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  1. AgentSkye

    Bows are outclassed by Snipers

    Don't most (maybe even all, idk) snipers also have punch-through now?
  2. AgentSkye

    Bows are outclassed by Snipers

    This always makes me kind of sad though, because bows are actually not very good for stealth, aside from newbies with their Mk1-Paris oneshotting level 3 Grineer because they have no ranged stealth alternatives. Everyone else would be better off with any other heavy hitter. If it's loud, that can be fixed with a silencer mod. Last I checked, bows have a lot of problems that can't be fixed with mods. First off, they're non-hitscan, so they can't fire around corners and have to shoot through the corner using their innate punch-through on charged shots. This doesn't work as well as you'd think though, because even when the punch-through is sufficient to get through the wall, the arrow will lose most of its velocity and drop right to the ground, and is likely to be deflected at unpredictable angles. (Plus: idk why, but oftentimes even 3m punch-through seems not to get the arrow through what seems to be a tiny sliver of a corner.) Second, enemies can notice arrows in flight. It doesn't happen often, but when it does happen, they become alert and immediately look straight at you. If you're not fully concealed when this happens (such as because you had to step out of cover to shoot due to problem #1), every enemy in the room instantly knows your exact location even if the enemy who spotted you doesn't fire a shot or make any noise at all (because enemies are still telepathic). Third, enemies can notice nearby arrow impacts, despite being completely oblivious to silenced bullets or fireballs burning as bright as the sun. This is somewhat better for you than noticing the arrow in flight, because they will spend a couple seconds looking at the arrow before they trace its path back to you. So your location is the second place they look, not the first. And finally, enemies killed with bows turn into flying corpses that will sail across the room, usually (but not always) in a direction similar to the arrow's trajectory. This is a problem because these flying corpses will alert any enemies they pass by, sometimes at rather surprising ranges. Also, this is despite the fact that enemies currently cannot notice corpses normally (they notice nearby deaths; they do not notice the remains of the dead). But that's probably a bug. Anyway, for a stealth weapon, bows sure do have a lot of traits making them counterproductive for stealth. I mean, not that stealth is a supported feature in this game. It's there, but it's also terrible and hasn't been touched in years aside from occasional bug fixes and added mechanics making stealth even less viable. EDIT: Meehhh, point number five: enemies tend to cluster, so you need rapid refire capability or AoE to take out tight groups without being spotted (assuming you're not invisible). Bows are charged weapons with travel time, and they need to be reloaded after every shot. So yeah. That's a problem, particularly since you're probably not going to be fully concealed when shooting with a non-hitscan weapon.
  3. AgentSkye

    Chroma needs a rework

    Wow... I had no idea. How did they miss that during the last tweak pass they did for Chroma?
  4. AgentSkye

    Chroma needs a rework

    Yeah, when I saw the codex leak I immediately noticed the description of Effigy saying that it "strengthens nearby allies" and thought that was an upcoming tweak because that's not something Effigy has ever done. Nope. Turns out the description is old, and has just been wrong this entire time. I never noticed because I don't play Chroma much. Not sure when it happened. Maybe when they made Vex Armor affect allies, they put that note in the wrong description? idk... but Chroma needs some work. Spectral Scream is counterproductive (you'd be better off using no powers at all than trying to use it, unless you just REALLY need that particular status effect for some reason) Effigy costs too much for what it does, and does too little for an ultimate. Aannnd the augment should be part of the base ability. And he needs a passive. And I'd really like him to be able to change elements mid-mission so that he can actually be slightly versatile and adaptable as he was described to be. IMO the only reason he can't do this is because he was introduced before they invented the selection mechanic used for Quiver and Minelayer.
  5. AgentSkye

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    (Emphasis mine) I'm not quite sure what you're saying here, but Umbra Lance is already in the game and it has nothing to do with Umbra Excalibur. It's a Zenurik Focus ability that deals damage over time to nearby enemies.
  6. AgentSkye

    Grate Prime Returning To Warframe?

    Are you sure no one had a kubrow? Because earlier today, I saw a kubrow's name in that exact spot.
  7. The vast majority of mission runs will give a 5-pack of rare fusion cores. The few times you get something else, it will be Imperator Vandal Blueprint, Imperator Vandal Barrel, or Imperator Vandal Receiver. It's also pretty easy to get the isotopes required from Apollodorus. Doesn't take very long, either.
  8. AgentSkye

    There Is A Fomorian Event?

    Lowish. Supposedly 7.5% or so for each Vandal piece (including blueprint), but I haven't verified the source for that. Could be worse.
  9. WHOA THERE! Are you trying to start a flamewar?!
  10. Well... if you don't have Imperator Vandal yet, you can get it from end-of-mission rewards. Also, the isotopes are very easy to obtain. Apollodorus gives me approximately one Fomorian run's worth of isotopes per five minutes, without any special farming strategies.
  11. AgentSkye

    There Is A Fomorian Event?

    Yeah, I suspect it's a permanent addition as well. Fomorians may continue to randomly pop up. Apparently Vay Hek's still at it, just ... working more slowly now that he lacks resources. Rewards: 1,000,000 points in one run gets you 50k credits. End of mission rewards are mostly 5-packs of rare fusion cores, but also includes Imperator Vandal Blueprint and the parts required to build it. Fomorian Disruptor Blueprint is in the Market Equipment tab, under Gear. Isotopes required to build it drop on any normal mission on the planet being attacked. I was able to get ~7 isotopes per 10 minutes of Survival on Apollodorus, without a Nekros/Hydroid. 4 are needed to build a Disruptor.
  12. 50k credits from getting sufficient score in one run. As end of mission reward, Many packs of rare fusion cores, and Imperator Vandal blueprint and parts to bulid it.
  13. Don't forget the part where they'd have to rank up enough "mastery fodder" weapons to reach Mastery Rank 8. Plenty of people remain at a lowish rank simply because they like the weapons they have and don't enjoy ranking up weapons they don't like only to sell them later. New players not having access to a relay would be a problem for a variety of reasons.
  14. Oh, yes, absolutely, let's just get rid of the only Relay new players can access. Brilliant!. No.
  15. AgentSkye

    When Will Electric Set Price Go Back Up?

    No, eminiclam is correct--you're thinking of Spy 2.0, which gives the heat and cold mods. As of 17.5, Infested Hive Sabotage missions now have hidden caches with a chance to contain the electric set mods, among other things. It was semi-stealthy, because they didn't announce the possible rewards, just that there are caches in Hive missions now.