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    1 hour ago, Fallen77 said:

    Says the guy who has a job and could not farm enough steel essence in time for the first umbra forma anyway.

    If you get an alert, then an army of pc crybabies will revolt to get an alert of their own because "insert whatever made up reason here", then another army of console crybabies will do the same for some other stupid reason, etc...

    It's an item not that useful that will drastically lose its value as time goes by, one missed rotation is unnecessary concern.

    Cry Babbies  Ha

  2. 46 minutes ago, (XBOX)C11H22O11 said:

    Don't lower console reputation even further.

    You're not missing out on an Umbra forma cause it never existed in our console build at that point in time, no one else on ps has 1 Umbra forma more than anyone else there's going to be plenty of them in the future that they'll lose all their use

    Who says Console rep is Low?

  3. 9 minutes ago, Katinka said:

    It's a rotating 8 week cycle.  Even if they'd started it the same way PC did, Umbra Forma first during a short week, consoles would still be behind by the number of weeks between deployment.


    i know, just would like to not wait 8 weeks to complete my Nezha, Trin or Nidus, all i want is to experiment and build right, thats kinda warframe at this point for me and many others i expect

  4. This isn't a Petty, i want because someone else has, this is a I want because i have loads of Build ideas i want to try and given the unnecessary scarcity of these Umbra Formas, i fell like it's a fair question  to at least ask. I wasn't asking The community i was trying to ask DE directly but could see an forum thread or channel that was specifically asking questions..


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