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  1. Question for the Devstream: Would you consider getting feedback from the big YouTubers and community about nerfing melee weapon speed and rebalances before moving forward with the plans stated last Devstream? Melee and melee Speed isn't a problem. Quick elaboration: The reason melee does so much better than guns is because of the ability to build combo modifiers etc. Nerfing melee speed would be a bad thing. You can't "get through the steel path by just mashing E with speed mods". Any speed mods you put into a melee weapon means not having that mod slot for something else, so it
  2. Did you guys nerf the crewmates some? Tonight my defender was getting his butt kicked and my gunners weren't doing as well. :p That was a little irregular.
  3. Big Bugs I've seen: Bonewidow Hitting Orphix Problems - Type: In-Game - Description: Bonewidow's Ironbride having a hard time hitting Orphix. Hacking at the Orphix is very different than it was in Op Orphix Venom. It's been hard to register hits, especially from other angles, when we could attack the Orphix from any angle before. Even straight on at the eye, I'm missing a lot, then as Bonewidow advances during swings, I have to stop, back up, and start again. Feels like attacks registering is maybe 30% what it was before. - Visual: N/A - Reproduction: Repeatedly reproduced on mult
  4. So why were so many people saying !grabbag on the stream? Do you have to say that to get one? Or is it just mass hysteria?
  5. What makes you think that alien cats and dogs should be tougher than horrific xenomorphs that corrupt and tear people apart, or marines in power armor, or killer robots? The mods are to make them stronger than they should be. There's a lot of freedom in modding. Hell, I have a maxed Loyal Companion on my Smeeta so that it takes a long, long time to bleed out just in case. Have you ever maxed out a link mod before? The hp values etc are quite a bit higher than your warframe's values. I never really think about my pets being in danger, no matter what warframe I'm in, because my pets have good
  6. The Teapot Set is, indeed, a very important matter. :p My wife missed the stream where it was given away, and now longs for it, haha.
  7. Steel Path Arbi would be neat. Wouldn't Steel Path Relic missions be cool too? What if everyone going into a Steel Path Relic mission could choose two relics, so that there were double the choices when the mission turned over?
  8. Don't get knocked down. Use a frame with immunity to status in certain circumstances, like Nehza, or Rhino, or Atlas, or Inaros. Use mods that help resist knockdown or make you recover faster. Be more attentive to your surroundings. Don't get surrounded by ancient healers. Face off against opponents that use harpoons so you can block the rip lines with melee. Prioritize tripping opponents and kill them quicker.
  9. Pets don't have terrible survivability. Just use the 'link' mods (health, armor, and shields) and Pack Leader. Even a small Pack Leader. You don't need a primed one or one over a rank of like 8, tops. And use melee sometimes. Your pets won't die. Mostly.
  10. RenzorTheRed

    MR 30 Test

    So far I've failed the test 3 times and practiced it 6 or 7 times. I passed once in practice. It's freaking HARD. That said, I'm trying to pass it with my Inaros Main with my best Steel Path loadout, including my Riven Scindo Prime and badass Sporelacer, which totally both slay the SP dailies. I'm even using my Panzer Vulpy and a Saryn specter to weaken/kill stragglers. Each time, except for once in practice, I always run out of life support when finishing off the last bosses. I know what they're wanting. We're supposed to use the more powerful magic/ability focused frames. Experime
  11. I know this is an old post, but I saw this today too. I was doing a ghoul purge bounty, and ran across two or three of these together just before heading back to the gate with my squad. I scanned one and left, thinking "wtf is a nemes??". It looked sort of like Diriga, but I didn't remember seeing the hanging tentacles. After researching this later, and seeing that actual corpus nemes didn't look anything like this, I was perplexed, and this thread was the only reference to this I could find.
  12. I've done most of my necramech leveling on Orb Valis. From what I hear, it's more efficient than leveling on Deimos, because the infested have the lowest affinity per kill. Do it just like when you go toroid farming. Go to one of the toroid-farming bases, start a fight, only kill the robots for a little while to give the humans a chance to put up the beacon poles and increase your 'wanted status' to max, then kill them all as long as you can. That said, I did try leveling one night with a group of friends in an Isolation Vault, and it went well. We happened to find a great choke poin
  13. Hey, guys. So I can equip stuff on my operator just fine, but my wife can't. I just gave her a Magus Repair, and when (on her account) you go into 'Operator', there's only Focus and Appearance. No Equipment. She's been through the War Within etc. Anyone know why she can't change her operator's equipment? The option isn't there. Is it something to do the with amp? Like, does that option not show up until after you create your first amp to replace the mote, or something like that?
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