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  1. Fun Fact : if you look into your profile, and see the stats it will shows you how many scores u got in each event. Cicero Crisis is on the very top of those stats. Imagine how long it is
  2. But DE Rebb was there when PS5 First Event, so we know she is hiding something ^^
  3. That time when I was poor, I was like selling them all to free some slots, also they will cut the cost 50% for forever when The Heart of Deimos LIVE on all platforms
  4. They did some update with these spectre things because everyone cheese them, but I guess there's always an abuse to the mechanics, just wait and see till someone mentioned it here
  5. Indeed, now you can switch each landing craft utilities. Probably you set a skill that need certain condition like liset skill that freeze any timer.
  6. Just got it 4 hours ago, maybe its in spam or junk? gluck man
  7. But I use saryn for crazy boring mission, for example syndicates or invasions, its like its quite necessary. Btw did I mentioned that I usually play solo? EHEE HEHEHEHEHE
  8. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Vital_Sense But here the TL;DR / Easy Ones Survival Mission T2 Phobos Till Europa Defense T2, T3 Phobos Till Sedna Excavation T2 Phobos Till Europa Salvage (All)
  9. and when you come back, dont worry if you didnt get any inbox, usually its sent directly to your inventory ^^
  10. This is cool data right there, agree with Khora takes 4 hours, it did me like that LOL
  11. Its seems its a new bug, happened to me too recently. Im MR20 and the person ask me, "Cannot trade because MR8 or lower" and we decide to move to his Dojo. and the trade going well, hope this get fixed soon hmmm
  12. Basically, Step 0 : Preparations, collect lots of Eidolon Lures + 1 Lures that fully charged (3 Vomvalyst Absorbed) Step 1 : use void damage a.k.a Operator Mode to take down Eidolon's Shield Step 2 : Destroy their Joints a.k.a Eidolon's Synovia Step 3 : Repeat Step 1 & 2 Until all Synovia destroyed. Step 4 : Kill the Eidolon, if there;s 2 or 4 fully charged lures it will capture it when its hp reach 0.
  13. Hi guys WTS my 2nd Rolled Corinth Riven, Its not the best God Roll but still a really nice roll ^^[Phantasma Visiton] Specs : Status 2 Positive +20.9% Damage / Base Damage + 14.6% Impact Number of Rolls : Low (1 Rolls) MR / Mastery Rank : Quite Early (11) Drains & Polarity : 10 (Rank 1) 18 (Max Rank) Polarity NaramonStarting Price : 200 Buyout Price : 400 Ps : I can Max The Rank for you for Free! But its nice to leave it at Rank 0 so you can adjust your build ^^
  14. Hi guys WTS my 2nd Rolled Corinth Riven, Its not the best God Roll but still a really nice roll ^^ [Corinth Lexi-acrican] Specs : Status 3 Positive 1 Negative +11.8% MS / Multishot +9.7% CC / Critical Chance +0.3 Punch Through - 8.6% Ammo Maximum Number of Rolls : Low (2 Rolls) MR / Mastery Rank : Early (10) Drains & Polarity : 10 (Rank 1) 18 (Max Rank) Polarity Vazarin Starting Price : 350 Buyout Price : 700 Ps : I can Max The Rank for you for Free! But its nice to leave it at Rank 0 so you can adjust your build ^^
  15. They said you can contact support, I have the same case like you, I did contact and still waiting for their reply ^^
  16. Hi bro you can open the "Livestream and Contest" Tab on the forum. I might link it here, usually they upload a new info on the beginning of the week 1 or 2 hours before the stream start. This is the tab : https://forums.warframe.com/forum/113-livestreams-contests/ This is this week schedule and its drop : Enjoy
  17. Agree, I did made a Khora the hard way. But this one, we know where this 'FREE' Khora will go hehehe, not like in an infested wall or anything said Reb.
  18. Hi Megan, I was trying to connect my email but it doesnt have any space to put my email there, just a blank check box to accept subscribe and email ads. Can someone explain this to me? Its just like this. Edit : Also by mistake it seems, I made my email into an account on PC Warframe and I can connect it to my second email btw, helppppp
  19. After a looooong time, we finally got a really nice drop, enough with the glyph, floof, nakak pearls, now we GOT FORMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  20. As A Nioh 1 Player myself this is something I can agree. This makes Nioh have more life to it and the repetition seems worth it. I love this game.
  21. So I had posted this somewhere in Reddit few days ago and people love it and discussed about this, so I think it might worth your time a bit, maybe to make you guys expect something unexpected? or might be just a thing or two Tennos around the world expect together. I just love the game and want to share this positive energy and excitement for the new Tennocon. also if you guys wonder about the source its from here : https://www.warframe.com/news/warframe-heart-of-deimos WARFRAME: HEART OF DEIMOS Catch the full reveal during TennoLive and get Hydroid Prime fr
  22. Well said sir this is a really good idea and considerate answer knowing that DE is super busy right, I guess they noticed this bug cuz seems like some had it and its deep in of the game basic feature. lets wait and see
  23. I am indeed passed my daily syndicate limit, but the other medallions still works even though I hit my limit. Im on the last rank of both syndicate Maxim for Hexis, Genius for Suda and trying to fill up the points.
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