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  1. sir_deadlock

    Tick box: "HIDE VAULTED"

    If you'll take a moment to visit the "quick sheet" tab on my spreadsheet, you can see what i'm working with. If you've got any advice on something I should add, I'd appreciate your input. I also have an "active relics" tab which only displays the content from active relics.
  2. sir_deadlock

    Tick box: "HIDE VAULTED"

    Do you think so? I was under the impression that this was the place for things that don't currently exist. If that's where I'm supposed to put requests for new features, then yeah, I'm eager to put my post in the appropriate place! 😁
  3. sir_deadlock

    Tick box: "HIDE VAULTED"

    It's more than just one thing. The amount of items I've collected is one of the reasons I want this. But even if I only had a couple, I'd still want this. Trouble memorizing every item I've collected and knowing when something just entered the vault are also reasons why I want this. I've personally put in the effort to keep track of vaulted items. I'm trying to be good about that. Others haven't done so well and I've seen them kicking themselves for wasting items they can't get back. A while ago, I know I traded some rare items for ducats because they were dropping with some frequency, not knowing they had just entered the vault. That's part of the reason why I made my spreadsheet. There's some rotation to unvaulting items, yes, but it can be years before an item comes around. As my spreadsheet gets bigger and bigger, watching the vault, I see all the items people must have fluffing up their inventories. The problem with using a search bar is that it only finds one thing at a time. I could search up "paris" to see if I have paris prime parts to sell, and then "lex" to see if I have lex prime parts, and then type the next unvaulted prime and the next; it would take a while and is a lot of trouble. I could put in more vague terms like "gun" or just any random term to cut the list down, but there's still a chance I'll be seeing vaulted items. The search bar is not a practical solution to this issue because the variety of vaulted items is too diverse to be sorted out by any keywords. And even if there were a special keyword, like "#xyz" or whatever, it would be such a common search term serving a dedicated purpose that it might as well be linked with a tick box. Sometimes it takes a while for DE to pull their designs together, but they're an amazing team. They're constantly trying to improve their product. One of the old star charts was beautiful and interesting with its segmented design. It wasn't very convenient in its layout though, so they changed it. It took a while, but they changed it. The mod screen used to be much smaller and a pain to scroll through. They made it bigger, put in sorting terms and a search bar. The process of upgrading mods used to be an enormous hassle, selecting literally hundreds of individual mods to be burned up towards an upgrade. They streamlined it with the endo system and even introduced being able to pick which upgrade level it went to so there'd be no wasted resources. I'd been asking for something like that and was delighted when it came around. I've been here long enough to put more faith in their dedication to the community. Not too much, mind you. There are some things they just never get around to, but I know they care. I know they're trying to be better. I would very much appreciate the feature I'm requesting. It would make my gaming experience a heck of a lot easier, but I'll still keep playing if they don't make it. Maybe I'll avoid a few things because of the hassle, but the overall game is fantastic and I love it.
  4. sir_deadlock

    Tick box: "HIDE VAULTED"

    I'll try to explain it differently to help you get the problem. I'm asking for a quality of life feature (QoL, so the game's not broken), because it would greatly make my experience more accessible. Addressing the abundance of vaulted items is also not just a me issue, as the kind of thing I'm asking for has been requested again and again over the years. If you'll visit my spreadsheet, you can see the "quick sheet" tab which is actually very small and somewhat simple to maintain. I've had to cut it down to being only the most essential information. The bigger list I keep to help keep track of vaulted items. I'm doing what I can to help myself where the game's design has come up short. To find the active relics in my inventory I need to wade through tens of other relics. Could I use the search box? Sure, if I know I have a specific relic; otherwise I search for keywords or scroll in the hope that I have something to use, which I have to finish doing before the timer runs down during missions. I've had to run without relics because I can't find an unvaulted one in time. Missed some good drops because of that. And like I said, when I do the prep work, it gets done. It's not that I can't do it, it's that it's tedious to perform such mundane essential functions. After cracking relics, in order to sell prime parts for ducats, I need to again do more wading through probably over a hundred scattered pieces for the ones that aren't vaulted. It's cumbersome and most of the time it's such a bother to find a handful of parts in that huge list that I'll just abandon pursuit. You asked why I keep so many things. It sounds like you're suggesting I dump them all to save myself the grief. I put in the hours to earn these items and I'd like to keep them. It could be easier to play while owning them, and I'm offering a constructive suggestion to that end. You asked if the reason I'm requesting this is because I have trouble memorizing hundreds of different prime parts, relics and how many I have on hand. Like I said, I do what I can to help myself, but a small change, the ability to hide vaulted items, would be a great help. It's not just about knowing what's vaulted or unvaulted, it's about dealing with all the extra icons I don't want to interact with. I hope this has helped you understand why I desperately want this feature.
  5. sir_deadlock

    Tick box: "HIDE VAULTED"

    DE, I'm sure you're tired of hearing it and everybody's tired of asking for it. Please, give us the option to hide vaulted items when browsing things to sell, destroy and/or use. I've personally put in great effort to try to keep track of vaulted items and relics. To the point I even made my own spreadsheet: I'm doing what I can. It's a chore. Every time Baro comes around, I know I'm going to be hard pressed to participate. I'm a veteran player; I've got stuff I collect and never intend to sell. There's a lot to go through, I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Picking through relics and primed parts for what I won't be kicking myself for burning... a lot of the time I just give up. I don't crack relics. I don't trade for ducats. I just ignore the whole system because it's more trouble than it's worth in its current state. Other times, I make a special effort, checking for which relics or primed parts aren't in the vault, making sure I have enough to not regret using them. Or I start from scratch and go out relic farming, keep track of what I've collected, use them and trade the parts. It's tedious and takes a lot of fun away from the game, but I have to do it to get ducats safely. Please, give us a "hide vaulted" tick box. I need this. Or something. There needs to be a viable solution, because the vaulted items list keeps getting longer and with every vaulting, my untouchable inventory gets harder to sort through.
  6. sir_deadlock

    Date Announce: Devstream #120 Dec 7!

    It doesn't have to. If it can be centered around the kingpin system rather than be an extensive open world area, then they can make it kind of an Arkham Asylum prison region used to amass arena points as an alternative farm to reach Kela De Thaym. It could be much much smaller. It could be as simple as hooking tile sets up to each other and cementing them with NPC rooms. That would be a way to get it done on the cheap (relatively speaking). The real purpose wouldn't be to create a stunning open world, so much as to implement the groundwork of a kingpin system.
  7. sir_deadlock

    Date Announce: Devstream #120 Dec 7!

    Soon as we get open world for Sedna.
  8. sir_deadlock

    Date Announce: Devstream #120 Dec 7!

    Has this bug been fixed yet? Go to a relay's navigation menu, then try to deploy a harvester. Last time I checked, I had to alt+F4 because the menu locked up.
  9. sir_deadlock

    (All Platforms) Proxy Rebellion Weekend Event

    Just finished. Hard enough to be challenging, not too hard to be possible for people like me. Thank you.
  10. sir_deadlock

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Zephyr Prime 22.16.4

    Looking for relics in codex. I don't see'em. Little help, please?
  11. sir_deadlock

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.2

    Can we please have the user's personal mini map icon be always on top? I keep losing myself when things get busy and I'm not sure where to go until things clean up.
  12. sir_deadlock

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.6.0 + Hotfix

    I like fishing and mining. I was really looking forward to it and enjoy it quite a lot more than harvesting plants with the codex scanner. But they do suffer from the same problem in that it's not so useful to other parts of the game. I can't, for example, trade a bunch of fish, ore or plants for an orokin cell or a pack of plastids. Such would be a kind benefit.
  13. sir_deadlock

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.6.0 + Hotfix

    Well... darn. I guess this is something the dev team is going to have to work on. I'm sure they'll fix it soon though.
  14. sir_deadlock

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.6.0 + Hotfix

    I'd have just as much fun from a shooting gallery where one shot = kill. The challenge for me doesn't come from facing difficult enemies requiring auras, items and buffs, but from making shots connect. Interesting challenges like shooting off a sequence of targets, hitting something before it can hit me, things less demanding of deep thought strategy; that's where I get my kicks.
  15. sir_deadlock

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.6.0 + Hotfix

    One of the things I love most about the Lua spy mission is how many way there are to get through each room if a player is struggling with an obstacle. Finding a way like that to complement multiple play styles is usually a good idea. The difficulty is how to do it without cluttering the game.