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  1. No idea what this thing is, or why its in the left hand. It appears to have an infested zaw handle. It looks like a broken zaw rapier, but i don't understand the flower on the end of it. Randomly showed up. Changing my arsenal does nothing to remove it. Haven't played a mission yet to see if it re-occurs. I had exited an operation mission, came back and changed from Xaku to Wisp, then this happened.
  2. Garuda can't use talons in sorties that prohibit melee weapons. She also cannot use talons in melee-only missions due to "must have melee weapon equipped". #LiterallyUnplayable. But in all seriousness, if this inconsistency could be fixed, it would be much appreciated. Either she should have access to them in rifle/pistol only missions, or they should count as proper melee weapons for melee-only missions.
  3. I'm seeing major FPS drops when playing with DX12. Walking / running around the orbiter can result in frame drops to sub-100 fps, often freezing or stuttering up to 2s at a time. Bullet jumping provides consistent, repeatable frame drops sometimes as much as 15fps. Bullet jumping also introduces much more noticeable motion blur in DX12 than in DX11, to the point where its obnoxious (after continuing testing, it appears as its less motion blur, and more of a screen shake type effect where there should be none. It will 'vibrate' the middle section of the screen, but not the edges of the scr
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