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  1. How long did you watch those streams? They recently changed the drop time from every 20 minutes to every hour.
  2. Following this topic, I would like to know 1) Under what catagory should I submit this ticket. 2) Do I need to put in a ticket per-card I'm missing? 3) When is the deadline to submit a ticket for this? I don't want to submit a ticket every day that goes by without the update, but I don't want to loose all the cards that I have already earned because I put a ticket in too late.
  3. Due to the lag, I was just barely able to catch the information on the prex cards Can someone fill me in on how to get those? Or will there be a separate post explaining it?
  4. Sadly there's no way, and while everyone is mentioning cross save, it's very unlikely. It's been stated before by both DE and many other developers that Sony is notoriously hard to work with when it comes to cross platform and cross saves (which is why we don't have that feature yet).
  5. Imagine being angry that people check the worth of their items so they don't get scammed by people who have been playing for six years.
  6. Yeah that's what I meant by in-game, I entirely forgot about just going to the on-console eshop page The point I meant to get across is if you're on like a computer or your phone, you can't buy plat from that eshop
  7. You can't, you can only buy platinum from the in-game menu. It's because Nintendo doesn't list DLCs on their game pages, which, platinum is considered a DLC item.
  8. Nope I think OP meant they got a coupon or something.
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