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  1. I said 3>5 was way more fair right after it came out. Yes I want a cookie.
  2. LOL No They're lazy Band-Aids. Some frames are so outdated its insane for you to say that. Most content is outdated as well, but thats another story.
  3. Im actually not. Ive completed steel path using all frames. I have every weapon (including kuva) maxed out. A maxed out railjack. If there is something in this game that can be maxed I have it. I have god roll Rivens for almost every weapon in the game. I've made tons of money selling Loki frames. Ive done and have everything this game has to offer. So yeah, far from new.
  4. Ive asked them to fix this multiple times in the bug forum. And of course zilch.
  5. They needed to focus on balancing rather than buffing/nerfing. Most frames will still get one shotted in SP unless you do everything right (builds, 100% attn to what youre doing, etc). I get that its supposed to be a challenge, but they keep buffing enemies and weakening us. This is the epitome of unfun and video games are supposed to be fun. Nice to see some more Steel Essence in the dailies. Something that should have happened months ago. Now if they can just take a week and fix rivens, we will be getting somewhere. Im talking to YOU .5 dispo and YOU overkill on th
  6. lol I was trying to take my audience's temp humor-wise. People on this site dont mess around.
  7. Depends how fast you want to run through a missions you've played 6k times. Sometimes you just want to speedrun an extermination mission and theres really no better way to do it (abilities and melee aside). Just blasting and running as fast as you can. Would be nice to not have to use gauss every time I speed run.
  8. Its a joke dude. Relax. Im just poking fun at DE's seeming of knowledge about their own systems.
  9. No other aspect of this game sends people packing, aside from the lack of content. They really need to look at this in a healthy way before people start dropping like flies.
  10. That would work Also just give it to Baro and give the guys who logged in that many times something else comparable.
  11. ask any player who is over MR 30 and has played for more than 3 years, primed blunderbuss should have been released a long time ago. Instead they said they plan on releasing "a shotgun recoil mod" Which we are all very excited for. This is seriously their plan
  12. Come on DE. Please. Give the people what they deserve. Surefooted is way too long to wait for a mod that has become so intrinsic to the method of play you've built. Blunderbuss is just --- I'm speechless at this point.. Nothing more to say. (also while you're at it, please overhaul almost the entire riven system, if you need any ideas, I went to college, hit me up)
  13. Very well said. This has been my point all along -- .6 dispo at least. Then we can tackle lack of Kuva/Price of rolls/RNG/ridiculous negatives like damage, multishot, crit, etc. Theres too many problems to keep listing them over and over. But def start with raising the .5 dispo
  14. The cost of rolling is too high as well. Id put that under "major."
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