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  1. This resolved it self for me upon logging in a few hours later.. I have heard, try completing the daily , then restarting. fyi
  2. Ive got this bug today for week commencing 22nd Feb 2021, did they even resolved it for you?
  3. i know, just would like to not wait 8 weeks to complete my Nezha, Trin or Nidus, all i want is to experiment and build right, thats kinda warframe at this point for me and many others i expect
  4. This isn't a Petty, i want because someone else has, this is a I want because i have loads of Build ideas i want to try and given the unnecessary scarcity of these Umbra Formas, i fell like it's a fair question to at least ask. I wasn't asking The community i was trying to ask DE directly but could see an forum thread or channel that was specifically asking questions..
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