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  1. I've been trying to play as xaku, and I got them up to rank 24. But I'm finding it harder and harder to enjoy playing them, and I admit fully that, as of this comment, I fully regret purchasing them with plat. All the other frames feel like they are worth the plat cost if you were to purchase them off the store. But xaku, being one of the highest-cost frames on the store, feels awful. The plat cost for this frame shouldve been between 150-200p, not the 325. For 325 plat for a frame, I would hope that it would be a fun experience, with interesting and cohesive abilities. On paper, some are. In
  2. The two screenshots with the mods highlighted were taken with the Keratinos claws. I slotted in my preferred stance and I noticed the slide attack drop dramatically. Unsure if this is intended or not. No other stances do this that I am aware of.
  3. The steel path bounty on Deimos feels really good to me. I wish we had a resource cache / maybe a greater lens as a very rare reward / something that’s more rewarding than a BP that we only need 1 copy of. (I’m currently sitting on 9 xaku chassis and 3 of the weapon BPs). But other than that I enjoy it quite a bit. As you can tell though, my post is primarily about the loot table. I believe one of two things needs to happen: - steel path loot table should rotate between all available bounties and not just be stuck at the t5 table. or - the other bounties need a steel
  4. I've done ESO almost every day this week, and every time i've done it, the grineer on wave 4 completely lose aggro, and spawns appear to be heavily reduced. To the point where I've failed several times because of this. Its so bad that the enemies can walk right next to you and aren't shooting you at all, barely even noticing you. I'm playing as protea fwiw
  5. The Murex Console appears to be working as a spotlight, and the hologram is pretty much completely invisible. See my picture for a comparison between the murex and earth consoles.
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