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  1. This happened every single time I finished the first vault, and meant that new vaults did not spawn on the map for me or my teammates. We just had to quit every time. If it matters I was using Wukong with a twin active each time.
  2. Yep I got the first drop, but not yesterday’s or today’s...
  3. Whenever I take my Sahasa Eidolon hunting, it completely breaks the loyalty system. It either resets to zero, or at the very least it just lowers loyalty. It also messes with the "interact" option (to raise loyalty) by either reseting it to 3 attempts on each return to lander, or just having it stick on 3 attempts until reset, but you can't actually use them.
  4. Just to clarify, I didn’t actually get any Teshin emails about these script drops, everything was just in my inventory when I checked. So have a look for that if you think you’re still missing stuff.
  5. Yep, the gun didn’t come through, but look it’s free stuff, it’s not something to get angry about.
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