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  1. So voidrig is going to continue to have the incorrect mastery for some people who had it maxed before the update?
  2. That’s how it should be yes but currently it is not and I have a few screen shots of what I mean, I should have full mastery due to it being maxed ranked before the update dropped and they stated in notes we’d keep all mastery and could put in forma for the space if we desired. Like I’ve said I don’t have any forma on it so it should only be 6k mastery but I have 6.8k . So I was hoping for a definite answer as to whether it’s a bug that’ll get fixed or what they choose to do. I know of 1 other person with this problem. I won’t mind formaing it if need be I’d just like an answer
  3. Is there going to be any fix concerning how voidrigs mastery did not transfer correctly after the update?
  4. Before the arcana update I had my necramech to level 30 and I read that we were supposed to keep max mastery after the update, however looking at the screen showing mastery breakdown it says I only have 6,800 for necramech. In my Arsenal it shows voidrig to be rank 30 and in the profile screen it shows it to be rank 34. I have no forma in it and I’m confused as to why I don’t have the full mastery for voidrig when I should. Thank you for any help that can be provided.
  5. I thought once we maxed out our voidrig before this update it was supposed to keep the maxed standing? Looking at mine it says it’s level 34. But before the update it was max rank is this a bug?
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