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  1. I would love for the companion app to be accessible during gameplay. It'd be all the more fun if when logging on it had two modes it could switch to. Like, on PC it'd open a window saying; You are still logged into the Nexus App. Would you like to: 1) Log out of nexus app. 2) Remain logged in to Nexus app and proceed with PC login. 3) Active augmented play features by inputting push code. [Send code to device.] So many random cool little features the companion app could have. If nothing else were to change, it would be an on the go access to the foundry. Likely items
  2. If it's not one thing, it's another. Could also do it from the other end and create an item that kills them instantly after the fact. So the next time you see it, you can just insta-kill it and it's all over. To be fair though, if you're aborting the lich, no lich rewards. Or hey, they're talking about some kind of thing with Steel Meridian. Maybe make an option to just get rid of them, for whatever explanation is the flavor of the week. I hear they're getting rid of kubrow and kavat stasis timers for exactly this kind of reason. Imagine if you had to wait a half hour before you coul
  3. That would be annoying, yeah, but so much less so. And it would be a very fast fix. So fast, in fact, that they could immediately abort the mission and start over.
  4. Best solution I've thought up for an "are you sure" is to make an item you must put in your parazon while hunting to acquire a lich. If your parazon doesn't have the insert, it will not be worthy enough to provide the lich with the kind of honorable death it requires, so it dies a dishonorable death. Making it something people have to opt in for, before they even start a mission, would completely remove the chance of mistake. That is, unless for some reason the item doesn't have clear descriptions of what its purpose is and what happens when it is equipped, such as is the case with dragon
  5. I'd love to see archwing getting used more.
  6. If I were going to talk about those weapons I'd have to start a different topic. One topic, per topic. I chose to voice an observation regarding the Destraza in this one. Don't talk to me about space magic and unobtanium. I understand the plot hole in them well enough. I'm only using real life examples in an attempt to explain why the current position looks uncomfortable. All I'm saying is it would look more natural and comfortable to put the wrist more in line with the forearm. It's a small change that seems doable. I switched around a couple different warframes. They all have
  7. I'm not saying it looks impossible, but it does look uncomfortable. At that angle I imagine it would be common to suffer wrist injuries. One should not grip a rapier like they would a cutlass. The rapier is for thrusting more than it is for slicing. The wrist position should be more in line with the forearm. In this image it's practically at a 60 degree angle to the forearm. When it should be more like... Though I suppose there is a complication in that the design of the Destraza does not have a ricasso to aid in allowing for comfortable grip. The guard is however attache
  8. Just wondering if this is something I did or something happening naturally. I haven't tried switching around with other warframes or anything to see if it readjusts itself, but I thought I'd mention it. My Trinity's rapier grip is crooked. I looked up rapier grips and this wasn't one of them.
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