignore button? We're playing Warframe to have fun, not to waste our time with toxic players. or is there something wrong with my suggestion?
  7. people willing to stay for more than 2 hours on odin, but not for 1h iso vault? lol tsk tsk tsk
  8. it's still good, it ain't perfect, but for me it's the best. love u DE
  9. you failed the mission, so you lost everything, that's how warframe is from the moment u started playing this game. It's not even surprising also this^ 🤣🤣🤣
  10. ^this nobody is forcing you to stay here OP, there's tons of other games that maybe better suited for you.
  11. nothing is perfect, and even DE has their own flaws, but at least DE isn't like other game company that like to surprise us with their "surprise mechanic".
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