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  1. It would only be skewered for those with a skewered definition/view of "nice". There's 0% grey-area to that. Acts such as providing Constructive Criticism, Feedback, and raising Concerns, couldn't possibly be considered "Salt". As long as they are by definition, the aforementioned 3. As game devs of all games usually welcome the 3, as DE does, they would fall into the category of "nice", as they are intended as helpful. The key there though is "by definition". An angry rant with no proposed solution is not Constructive Criticism, insulting the Game or devs is not Feedback. Definitions lost to
  2. There's an old saying passed on from generation to generation: "If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". All good parents teach that to their kids, in one way or another. So if you see "salt" on the forums and you weren't the one typing it, be glad, as its a reminder that you had good parents. And pity those who didn't. Another old saying is just as relevant and appropriate, and good to remind oneself of before even entering a thread: "Wise men speak because they have something to say, Fools because they have to say something".
  3. You actually accidentally are asking for cross-save. When people think "Cross-Save" they think its an ability to regularly and limitlessly transfer save data between multiple platforms. In Reality though the Majority of "Cross-Save" options given in games is a 1-time deal. You can move it from Platform A to Platform B once, and once only. Just because a certain terrible-but-popular game now allows limitless transfers doesn't stop that option being in the Minority. It most likely will change in the future, but you're talking around 2025-2030. For now, with your situation, you've 2 opt
  4. You'll have to rephrase the question, i genuinely have no idea what this question is trying to ask.
  5. Couple of points and 1 question: 1- This isn't new. Its a requirement for anything to be pushed up to Rank 40 to Require 5 Forma since Paracesis was released. Lets not make this silly and act like it dropped out of thin air. 2- For anyone looking to max out their mechs Mod-wise, multiple Forma was necessary anyway. Nothings changed. 3- Getting Mechs to 40 is not absolutely essential, and not getting it to 40 doesnt leave anyone with any major disadvantage. Lets not make this silly and act like it does. 4- Forma can be pretty easily earned ingame without having to sp
  6. Right, and i'd actually be agreeing with that logical conclusion except for one minor detail. There was far more than just 1 video posted about Top Power lists, and except for 1 or 2 variations, they pretty much matched. If everyone was coming to these "logical conclusions" then how is it that nobody used that same logic to ask why the lists were so similar in the 1st place? Or why they also matched lists that were posted on here. Logic dictates that if all Powers, in one way or another, were equally valuable, then the statistical probability of those lists being as similar as they were is ast
  7. There was a lot of talk on the Forums at the time this was announced about how much the Forums itself affected this. Which should have been recognized as what it was, talk/opinion, but was confused for something worse, Fact. Internal Testing, disclosed by DE in the announcement posts and posts preceding it, were the main reason for the changes. That was pretty clear from the beginning, until people started "assuming" details and spreading Opinions as Facts. None of which had even a morsel of evidence behind it. If you have any details though showing it was completely down to Forum Chat, i
  8. Wont happen. They were adjusted because they were stronger Subsumed onto some frames than they were on their original frames. Mixed with powers they weren't originally built to be mixed with. Thats not balance, thats literally creating an imbalance within the game and forcing people to play as Frame (X) with Ability (Y).
  9. It wont be happening. 2 very good reason's why too: 1- YouTube exists. You can go there and see videos of how well or how bad Subsumed Abilities work without spending any Resources. 2- Because you decided to leave out a Major detail in your Request. When you feed your Helminth it doesn't just revitalize its stock of Resources from 0% -> 100%. It also gains your Helminth Experience which it uses to Level from 0-10. Something suspiciously missing from your Request. If you get a refund, your Helminth should also lose Experience/Levels. Thats balance. But that not something everyone w
  10. Just add range mods to your Ninkondi. Its pretty much just a longer version of Nunchaku. Sorted
  11. Just to preface this, permanent AFK players are literally the worst players in any game, so I do empathize. However, a kick option in WF is a bad idea, especially the one above. Let me explain. It is true that "many games have the feature". I've played many of those games. All of those games still have AFK players. Its solved nothing at all, and only divided those games' communities. For any game to register you as AFK, it requires you to have no input on your controller for (X) amount of seconds/minutes. Along comes an elastic band around the left/right stick of the controlle
  12. If you're on PC then theres going to be a Dev Workshop before release. This was all confirmed on the stream. Put in for a Test Server key when they become available, test it and then give feedback. This thread was posted too early.
  13. Just feel like something should be clarified about the above statement, as if its taken the wrong way, could cause more harm than good. Having a "Strong Immune System" means absolutely nothing with regards to Sars-Cov-2. A Strong Immune System basically just means that you have either less likely a chance to contract common viruses like Colds or Flu's, or it has other benefits such as faster recovery rate from aforementioned viruses or physical injuries. It can also mean you fight Fatigue better or gain more energy than most. With that said, when it comes to Sars-Cov-2 VS Strong Immune Sy
  14. Try to keep in mind that before it releases 2 things will be happening- - There will be a Dev Workshop. It was mentioned on the Stream that each Group of Frames will have one. Most likely using the recent Test Server. So make sure if you are PC to register for a Key. They wouldn't open a Workshop unless they wanted real-data feedback before release. - Chroma will now need a brand new Passive. Which may benefit this. This is not me saying "it 100% will be fixed" btw, none of us could claim that. But theres plenty of chances to fix it, as long as your agenda is not to make
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