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  1. Yeah so the reason the Eidolon flashes Red is because that's a visual queue. That tells you, along with the audio queue, that the shields are fully down. Aiming at or shooting the Eidolon Synovia should be absolutely useless before it flashes Red, as its Shield is still up. If you're talking about the IFlynn video that i think you are i think you misunderstood it a bit. That video was showing how to use Gunblade Melee Wep with Shattering Impact mod to Weaken its Armour. Thats a bit further advanced than what this question is about. So yeah, you need to get the Eidolon to flash Red before you try shoot its joints
  2. Wouldn't expect anything like this until Warframe is transitioned over to the PS5 and eventually shut down on PS4, which could be many years away. PS4 can actually handle particle effects and the rest, but it sounds like a jet engine when things like that are added. Fan goes into overdrive just to keep the system from shutdown. Normal games can handle effects like that because they're part of a scripted event. In other words: Explosion (A) causing Particle Effect (A + B + C) will always occur in Area (A). Examples would be like The Last of Us or recently Ghost of Tsushima. Its exponentially harder to implement in MMO's and especially Procedurally Generated Maps like in Warframe. Not impossible, but most likely not going to happen without the PS5.
  3. I think after a post like this most will be hoping it never drops for you. And i wouldn't blame them. If you post a thread crying because you've played too many games that gave you hand-outs instead of making you work to earn your rewards, don't be an assh*** when someone suggests an alternative option. Its obvious now that you don't have the emotional maturity to handle games with no easy-mode, but the player who suggested another way didnt deserve your immature response and neither did the person who got the above response. Insulting people that you're seeking affirmation and validation from is a new tactic, i'll give you that.
  4. It sounds like the main issue you are having is that you didn't read the description for the Tennocon Digital Pass before you purchased it. The Tennocon Digital Pass gave everyone a lot of things, but not what you listed. Unfortunately the Digital Pass was pretty clear about what it was for in its description, so there's nothing anyone can do about your annoyance except to recommend that you read things before you buy them. As for the Staff Skin, if you were in the Tennocon Relay while TennoLive 2020 was going on (which you kinda stated you werent because you were busy) then raise a support ticket at support.warframe.com
  5. Paragraphing will help with future Threads. People see a Wall of Text and usually just skip it, even if the info is important. Although i don't agree with how it was suggested, the suggestion may help in the future. The above post won't help though. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. Sarcastically paragraphing a post (incorrectly too) just looks childish. You can be better than that. As for the Mining, you were technically incorrect. The thought of sharing your findings was there, and appreciated, but just look at the math of it. 89 mins got you exactly the same amount of rare-ore as 57 mins. If your theory was correct that'd be impossible. It wouldn't have taken you an extra 32 mins to fight off Grineer the 1st time either. It looks like the poster with the statistics was simply trying to help. Like you were.
  6. Its a vey well thought out post but it doesn't answer the biggest question though? WHO is having some weird moral dilemma over this lol? Lets list out a few of the standard immoral things we do on a daily basis: - Dismemberment with swords - Blow beings up with handheld bazooka's - Infect them with Virus' and toxins - Burn them alive or radiate them - Crush every bone in their body at once with Mag - Slow them to a crawl for a pretty dishonourable/unfair fight with Nova - Strip them of free will and enslave them with Revenant - Violate their bodies with spores and painfully kill them from the inside-out with Saryn - Force an enemy to sleep and kill them while they're defenseless with Baruuk or Banshee - Drag them screaming into a pit of quicksand, suffocate them, and then duplicate them with Inaros - Wrap them in torturous Barbed Wire thats so horrendous, the other enemy soldiers attempt to Mercy-Kill them with Khora - Freeze them and then shatter them into bloody pieces with Frost I could go on but don't want this to be a wall of text. We do all that, but Subsuming is crossing a line lol? Delusional. Absolutely delusional.
  7. We'll know in about 2 weeks, think the final list is meant to be done by the 13th/14th. As for the powers, its already been confirmed that a lot of them won't be 1:1 copies. A lot of them will be downgraded slightly or have changes to function or animation, so the idea of any powers being too powerful is false.
  8. If you can't describe it then we can't agree/disagree with it. You'll need to know what you want before anyone can have an opinion. And you answered your question there, flamethrowers won't work in space, they're a very low-range weapon, it wouldn't fit at all. Giving the New NecroMech things a flamethrower might work however, so i'd be up for that. But lets let it release 1st.
  9. First off, very very well planned out. Credit where credits due. A lot of time was obviously put into this. Its probably the best Rev Rework i've seen. So great job But.... The Vomulysts are a bit too powerful tbh. This is meant as constructive not just plain criticism. If you break down the Vomulysts they; - can have 6 out at one time - stun enemies - give Allies 50% damage redustion - give Allies 25% wep buff - instant revive an Ally - instant revive you - have a self destruct mechanic Its just a bit too much for any 1 power to have tbh. And i get that they only have 7 charges initially so are kinda squishy but even with that its a bit too much. The other powers seem perfectly fine tbh, not overpowered, not useless, and good interactivity, but it might be worth trying to cut the Vomulysts functionallity in half. Just my own opinion though. Great job regardless.
  10. Can you clarify where the 90% figure comes from? I'm interested to know? Its a really weird coincidence that not one person in the Alliance i'm in ended up in that 90%. I mean its obviously not 100% but still. I think there may be a bug messing up the count and just want to have a look myself. As for your examples i think you may be jumping the gun here. There's 40+ Frames yet we don't know which power from each of them will be swapable. I get the point of view but it really doesn't have any context/experience yet. Like the rest of us. You've basically told a friend not to eat in a restaurant because the foods bad, after never eating in the restaurant yourself once. And with these new swapable powers allowing for interactions between powers that normally wouldn't, i'm not sure how that qualifies as reused? Also, Steel Path was basically the communities idea. A 20 min search and you'll find a phonebook's-worth of examples of players requesting the Starchart to be given a hardmode.
  11. Yeah of course Good thing is that with it being 3 weeks away before release, it gives everyone time to farm a few mods or items to trade. With that amount of time you may be able to acquire enough items to trade for enough Plat to purchase 2-4 slots realistically. Perhaps more. And if Nightwave gives us a mission to fully assemble 3 Ayatan Sculptures again its easier too.
  12. I'd be very very surprised if Desiccation and Mesmer Skin were picked. Not saying they haven't been as i obviously know as less as everyone, but you're talking about 2 of probably Warframes top 5 powers for survivability. Mesmer skin especially. The only way i can see those 2 being added is if they're HUGELY modified.
  13. Looks great, you've got a real talent there. Keep it up with updates in here as you're finishing it up. WIP always looks better with multi-stage updates. One teeny suggestion though, meant as Constructive not just plain Criticism. The legs seem out of proportion. When drawing with perspective the closer leg should be bigger as well as the closer arm. Not by a large amount, just slightly. I get that the right leg (on our left) shows the back of the leg but the left leg (On our right) just needs to be a tad-bit wider. Could just be the angle the picture was taken though so its up to you. Really good work regardless
  14. I'm with you on that. Ended up having a loooong chat with someone because they had completely convinced themselves that this Subsume System was a way for DE to essentially "kill future Reworks of powers". Tried to get across the usual basic common sense points: - A bad power is subjective. A power they may think is bad 100,000 ppl may like - The list of swapable powers hasn't been released so we've no idea what can/cannot be swapped apart from Volts - Theres been no mention by any DE dev that this is even remotely supposed to replace Reworks/Balancing - Even if it was to cover Reworks / Balancing for a few months, thats good. Means we'll have something new to try out and enjoy while freeing up their time to work on other stuff like Duviri and new Archwings and the Alchemist and Wraithe Frames. Not sure it landed but all you can do is try.Thread had been posted about an hour after the stream ended
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