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  1. When I first started playing I clicked on Cetus thinking it would start another mission, like most nodes on Earth, I was pretty confused for a few minutes, but was able to figure out what was up pretty quickly. It isn't ever explained, but once you set down to figure things out you pretty quickly discover how it all works. While it may be lacking in explanation it is not the worst part of the game for that, there are many more important things that the game doesn't tell you.
  2. I am assuming disruptions / slowdowns caused by COVID are responsible for both this and the glacial progress of Nigthwave.
  3. So I get that things have disrupted the original plans for glassmaker Nightwave. Put please at lease extend the prestige ranks so that there is some slight reward for doing the Nightwave challenges.
  4. I would assume that the next Prime Frame will come out at the end of October based on how long most of the prime accesses last. That being said it would not surprise me if that schedule was off this time around.
  5. While I have never actually left a PUG over a limbo I am usually unhappy to discover I am in a party with one. I think I have seen less than 10 missions where the Limbo was actually well used AND needed, and when it isn't both of those things it is annoying.
  6. Baza Prime is my top Assault Rifle, Followed by Fulmin and Quellor.
  7. I think that having vacuum as a base effect would in fact diversify the pet selection. I am absolutely part of the problem here because I find having vacuum to be so convenient that I absolutely switched my default companion to a Vuplaphyla simple so I could always have access to it. I would love to be able to use other companions or sentinels without that loss of functionality. I would probably be ok with the limited number of revives Primed Regen gives a sentinel if losing my sentinel didn't result in a loss of Vacuum and Loot/enemy Radar.
  8. A way to equip fetch / vacuum on my warframe so I don't lose it when my pet / sentinel invariable gets killed.
  9. I got 4 on a tripple just a couple of hours ago, so they absolutely still drop. Just RNG.
  10. Are we sure this patch went into effect? because I still haven't seen a single Scintillant drop as a mission reward. Now normally I'd assume that was just RNG screwing with me, but I've also gotten pod BP drops from almost all Deimos Juggernaughts.
  11. Tencent has made a huge amount of money by acquiring properties that are doing well and then just sitting back and watching their cash roll in. I doubt there will be any serious change unless DE somehow stops making them money.
  12. Some of them are ok, like Khoms, which only take 25, but yeah Asterite is hilariously overpriced right now.
  13. The Railjack resource numbers on the rare-er resources are bonkers. 5K Astralite? Ha! Other than that it should all work out eventually. Granted that many of us want to rush through things as fast as possible, but since waiting can reset the appetite then eventually you will get everything you need.
  14. I don't get headaches or anything, but I do find it hard to see what is going on when everything is in the same shades and all writhing around.
  15. According to the wiki the nightwave credits will persist in your inventory after the end point and can then be sold for regular credits. So unless they do something really screwy you should keep all of your crystal credits and have them when they inevitably get the system back up and running.
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