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  1. It's not exactly a bug report, but something I noticed a few times was that in the intro scene where all the warframes are walking onto the platform, the ramp (?) they're walking on pulls away before they've finished making it to the other side. So for a moment, they're walking on air. https://imgur.com/TahT7pP Edit: I just wanted to clarify that I took this picture just now for this post. So it's still like this right now.
  2. Don't forget my personal grip. There are very few reasonable areas to remind a player that they have hit or are over capacity for riven slots: When the player attempts to trade for more rivens. When the player enters the riven screen in the greater mods inventory menu. One time per day when the player logs in. The player should not be restricted from sorties. Rather, riven drops should be restricted. Failing that, whatever RNG provides should either skip over rivens, or the riven should be instantly dissolved if the player decides they don't want to buy more slots at that exact moment.
  3. I'm not sure how to translate this, but... If a person specializes in doing multiplication, if they're faced with a series of division problems, their math skills may find it to be a difficult, but a familiar challenge. If a person specializes in quadratic equations and is faced with plotting a root mean square, they may find the challenges very familiar and easy to solve. If a person specializes in addition and subtraction, they may be faced with exponents and parenthesis and find the challenge overwhelming and confusing. To a person broadly adept in all of these subjects, it may appear perplexing that anybody could struggle with or find entertaining something as straightforward to understand, such as the words I'm typing right here. r t ndrstnd whts bng sd wtht vwls. In fact, their best chance of finding a suitable challenge may be facing off against another human of similar or higher prowess. In that sense, there's nothing inherently wrong or inaccurate with the math problems being presented. They may be somewhat open ended or vague, allowing for multiple combinations of integers and fractions to produce a suitable outcome, but they're functional as formulae. If a person wanted a different or more enjoyably lengthy test, it would be helpful for the test giver to hear something like "I specialize in X and would like to see more of that on the next test" or "I found that this section of the word problem could be misunderstood to produce an erroneous result" or even "I thoroughly enjoyed that the practical uses of pi included historic applications in architecture." If the objective in giving feedback is to help the test giver design a more enjoyable test (which it always should be, when not adoration or scorn) then a direction of focus should be suggested. So instead of saying "this boss was easy" maybe try "this boss was easy because I was hoping the attack designs I saw offered more opportunities for dodging." or "This boss was too hard because I kept running out of time while trying to complete the puzzles." Even if one player's skill gradient doesn't match up to another, at least it opens to a practical area of discussion. But an example of the because method going wrong would be "this boss is easy because it sucks." That's kind of a subjective assertion backed up by an ad hominem. Nothing helpful to work with there.
  4. The terms "easy" and "hard" are non-descript. That is to say, they aren't helpful in telling what a player actually wants. Let's do a quick run-down of trouble shooting: Player: "This boss mission is too easy." Devs: Okay, let's solve this. It's too easy, so let's balance the player survival to enemy survival and make it harder. Player: "This boss takes too long. Not worth the effort." Devs: Okay, let's solve this. They need more incentive. Let's make some new fashions and stronger attack choices. Player: "This boss mission is too easy. Stop wasting time and fix the game." Devs: MOTHER-...! What did this player actually mean when they said the boss was too easy? Who knows. Maybe they wanted more team dynamics. Maybe they wanted more level immersion and interaction. Maybe they've been using an exploit that needs to be fixed. Maybe they want the boss to have a wider range of attack stages. Maybe they want more puzzles to solve. Maybe they want more quest stages. Maybe they... maybe they want the level to be darker so the boss is harder to see. I don't know, and neither does anybody else. Please, be conscious about using non-descript terms like "easy" and "hard". They're only helpful in expressing your personal ease of progression.
  5. I found out an issue with the new melee system. It's a tiny issue that isn't a big deal, but it is an issue. I was using my Hind (dog junk) and learned that the right-click will take me out of melee, but the special attack middle-click semi-auto fire will not.
  6. I can haz relics? Would also someday like to see relics that forgo any chance of item rewards and just drops straight ducats. I have trouble farming ducats.
  7. I imagine a viable adaptive mechanic already present in the game to allow this would be Ash's Blade Storm, set to only highlight one enemy within a cone beneath the warframe. If such a target is MIA, then a default slam would be initiated.
  8. Not true. We used to have quick attacks and quick-heavy/charge attacks. That, alongside wall attacks and slide attacks(coptering) have been present since open beta. If I recall, jump kicks were somewhat recent though, implemented around the time of aim gliding. On that note, please consider inspiration from other games when implementing your new downward attack plan. Notably, the extremely satisfying "Sonic Dash" extra jump, and the ever classic "Goomba Stomp" which directly impacts a target when jumped on, again, allowing a player to jump off of an enemy. It would also be satisfying to constantly be allowed to use finisher-style rear-strikes. Perhaps a stealth strike would be critically guaranteed, but an alerted strike would still offer a heavier hit with a dramatically shorter animation. I do hope the Frame Fighter "grapple/throw/bodyslam" mechanic finds its way into the game somehow, if only when equipping hand-to-hand enhancing weapons like the kogake. Allowing martial arts weapons to have unique game mechanics would be complicated, and perhaps unpopular, but it is an option to consider. I'd like to thank you for the combo trees which are simple to understand. Specifically those like Decisive Judgement, which have a unique activated potential attack after each successive attack, up to 4 attacks. The new system could also use a similar style, replacing the block function (right mouse click) instead with a held button press. Such an attack system would be similar, but not identical, to the wildly popular Dynasty Warriors games.
  9. I came up with this concept art a while ago. It didn't get a lot of attention.
  10. The way DC Universe Online handles it (which is the best MMO application of inventory management I've ever used) is that they have a sort of premium shop checkout profile to withdraw items from; if you buy it or it was rewarded to you, they register it as yours and you can withdraw it as many times as you want, making as many copies as you want, even if it's been discarded or lost. However, these items can't be traded, they have no sell value and only one can be actively used at a time. All of these caveats would be a boon to the devs, as willfully occupying more slots with duplicate items means more sales of slots. Re-leveling weapons or min-maxing duplicate un-tradable mods means more dedicated play time with virtually no consequence to the trading market. There are other ways Warframe could accomplish a similar goal. They can make certain items which are one-time drops be permanent like cosmetic items and not be disposable in any way. They could also make those specific items come with their own inventory slot, so there would be no burden to the user in keeping the item. They could allow user to hide certain items they don't want to see. There are ways to make this happen without cloning DCUO's system.
  11. I would like this along with a check box added to many places that hides vaulted items from selection. And an options menu toggle that hides vaulted by default and changes the check box to "show vaulted."
  12. Or how about just a solid "unlimited riven capacity" expansion? Make it like $20 or something.
  13. Codex is only showing two relics. Axi E1 and Meso F2. There's more, right?
  14. On note of k-drive fixes, have they fixed it so loot radar works while on the k-drive?
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