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  1. Aren't Nechramech's the "prototype warframes" that leaned more towards the mechanical aspect? Im pretty sure Father said something along those lines, and that also made them obsolete. Nice art anyway, the second power is way too powerful right now for this to be considered and i'm confused how Plasma is opening Black Holes, but aside from that its a good concept. Keep working on it and it'll get there
  2. Why would a Spirit Wraith have Tonfa's? It makes no sense. If your goal was to emulate a Scythe then why wouldn't it be based on the 1h Hate Scythe or the Cetus 2H Scythe? There's literal Scythes in the game.
  3. The problem is you didnt read the other posts on this page before replying. So nslay had to spell out what was already clarified for you. Look up ⚠️
  4. Yeah, i stopped reading when you strangely decided to try to use the QoL Improvement of Melee not forcing you to have to jump through menu hoops to re-equip mining lasers and tranq guns as a weird way to try to prove me wrong, about (not) mining lasers or tranq guns. Its like you forgot what your point was supposed to be Anyway, nothing provided so far even comes close to distinguishing what you were (supposed to be) complaining about, as a bug. Multiple posts and i think you've accidentally proven it otherwise. As a choice. If the game tells you an eggs an egg, and literally spells out t
  5. You replied. It shows up in my alerts. I wasn't "coming back" like it was any effort and i'm certainly not arguing semantics no matter how much you wish it were true. Simply pointing out that you've somehow confused a personal choice with a bug. A bug is unintended, the Button you're complaining about is fully, truly, 100%, absolutely intended to be for Bait when fishing. The only one who changed anything, thus causing an issue, is you. As for your "BS in Computer Information Systems", the only BS i saw in the reply above is claiming you didn't know why the issue was happening. It literal
  6. Wisp with all Aim Glide mods installed. 15 seconds of invisible airtime. Easy.
  7. The first part was already covered by the Light Switch example, still absolutely cannot be considered a bug, as it falls under the category of "educated choice". You're aware the button is needed for something else. The second part is incredible really. Maybe you worded it incorrectly but you basically just claimed this is DE's fault for giving players the option to reassign buttons after melee 2.5. Usually praised in games as a QOL Improvement. Unless you're trying to claim that your Catalogue of games comprises of only 1, being Warframe, because you're unable to acclimate to any ot
  8. Thats not a bug at all. Its a button assignment issue created by the player themselves. Put simply, you've assigned a button that usually has no (Hold) function, to an action that does have a (Hold) function. That can't work. You could ask the devs if they could look into an option for players to re-map "states", such as when you have a spear or mining laser equiped, so that you can re-map the state yourself, but it still couldn't be considered a bug. Its like assigning your light switch to both turn on and off in both directions simultaneously.
  9. In 5-10 years perhaps, but compared to other frames that have been out far longer and have needed proper attention far longer too, Grendal would fit suitably at the bottom of that list. Also keep in mind that he may not need one. Frames i don't like playing don't necessarily need a Rework, they simply do not fit my playstyle.
  10. Yeah, they can. The pitfalls of all those years of "i'm entitled to free speech" arguments that have crippled courts ability to do anything about circumstances like this. Everyone wanted freedom in an absolute form, looks great doesn't it? Anyway do the Google Search, it'll help with accepting what cannot be changed.
  11. The only thing you can really do is Google Search: "Prayer of Serenity" This is not something you can change. Its not against T&C's either. As long as there's no bullying of these "children", racism, or any other form of inequality happening then theres nothing that can be done. Its questionable whether something even should be. Who's to say that you, or I, or anyone else here has the requisite knowledge to be able to "decide for them" as to what they're exposed to? Isn't that up to their Parents?
  12. I'm not sure who "they" are, considering theres multiple vaccines, made by multiple separate companies, developed in multiple different countries, but yeah ok. Illuminati or whatever 2020's version is. Got it. Just as a warning too, you may have been sick for only 3 days, but I unfortunately knew 2 people who have passed away from it so far and 1 who luckily got through it but can barely take 4 steps due to lung scaring and nerve damage.. So yeah, leave your agenda at the door because you don't want to start this chat with me right now. Try to be thankful you didn't have any major sympto
  13. You may need to rethink/rework this idea based on what's actually going to be happening around the world during 2021. You acknowledge that 2020 was rough yet misunderstand how 2021 will actually play out. Its going to take roughly 6-9 months to get the vaccine distributed around the world during 2021. Not an insignificant amount of time. And that's not even accounting for those nutcase Anti-Vaxxers. It wont be "back to the office" workdays for you or for DE for a long time still. Put simply your expectation for 2021 isn't reasonable. 2022 will hopefully see a real change, but 2021 is a "mop-up
  14. Its not up to DE to put any extra effort into proving why a ban happened. Every single one of them knows exactly what they did. If they're so curious they can raise a Support Ticket and find out. Any extra effort should have come from the persons Parents, teaching them manners and how to be a decent human being. They already failed miserably and we can't change the past. So let them live and learn and stew in their self-imposed frustration.
  15. Its incredible how many didn't take 3 minutes to click the link and read the full update just so they could type their doom/gloom post asap.
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