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  1. I've done of Saturn 6 several times and got crappy mods like stormbringer stuff I can find on any level and I'm wondering why it's not dropping and hasn't dropped in quite a while are any of the Wolves Sledge parts I know it's a random drop chance but still I mean they got to give us better mods than damn stuff we can find on normal stages to go through an entire battle with that pain in the butt and receive a crap mod that I could get on any God dang stage it's kind of ridiculous
  2. On Lua when you go to the crossfire exterminate it does not register that you found the first catch witch everybody knows holds the Octavia system and you get a random chance but it's not registering that you're even getting that cash even though you do get it please fix I know this is probably going on deaf ears but I figured I'd give it a chance
  3. I'm getting sick of actually doing the missions and accomplishing things and not getting my 15 credits towards the rewards of nightwave this is been happening for almost a month now we've tried telling you this in the streams we've tried telling you this a lot of times I really wish you guys would start working on the bugs on the system instead of trying to dress are frames up I really did love the game but I'm getting to a point where I'm starting to hate this game more than anything I would love to just continue playing the game but if you guys aren't going to fix the bugs it's not worth it
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