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  1. Yeah I've figured out that WHICH stance you use has a big effect on the damage out. I switched from Bleeding Willow to Twirling Spire and I got much better damage ... so I'm satisfied now
  2. It does seem to be down to the stance. I just tried with twirling spire and hit a lot harder
  3. 10% status each Weapon A uses reaping spiral and Weapon B uses Bleeding willow I can see from wiki that the basic attack multipliers are wildly different .... which I guess I didn't expect Fair but that doesn't come close to explaining 10x difference
  4. So I have two melee weapons, both forma'd to the teeth. I don't want to disclose exactly what weapons they are but I will describe about them instead Both are modded similarly, with roughly similar damage distributions. They have a few differences though, which are mainly as follows Weapon A has 3x crit multiplier ~4700 total dmg 135% crit chance Weapon B has 2x crit multiplier ~7000 total damage 160% crit chance The problem I have is that weapon A hits noticeably harder, from what I can grok some 10x harder on average bas
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