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  1. Oh, and to emphasize my point about how tedious an effort it is to keep track of, here's my spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17KoQZKcMDaxnYRxKV7D7APr3jhEuHOK8kGZCxTciO2c/edit?usp=sharing I stopped maintaining it with the UI change that let's us see when things are vaulted and how many ducats they sell for, but I probably should keep doing that because the UI change isn't enough. Alternatively, maybe I should be using existing and better websites that help track and plan relics. I am very frustrated right now and remembering both why I avoid relics and why I hate cracking them, stupid surprise mechanics aside.
  2. I just got booed out of a pub mission for not being able to pick relics fast enough for two rounds. I explained what was going wrong and that I wasn't purposely letting the timer run down without picking something. One of the players said they weren't buying it, so I revealed that I've been playing for five years and there's like 60 vaulted items I have to sift through every time I pick a relic. I don't want to waste something that I can't get back. They said "that's really not our problem" and I replied "yeah, I know, but that's the reason [why I wasn't contributing relics]" Really, it'd be such an easy change that already exists elsewhere. Want to know how it exists elsewhere? "MODS/SORT BY: RECENT" Just slap that on the relics section and it'll mostly do the trick. It wouldn't be perfect, but it'd do a world of good. And to be clear, I don't want that. I want to be able to quickly tell the difference just by glancing at them because that's how much time I have. Preparing for relic cracking is a long and tedious effort which frankly I avoid because it takes more effort than looking at something and doing it. Am I lazy? I don't care, I'm just trying to play a game where I shoot at stuff.
  3. The typical reason I would go off on my own is that the enemies around me are being killed quickly by team mates and I either want something to do, have something to do like a nightwave mission or a riven, or I started killing a line of enemies and got drawn away in the heat of battle. Sometimes we get distracted and need life support because drops aren't coming quickly enough, so I break off to find to an O2 pod. Your suggested change is a good one, no argument, but I don't see how it takes priority over other suggestions. It's okay if the spawns get messed up and people need to chase enemies. It's okay if the group separates and room camping stops being a viable strategy in a pub mission. It's okay if a mission has to end early because time ran down. Maybe it prevents a long haul mission, but that's okay too. These things aren't game breaking problems that so desperately require attention that nothing is more important than getting to them before considering any other additions. If you want more reliable spawns, in a confined space, that has an automatic exit timer, with better rewards; Sanctuary Onslaught is what the devs have offered. As it is, they made survival to have realistic spawn mechanics where enemies need a closed door to appear behind, they increased how often the O2 pods drop, and they made it so players can leave without needing the whole group. Sounds to me like room camping as a group is not what they have in mind for survival. And really, you're saying hidden caches would be a problem because of spawns, but for it to be a problem would require that people like it enough to disrupt regular instances of play. Even if they ignore them they'd still be able to finish the mission. Furthermore, if people did like them and it became a big problem because of how much it ruined spawn rates, everybody would be upset about that, so DE would have to think up a way to fix the spawn rates so they could keep the hidden caches which people were having fun with. Eh? Eh? 😄
  4. Oh, I've experienced it quite a number of times. There's an unclog phase in the process of room camping which greatly works to the advantage of the players. That's when we're supposed to leave to room, pick up all the loot, then unclog the enemies. Kind of like how in a defense mission, the same thing happens where one enemy gets stuck in a spawn somewhere. It works to the players' advantage because it gives us time to run around picking up loot before we have to address the next wave of enemies or perhaps even end the mission. If it's not intentional on the part of the devs, it's a happy accident. ----- The boredom isn't from having a lack of challenge, it's from being time gated. There's nothing I can do to speed this process up. Not a thing in the world. There's no hacking terminals, killing mini-bosses, super charging a defense deployable, killing a set number of enemies; there is nothing. I have to wait another 5 minutes for the next reward phase. And I'm not saying this would resolve the time gating at all (which if I'm being honest, is kind of necessary being there, so I'm not really complaining about it), but it'd be something optional to do and it makes sense to reward prolonged endurance in exploration for a mission entirely about and called survival. If anything, it's an incentive to stay in the mission longer "sorry man, can't leave yet. One more cache to find."
  5. I can think of 5 destructible walls on Lua. The Umbra trailer wall. The temple of doom style alternative path that knocks over the pillar. The third spy chamber's larger laser and ice floor room where the pillar needs to be knocked over. The next third spy chamber's section where the wall needs to be detonated. The third spy chamber's section after that where a stone section needs to be blasted and sent back in time through the portal to destroy the locked door of the treasure room. There's also one destructible door in a grineer galleon spy chamber, where a cannon pointed at the door can be fired. On one of the Corpus ice planets, usually a capture mission, there's a red barrel very early on that when exploded destroys a locked door with some lockers inside. The infested corpus tile set is a bevy of red explosion barrels that alter the landscape. Dropping ramps and unlocking treasure rooms or switches. The tubemen tile set of Uranus, not so much destructible walls, but there are a good deal of destructible grates and hidden vents. I remember in on of the rooms, shooting certain things will drop a grate revealing an entrance to a locked treasure room. There are a few destructible grates in the void as well, which lead players under the floor sometimes where lockers and crates are hidden. I know the Kuva Fortess has a bunch of places tucked away, but I have so much trouble navigating that place. Plains of Eidolon have the thing with the windmill, but I don't think there's much else. Orb Vallis has this thing where you can turn off the power generators in some of the bases, I've never figured out what it's supposed to be for. But I too enjoy the secret rooms. One of the few classes of instructional videos I've really enjoyed looking up was about finding warframe secret rooms I may have missed. There's one in particular that I'm sure must exist in the grineer galleon, because I occasionally see loot radar icons for it, but I just can't find a way in!
  6. I have a reply and I'm going to send it to you, but not here. I'll message you. We've taken up enough of OP's valuable time with this. OP, I'm sorry I brought drama to your thread. Please keep thinking up awesome ideas.
  7. Well, yeah, but like, when you're 20 minutes in with 100% and maybe 8 untapped life supports, killing enemies might be a low priority? It's not like they wouldn't still be around. I'm just standing around waiting for the next 5 minutes to pass. It's something to blow 10 minutes on.
  8. Okay you read the title, hear me out. A sabotage mission is supposed to be: get in, make the thing go boom, get out. It sort of makes sense if you're trying to find treasure before the ship explodes or something like that. A survival mission though: your job is to wreak havoc for as long as possible to distract enemy attention while operatives steal junk. Actually, no. You're just killing time; it doesn't matter if you kill anything so long as you don't run out of air. If you were supposed to be wrecking stuff, you'd probably be getting a bonus for combos and the amount of object destruction you've accomplished. (Oh man! Why is object destruction not a mission type?! Okay, off-topic, never mind) It's the perfect time to be looting. You've really got nothing better to do. It would be, not just something to do, but also an incentive for not room camping. And the longer you can't find the hidden caches, the harder the mission gets.
  9. I played a game called God Mode a while ago. It had this concept. Before a round would start, you could apply nerfs like health nerfs, damage nerfs, and each nerf would increase the rewards. In my opinion, it didn't really make the game more fun, but that's not the sort of thing I go for. Honest and truly, such a mechanic does currently exist in the game to some extent, but it doesn't have much of a reward connected to it unless you're playing a derelict mission. I am of course speaking of the Dragon Keys. They don't scale difficulty though.
  10. A few counter points: 1st: the game has no core design philosophy. It used to be an instanced 3rd person shooter. then it became part flight sim. Then it became part open world. Then it became part emergent coordinated maps. Then it became part PVP. There's no core design. It's a lot of things and they change it on a whim. 2nd: Warframe is a parody of Starcraft and a bunch of other sci-fi concepts. They rip off other games all the time to put their own spin on the concept. You know what? That's okay. 3rd: That's really not for you to decide. Also, there's like 200 of them at the studio and they can work on more than one project at a time. You should be more supportive. This isn't a board room pitch asking for money. They were just trying to have fun with an idea.
  11. I've thought of this game mode before. It's a step to jumping the shark (probably what they'd do when they run out of ideas). I honestly love it. It sounds fun and engaging. Definitely a custom-mode side thing, but there's actually room for it in the lore which I can talk a bit more about my thought if you'd like to hear a couple spoilers. Probably the only thing stopping this from having existed 5 years ago, is that Warframe doesn't have a creator program. One of the things that made Valve great early on, was that they let the community take their resources and create have their own fun with it. That's where Counter Strike, Team Fortress and all the other not Half-Life games came from. They were fan creations. If Warframe had a program with an open support community for creating custom game modes and objects, the community would be able to create some ridiculously fun things. I mean, looks what they've done already with such limited resources. You see the Tennogen and then dojo decorations; people have made amazing things that reach far beyond their intended purposes. I do think there could be a lot more details put into the idea, but it's a good idea. :-)
  12. Oh.... OOOOoooh boy! My friend, you said the magic word! 😄 Okay, this game actually already could have tunnel and sewer maps if only they'd implement minor cosmetic changes and bottleneck variety for RNG. Notably, the frost world connection tube tunnel tiles. Perfect sewer system. Slightly modify a few bits from the grineer ship yard tile sets and we could have long stretching RNG race tracks. I imagined this being a fun possibility for a k-drive friendly mission to just have a bunch of pipes hooked up to each other, maybe a few random speed ramps and stop gates. It'd practically be like Battletoads jet ski levels. But that's off topic... The main inspiration for this, if I'm being honest, was the barnacles from Half-Life. Their mechanic is to lay in wait for players passing underneath. My idea for implementation was to take sections of existing cosmetic vents and ducts and import a vulnerable section with a blacked out spawn point behind it. That's really the main practical purpose of the thing, a practical somewhat hidden and jump-scarey spawn point that players aren't going to be able to get into or disrupt the believability that there could be another one coming out of there. Did you know that one of the thoughtful mechanics DE eventually developed for Warframe was making it so that enemies would not spawn in occupied rooms? They need to find a place the players can't see; like a superman's telephone booth.
  13. Something I imagine could be done, but hasn't really been explored. Okay, this is a really simple idea that's been done a ton of times before in other places. ----------------- You hear something from above you in the vents. You take your rifle and prod the vent. *clang clang clang* A loud shriek emits from the vent. Something starts to bang on it from the inside, denting the metal. As the supports give way, the vent falls apart and a decaying body covered in pustules common with the infestation hangs, snagged on the jagged sheared metal. It's dead. Been dead for a long time. As dead as the infested get, anyway. That doesn't stop it from shrieking with the fully might the gas bladder in its chest will afford. It claws down at you, hopelessly out of reach. It's shocking, but more pathetic than anything else. Pointing your rifle up at the creature that used to be a person, you take flawless aim at the nerve center, of which critical damage to its muscles controller should disable the body. Just then you hear a bang from behind the wall... Another bang from the other side... A shriek comes from down the hall... A vent beside you bursts open and a charger rears up, threatening to attack. You fire at it as three more pile out of the vent. Above you a number of crawlers plop out of the broken vent with a splat as they hit the floor. The first one disables itself with a snapped spine, but its mouth moves, shrieking into your imagination. The next lands on the one before it, sustaining the fall thanks to the cushioned landing. Somewhere along the way, the hanging body began to shred. The decayed pustule ridden body, unable to hold fast under the weight, separated from itself and joined the group forming ranks on the floor. The disembodied torsos move towards you one arm's grasp at a time, spilling vile liquids from their mouths as they go. In their eyes, if they were alive, it would almost look like they were begging for help... You'll help them *bang! bang! bang!* you fire into the group on the side, downing them and creating a hole. You run to the wall and bound across it to get by. As you rush away, your empty shells hit the floor. The ammo just seems to appear in your grasp as you reload. You look back and take aim. Then you hear it. The click of nails running in the vents above. Just ahead of you the vent breaks and a deformed hand falls through; it's stuck. You swing the rifle around back to the front and fire along the vent. Something inside explodes. The vent bursts open, spilling the bloody remnants of multiple bodies onto the floor. Keep running. As you reach the docking bay, your ship's crew has already opened fire. A charger rolls in front of the ramp and shrieks. You shoot it and shove it aside with a kick. The ship's ramp raises and you take off. A few bodies drip on top of the craft, but get incinerated by automated cleaner droids. Looking out the window, you see the infested reaching out to you through the vents, pouring out to see you off. In your head, you hear the unmistakable group mind voice of the infested "thanks for the visit. Come back soon. We miss you."
  14. Does this mean you fixed that problem where players can get trapped in the speed test and unable to escape after the doors come down and there's no way to open them again? Had to alt+F4 because of that recently.
  15. Just wanted to say thank you for supporting the game. Development of awesome concepts and the continued success of the game is all thanks to awesome people like you. When the devs know their community will back them financially out of love, rather than having to resort to petty cash grabs (like loot boxes/surprise mechanics) they're given freedom to focus on more user friendly content. This game is free because we pay. Ironic, isn't it?
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