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  1. Found a hole jumping across the ravine on the venus tileset for the excavation mission. Was actually pretty cool walking around the bottom of the ravine, until i fell out of the solar system and watched the planets wizz by. (lets be honest though, that was kinda cool too) Ticket # 1824990
  2. Solved the bug: Its a hosting issue. In order to progress, you MUST BE HOST of the syndicate mission.
  3. I have a Pistol Riven Mod, the challenge is "Find 16 syndicate medallions". This challenge has 0 progress prior to Wukong Prime patch 8.25.30. I figured I would start it since the nightwave challenge said 10 syndicate missions. Unfortunately, this riven is making 0 progress after finding 15 medallions across 2 missions. Edit: The mission popup was showing during both missions mentioned above, but no progress was made. after mission 2, I moved the riven to a different (no polarity) slot, and the third mission is now making progress..(first 3 were SM, the rest were random with me aborting if it didn't work) Originally, the weapon I was using already had a riven installed, in a forma'd slot (dash polarity). I then swapped the veiled riven into that slot by dragging and dropping onto existing riven. I was able to duplicate the above bug by following the steps on first try. Second attempt to duplicate bug was also successful.This time I started with the known riven on the same unpolarized slot that worked previously, before dropping the veiled riven into the build. Test 3 was also successful duplicate of bug. Same process as test 2, except instead of drag and drop I right-click removed the known riven, them dragged the veiled one in its place. Test 4 (mission 5): I tried doing exactly what I did to get it working for mission 3. I moved the veiled riven from the slot in test 3 to a different slot. This test still did not allow the riven to progress the challenge. Test 5: same result and method as test 4.
  4. Just ran into the same issue, hopefully they can patch it, run a script and give us credit. Kinda annoying.
  5. Attempted to ride boss in stage 2 of fight. Boss then fell down the map while I was riding him. My screen turned black. I was able to use my shotgun and reload it, but no HUD. Using a melee slam brought me back onto the map. Boss never came back on map though. Edit: I was using the Ignis-Amp. I destroyed his shields, instantly swapped back to warframe, bullet jumped and grabbed him while he was still writhing after shield-destruction. Maybe I timed it just wrong where I wasn't supposed to be able to grab him yet? By interupting the animation we both fell? https://imgur.com/a/gwKeSFU
  6. You guys broke the ability to use Hildryn's 1 while in Aegis Storm. Now you must activate her Balefire Chargers prior to entering her 4. Unfortunately, you can press 1 to unequip them while in her 4 though, meaning you now have to Use 1, then use 4. If you accidentally disable them, you have to exit 4, then use 1, then use 4 again. Please make it so they are auto-equipped at all times when using her 4, as you literally can't use anything else anyway. Thanks for the update
  7. This sounds amazing! Cant wait to insta-buy the skin and get some forma in 😄 sidenote: please work your magic on Revenant. Currently his 4 is the only worthwhile ability. His 2 is nice, but doesn’t feel very consistent. You can’t really tell when you can cast 1 for free on enemies. His 1 is all but useless. Why would I use it on a single enemy when I could just use that energy for 4 instead? (Maybe it is good in high level missions, but that is pretty exclusive use. A group AOE. Would be better.) His 3 is super clunky. When in his 4 it’s nice, instant practically. That is how it should be by default. Using his 3 completely breaks the flow of combat due to a cast animation that is longer than the ability lasts if you go less than 100% duration. The animation itself is fine, but needs to be tweaked so it doesn’t physically cement you down when you do it. It should also move in the same direction you are traveling. If you are backpedaling, casting it should move you further back.
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