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  1. So basically the real answer is don't even use weapon you are still ranking. Until you can invest into the finished product (i.e. maxed with potato and forma whatever.)
  2. Thank you eXe-mplar, I appreciate the weapon recommendations. Could you go into al little more detail about you base mods and when to go with mods for certain faction?
  3. Im hoping that some one can provide a guide as to what mods are best for melee weapons in general or even all weapons in general for equipment that isn't maxed out (meaning not lv30, not having reactor potatoe, or any forma). For instance is it better to have basic damage types (i.e. impact puncture slash) over elemental types (i.e. heat, blast, viral ect.,) or to focus on other types of mods all together like crit, damage, reach or attack speed? I know that when selecting a loadout its really important to be mindful of your enemies specific weaknesses and when moding the trick is taking
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