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  1. I wonder if it's intentional that the satellite blocks the guns on the railjack from firing. Maybe in the future we'll get power-ups and temporary guns or special items that we can drop into the railjack's active slot, which the satellite is taking up.
  2. So you want tankier enemies? More bullet sponge? What did you have in mind? About how many shots fired or seconds passed per enemy do you think feels gratifying before you'd like to move on to the next enemy? I'd say ultimately, when it comes to grunt enemies, the process should be satisfying, It should be meditative. You could always leave some dragon keys on or run with different low damage builds to self regulate for satisfying kill duration. Maybe the heavy hitting builds exist for people that want the game to be easier?
  3. Whenever I've looked at maps and compared it to my own, they looked the same. So I figured the default map must show all the caves that can be explored, because that's what's on the map. If you're telling me that the caves only appear on the map after they've been gone through, then that would make things a lot easier. It sounds like something that wasn't there when I was going for it though. It also sounds like an intuitive feature which one would assume is the way things work. Are you sure it works like that?
  4. Considering that accounting, analytics and general record keeping are some of the highest paid professions in the world, I'd say it's pretty hard. If not, then it's certainly over paid.
  5. They were an April Fools joke, but people did enjoy the concept and frequently ask for alternatives to Lotus and Ordis.
  6. I'm going to have to say no. When I was doing that one, it told me how many I'd done, but not which. In the end I resolved to just do all five each day until I finally got it. It was a real pain having to wait so long for the rare rotating races. In the same way, I'd like to know which caves still need spelunking so I can get that achievement, but I just don't know. Some day I'll have to tell myself that we're doing all of them in order. That'll be a day trip.
  7. I googled "warframe glyph codes" and the top result was https://glyphs.wf/ . (edit, sorry, that's the glossary, https://glyphs.wf/global/ this one should have codes) The way the glyph codes work is you either go to the code redemption link inside your user profile on the website or you redeem the codes through the Market "Redeem Code" section inside the game. Be warned though, there's a limit to how many codes you can redeem within a single day. You can have them all, just not all at once. As others have probably said, the way to change your forum glyphe is to open the game, then the ESC menu/Profile/Glyph, select a glyph, double-click, and it should soon after activate on your profile.
  8. There aren't a lot of cinematic quests, but there is a central quest line that has a couple of them. Most of the quests are fairly simple little mechanic introductions and lore dumps. I think the order of cinematic central quests is TSD>TWW>Sacrifice>Apostasy>Chimera>Erra The other ones are important, but not really cinematic save for a few boss intros, character voice cards and such.
  9. Stretchy limbs, because it's the only member of the Fantastic 4 that we don't have in this story of people that got lost in a cosmic storm and came back with powers.
  10. Why make it like that at all? Just let us put in how many we want to build if there are multiples and scale it. No notification until the stack is complete.
  11. These changes made for expedient progression. The content load being planned for future updates must be heeeeavy if it's what new players are going to have to be rushing through to join up with veterans for. I like how they're tidying up old content, but I'm curious what they want to do with us players in the future. I mean, we're a part of the game. We're the super computers hooked up to run the equations. What do they want us to do?
  12. I want to be able to dismiss a lich, immediately after getting them. If that means I lose the stolen loot or that I can't get another one for a little while, I'm okay with that. I'd like to be able to use the tranq gun in regular missions, so I can stealth past enemies and capture things like the sharks in underwater levels and the kavats in the derelict. When will we be able to use the railjack to go underwater in to investigate space Hunhow's graveyard? I don't understand why we have underwater missions that use (sh)archwing, but we can't go underwater in the Plains of Eidolon. Are they different models? Is there an upgrade I'm missing? Do I need the blue tunic and the weighted boots? I would like to be able to use k-drive in regular missions. Also, I would like a Battletoads style sewer run map for k-drive ( https://youtu.be/oD9MarvOz1U ). And one more thing, I want to be able to cut a drifting turn with the k-drive and knock back every enemy I slam into. A game was recently released on Steam (it has been on Epic for a while longer) called Genesis Alpha One. ( https://youtu.be/R2gfk41e-PQ ) According to the Steam discussion board, the devs do not plan to create co-op multiplayer for the game. The main thing I'd like to point out though is that this game has the kind of base building interface that I desperately want for clan dojos. Also, for what it's worth. I and some other people I talk to have decided to call people who hit rank 30, the grand master rank, will be called "grandmas" (grand ma-ster).
  13. You make a valid point in observing where the incentive is. It makes me wonder what the motivation of the devs is on this. I'm reminded of one film reviewer talking about zombies in films and saying he misses the days when zombies were slow and falling apart. These days you've got zombies that rush over to targets and pull their targets apart like they're made out of dough. What is death suppose to accomplish here?
  14. If it's not one thing, it's another. Could also do it from the other end and create an item that kills them instantly after the fact. So the next time you see it, you can just insta-kill it and it's all over. To be fair though, if you're aborting the lich, no lich rewards. Or hey, they're talking about some kind of thing with Steel Meridian. Maybe make an option to just get rid of them, for whatever explanation is the flavor of the week. I hear they're getting rid of kubrow and kavat stasis timers for exactly this kind of reason. Imagine if you had to wait a half hour before you could switch guns that you own. One option I appreciate them putting in the foundry, for example, is the ability to cancel something mid-build and get the resources back. Last I heard they were trying to get that into the railjack salvage thing.
  15. That would be annoying, yeah, but so much less so. And it would be a very fast fix. So fast, in fact, that they could immediately abort the mission and start over.
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