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  1. Whenever I take my Sahasa Eidolon hunting, it completely breaks the loyalty system. It either resets to zero, or at the very least it just lowers loyalty. It also messes with the "interact" option (to raise loyalty) by either reseting it to 3 attempts on each return to lander, or just having it stick on 3 attempts until reset, but you can't actually use them.
  2. Just to clarify, I didn’t actually get any Teshin emails about these script drops, everything was just in my inventory when I checked. So have a look for that if you think you’re still missing stuff.
  3. Yep, the gun didn’t come through, but look it’s free stuff, it’s not something to get angry about.
  4. Because that’s also another 20 plat for a slot. Not to mention the fact that grinding for some of those frames totally sucked. RNG can be a cruel mistress. Never again.
  5. Yep seems pretty random. I got Hydroid and the staff, but not the pistol. Honestly if they wanted to make good (they might not be too bothered) the easiest thing for them to do (probably) is just check if you received any of the rewards, and then just give those people any of the others they’re missing. If you were there to get one, you were probably there to get them all (maybe not the quiz thing). That said it’s free stuff so we should probably be grateful to get anything at all, but it’d be nice to get the stuff we tried for but just didn’t come through due to, presumably, server lag.
  6. Yep me too, got all the other drops but no ducats.
  7. Did the Ducats today come in a Teshin message, or were they just added to our accounts? Not sure I got them
  8. Least favourite is unfortunately the new corpus ship. It feels too big, and I've actually had several fissures fail on that set due to lack of enemies and reactant dropping which pretty much never happens on other tilesets. Enemies feel too sparse, even in survival with a full squad.
  9. Last week the wiki said 2% and 11% for Rot B and C. Today it says: Drop Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed Chassis Blueprint 3% 33 – 34 kills 227 ± 76 kills Neuroptics Blueprint 11.28% 8 – 9 C Rotations 58 ± 19 C Rotations Rot. B) 2.01% 10 – 11 C Rotations 69 ± 23 C Rotations Rot. C) 7.52% Rot. B) 38.72% 1 – 2 C Rotations 7 ± 2 C Rotations Rot. C) 22.56% Assuming that's just an error (as the formatting is messed up too). The Defection page still shows the 11% chance. Damn, got excited there for a second 😄
  10. Is anyone still doing this for PS4 players by any chance? I’ve messaged the guys in the OP a few times but always catch them offline (I’m in Australia)
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