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  1. General Idea - Scavenger frame. Abilities work on nearby enemies, using them against themselves. Corpses can be repurposed. The ability rotation would be 1 - 2 -> 1 - 3 - 2 repeating, with 4 thrown in whenever you need/want. The 4th ability allows you to convert from a up-close frame to a long range frame by creating guns from the collected scrap resource. PASSIVE - Using 'Repurpose' will create a new resource "Scrap" that can fuel the 3rd and 4th abilities, adding effects to them. This resource is also passively gained as enemies die around you. This passive resource gain will not contribute to the armor buff provided by 'Repurpose'. Passive Range: 3m - not affected by range mods Passive strength (gain from dead enemies) - walking near a fresh corpse will restore the resource by 0.5%. Not affected by strength/efficiency mods. This resource will degrade slowly if not used or replenished. The idea of the resource is that bits and pieces of the enemies will be used to damage other enemies. I think it would be a bit cumbersome to have a trail of body parts following the warframe around as part of the resource, (lots of visual noise there), but that is the concept. Ability 1 - Void Tendrils The frame will lash out its right arm / tendrils from its right arm and pull a group of enemies to the warframe (think similar to the infested ancient). Hold to pull yourself to the target enemy instead. Ability Stats: Radius 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 2.5m around target (affected by range mods) Target range 10m / 15 / 20 / 25m from warframe (affected by range mods) Some damage, but this would be a utility thing so damage can be small. Options depending on implementation: If enemy pull is near-instant - When pulling the enemies to you, they enter a very brief debuff state similar to Loki's Switch Teleport. If enemy pull drags them across ground (similar to if an enemy pulls you) - One Handed action. Enemies will be wrapped in void tendrils during this ability, s they cannot attack while under its effects. Augment idea: The puling yourself to the target could be the augment (this Is my preference I think, so it has some variation, or so its not an indirect of Valkyr RipLine). Or the augment could add en effect such as the debuff state / knockdown group of enemies when you pull yourself to them. Ability 2 - Repurpose Warframe will repurpose nearby corpses, gaining a defense buff from them. Nearby corpses will be turned into armor for the warframe, acting as a 'meat shield', similar to Rhino's Iron Skin. Buff can be stacked, with each stack having a timer for when it falls off. Casting again will not refresh the entire stack, only add a new stack. (Idea here is that corpses are great meat shields, but are only viable for a short period of time before they are useless for that purpose). Similar to Nekros, each corpse is treated seperately (that means just like Nekros can desecrate each half of a corpse that was cut in 2, this will also repurpose each half of that single corpse - synergize with 3.) Unlocking this ability will also generate a new resource, as described by the passive. Casting 'Repurpose' will fill the resource meter by a percentage per enemy corpse, this is in addition to the passive's resource gain. Ability Stats: Radius 5m (affected by range mods) Meat Shield added per corpse - 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 (affected by strength mods) Meat Shield Stack Duration - 15 / 30 / 45 / 60s (affected by duration mods) Note that each cast of the ability will have the duration applied, the duration is not per corpse. So if a cast were to grant 1000hp, then whatever is left of the 1000 hp will fall off after the stack has completed. The stacks are damaged in a FIFO fashion, so the oldest stack will take damage first. That way the player isn't screwed over by new stacks being depleted by enemy fire at the same time an old stack times out. Resource added per corpse - Base value of 1.5% of the meter Minimum 1% gain, even with <100% strength affected by strength mods + efficiency mods This is in addition to the 0.5% per corpse the passive provides, so I wanted to keep it in a range where killing enemies is still required, but gain can be accelerated. Augment Idea - Exilus Slot - Casting this will also replenish ammo Ability 3 - Corpse Storm This ability works on nearby enemies, damaging them in a radius around you. Cost - 75 energy Expends 25% of your gathered Scrap. radius 5m (affected by range mods) Duration - 10 / 12 / 13 / 15s Damage (affected by strength mods) Initial Damage amount - 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 (added to help with fodder enemies in low levels) Sustained Damage for enemies stuck in the storm: 1% of current enemy health per second This damage will be modified by the amount of Scrap. A full 25% of your bar (assuming that it was at 100% when you cast it) will double the sustained damage from 1% to 4% of current hp. If you have only 50% of your Scrap filled when you cast, this will use 25% of that, meaning 12.5% of a full bar. Since this is half of the 'full requirement', then instead of going from 1% to 4%, it will go from 1% to 2.5% enemy current health. This will keep the damage in check for people that cast this ability a lot, while rewarding people who use it less often with a more powerful cast. The % hp per second is also pretty low, so killing enemies will require work on top of this, while still remaining viable for long missions. Ability 4 - Animate Scrap Infuse your scrap with your void tendrils, animating it to fight alongside you. This counts as an Exalted Weapon, and can be modded as such. On ability activation, equip your exalted weapon. Scrap you have acquired also becomes infused with your void tendrils holding the frame together, spawning additional weapons that fire on your command. This ability is an exalted weapon to allow for easier balancing of the power this ability provides. Cost - 100 energy Consumes scrap every second, effected by efficiency + duration. Firing the weapons consumes scrap faster. 0.5% scrap per second while ability is active Firing the weapons uses 5% of the scrap bar per second of firing them. Does not require reloading / does not have ammo clip - This is supplied by the scrap resource. Cannot cast "3" while this is active, but can cast 1 + 2 to help replenish your scrap bar. Scrap Weapons created: 2 / 3 / 4 / 4 (Not affected by power strength) Damage: Each weapon will fire at your target (similar to how Mirage clones work). Main exalted weapon will deal full damage of the modded weapon. Each additional scrap weapon will deal a % of the total damage. (EX: If each one deals 50% of the weapon damage, then at max rank you will have 200% additional damage due to 4 weapons @ 50% each) Weapon Stats are to be determined, but this should work similar to Mesa's guns. Augment Idea: Have each scrap weapon deal its own base elemental damage, total damage converted to that type. (One shoots 100% fire damage, one is toxin damage, etc). Base weapon is normal for how it is modded.
  2. WOW. Just. WOW. I can appreciate the attempts at 'balance passes', but this is absolutely absurd. I wholeheartedly agree with @Voltage, instead of doing balance passes on the rivens, you need to balance pass the weapons. Its absolutely insane to invest time, energy, and sometimes money / plat into a mod, only to have it be nerfed HARD willy nilly by you guys whenever you feel like. I have 38 rolls on my Kohm riven, and the best I could get is 88.8% Crit Chance + 118% multishot, nothing else. After this change its 75%/100% respectively on the Kuva Kohm. 38 rolls is a ton of time to invest to get a half-way decent roll. Only to have it hit with a 15% nerf, when the weapon itself isn't even top-tier currently. This is even further compounded by the complete RNG nature of rivens. You can't lock any stats, all you can do is hope and pray that it will roll the way you want it. And when you do get a decent roll, if the weapon becomes popular its gonna get nerfed.This is a dobule whammy against our effort. The problem is not the riven balance. The problem is the weapon balance. People use the weapons they do because the other weapons suck comparatively. Just because one weapon sees more usage, shouldn't mean it gets a nerfed riven. It means that the other weapons with greater dispositions are just in a S#&amp;&#036;ty place balance-wise for the content they are going against. DE as a company has a reputation for patching in a way that tries to force players to play the game the way you guys want us to play it, not the way we want to play it with the tools that you guys give us, or fixing the cause of why we are playing it like we are. Popular weapon? Nerf the riven. Popular frame? Something must be off, better nerf it. Easy way to gain affinity for the skateboards that you literally only need 1 of and the rest are a waste of time invented to get players playing longer artificially? Better nerf that too. Limbo negating the S#&amp;&#036;ty event? Better nerf limbo's abilities. (Granted that one pseudo-made sense with adapation). Khora healing the objective, which is in the tooltip? BETTER KILL THAT RIGHT OFF. (Granted you guys may have finally learned something, as you have backtracked on it and revised healing, but not before the community had a huge uproar over your heavy-handedness.) Frankly, I'm still pissed off that I've only received 1 of my 10 or so floatilla rewards, the rest are just missing. People in my clan, myself included, all noticed and complained about various relay instances resetting their progress after reaching 100 murex. I still have a support ticket open, though I don't expect anything to come of it. This comment turned into a rant, but I don't care because I feel its something that needs to be said.
  3. Why do this? Fast Traveling to Quill Onkko automatically dumps you into your operator. Why not do that if you were going to bother touching it at all.
  4. 2095506 huge map hole - able to fall to middle earth
  5. This is still bugged as hell. everyone on Floatilla 72 lost the objective for the round ending approx 10:10PM EST on 3/26 due to this bug. We even saw instances of the OpLink chat saying our team received a kill code, but we never actually received the code (which is what I believe the back-end issue is related to)
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