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  1. I get it, there's no point in them being in regular missions. There's also no point in fireworks being in any missions, but we have them. Can I please have the ability to take out animal calls again? I liked taking them out at the end of missions and using them as victory horns.
  2. Exactly! I get that a large part of rivens is a way to make money on more slots. I'm okay with being reminded that I don't have enough space to do certain things, but I only want to be reminded when I'm trying to do those things; like how the foundry reminds me when I don't have enough slots for the weapon I try to claim, but it doesn't open a pop-up after every mission telling me I can't claim my weapon from the foundry until I buy more weapon slots or sell/discard a weapon.
  3. The way I see it now, I'm being punished for playing. Getting rivens comes with the looming fear of hitting my cap and getting these awful annoying notifications. I'm sick of buying more slots for these white elephant gifts. I want to stop receiving them. Take me off the list. I don't want more.
  4. Can you please tell me how that will fix the design issue my feedback is addressing? Thank you for trying to troubleshoot a work-around for my personal instance of this complication, but it's just going to pop up again... and again... and again... and every time I get another riven until somebody finally fixes this issue. Even if I buy the 90 slot cap, it'll keep happening. And not just to me either, it'll happen to everybody throughout the entire game. That's a lot of frustration to be putting out there. Nobody likes being pestered at every turn. I'm asking to have an option to avoid this in the future too, not just a temporary fix.
  5. If the game is generating spam that requires user intervention in order to continue playing the game in a reasonably functional capacity, that needs to be addressed immediately.
  6. If I'm not supposed to have extras, it shouldn't be possible to have extras. That's not my fault. They need to fix things on their end or let me keep what I've got without being hassled. Besides, you know that eventually, I'd run into the same problem, right? This happens at 90 too. At that point, it's impossible to buy more slots, but still possible to have an overflow.
  7. I hit my cap. Not like, the 90 riven cap, but I have more rivens than I'm supposed to. Here's the thing. I'm fine with not having more. Can you please stop reminding me nearly every menu transition? I get it, I have too many. Please stop reminding me. I know. Please stop! Just let me turn off these notifications. You want to make it so I can't get more until I make space? I'm fine with that. Fantastic. Just peachy. But please stop notifying me that the game has forced me to have an overflow capacity. Is it vitally important that I have space? Tell you what, how about you don't allow me to receive rivens if I don't have space? Don't even let me be eligible. Give me an anasa scultpure or credits. Whatever. I'm getting really annoyed with this. So annoyed that I'll delete rivens? No. That'd be reckless. I earned these pieces of junk and I paid to store them. It's not my fault the game is trying to strong arm me into buying slots. Even if I did, it's just a matter of time before those fill up too. Please turn off the notifications. If I shouldn't have more rivens, don't offer them to me. That's fair. Don't turn off features like trading, don't remind me constantly. Fix this, please. ------- P.S. Sorry to anybody reading this who sees my replies getting moody. I found this issue to be extremely upsetting and was annoyed that somebody was acting like it was my fault that I was being notified, not just once when I logged in or when I tried to do something riven related, but after every menu change, after every mission and every day during the login reward hour. It was happening way more than it reasonable should and I didn't like being told that it's my fault I'm being constantly hounded. I didn't ask for an overflow account and I don't want one. It's more trouble than it's worth. I've since gone ahead and dissolved rivens. I just couldn't stand it anymore. The problem still exists and is waiting for me the next time a riven ends up in my inventory. I hate this part of the game.
  8. sir_deadlock

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

    I came up with this concept art a while ago. It didn't get a lot of attention.
  9. sir_deadlock

    abilities for K drives to make them distinct

    Stance/style mods should do the trick. Change the way we ride. Long board stance, trick stance, luge stance, etc.. Have one come with each board; it will be that board's preferred stance mod, like how the companion's preferred weapons come with them, but can be swapped with each other. I'm not sure they do. It doesn't seem like the K-drive is supposed to be a viable attack method any more than bullet jumping is. It's like there's this missing transition for the next parkour update, which would merge an acrobatics stance with a base level hand-to-hand martial arts style to coordinate with the animation set. It'd take a ton of professional martial artist motion tracking to get there though. I don't know if they could even find the people to make it diverse enough. Are there even 30+ distinct martial arts styles, to assign one for each Warframe?
  10. sir_deadlock

    Enemy and loot radar

    I've experienced this as well. Also, I can't pick up wisps while on K-drive.
  11. sir_deadlock

    K-Drives in normal missions please?

    Yes! I want this! I want this so hard! But, I also think that in tile set missions, it should probably be a lot slower. Like maybe 1.5X faster than average sprinting? Also, I want the attack command for the K-drive to be the same as the grind action. Which works out fairly, because grind requires momentum and slows the k-drive down, making it vulnerable to attack. Typical k-drive attack would be either a goomba stomp (ground pound) or an impact attack for knockback. Using the mods to apply simple status procs and graphics. It wouldn't be a replacement for a weapon (excepting in the lowest tile sets against lvl 1-5 enemies) but would potentially act as mild crowd control or a primer for taking advantage of status procs. I want to go bowling for enemies. Grinding a turn and knocking over all the targets. I want to be able to grind down wires and clip enemies off while they're sliding, making them take fall damage or drop into the abyss below. When some day they make sewer tilesets, I want to be equip my ninja turtle Nezha and go sewer surfing! I want k-drive worked into every tile set, with at least two zoom courses built in to navigate from one room to the next, smashing through vents, over cable cords and pipes, grinding walls across large gaps. I really want wall grinding. All of this could be built outside the usual tile sets and have access ports.... OOOOOHHH! That's were the sewer system could work in! Everybody has a network. The Grineer have underground trams and sewer, same with the Orokin towers and derelicts. The Corpus straight up have security fielded underground trams on Venus. Each tileset could be connected by a series of tunnels and vents that open up to a place we could more easily use K-drive in. That way, very few actual changes would have to be made to the existing designs and it wouldn't ruin the meta story. We'd just start exploring the duct works more.
  12. sir_deadlock

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    The way DC Universe Online handles it (which is the best MMO application of inventory management I've ever used) is that they have a sort of premium shop checkout profile to withdraw items from; if you buy it or it was rewarded to you, they register it as yours and you can withdraw it as many times as you want, making as many copies as you want, even if it's been discarded or lost. However, these items can't be traded, they have no sell value and only one can be actively used at a time. All of these caveats would be a boon to the devs, as willfully occupying more slots with duplicate items means more sales of slots. Re-leveling weapons or min-maxing duplicate un-tradable mods means more dedicated play time with virtually no consequence to the trading market. There are other ways Warframe could accomplish a similar goal. They can make certain items which are one-time drops be permanent like cosmetic items and not be disposable in any way. They could also make those specific items come with their own inventory slot, so there would be no burden to the user in keeping the item. They could allow user to hide certain items they don't want to see. There are ways to make this happen without cloning DCUO's system.
  13. sir_deadlock

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    I would like this along with a check box added to many places that hides vaulted items from selection. And an options menu toggle that hides vaulted by default and changes the check box to "show vaulted."
  14. sir_deadlock

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    Or how about just a solid "unlimited riven capacity" expansion? Make it like $20 or something.
  15. sir_deadlock

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    Codex is only showing two relics. Axi E1 and Meso F2. There's more, right?