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  1. They happen every few seconds. I checked the steam/discord overlays.
  2. Anyone else getting these? Been ongoing for about a month now. Out of nowhere, no matter what graphical setting.
  3. Whoever came up with the idea of riven disposition needs to be smacked. What an outrageous S#&$show this is.
  4. Cool. Mausalon still worthless. No point in slotting that thing. Ever.
  5. I figured. They really need some more dailies for veteran players. Otherwise we will just find a different game to play.
  6. Seems pointless to try and get the same items you were trying to get at MR5
  7. It has already been proven that balancing rng would not effect the market. They just have to be clever about it. Not hard.
  8. First they would have to be able to stay alive.
  9. Yep accolytes are way too unbalanced. The main problem is that they dont drop enough Steel Essence. They should drop at least 5. Also daily incursion rewards should be raised to 5 at least, preferably 10.
  10. The question is: why? Why is it a hill they are willing to die on? Other games have been able to avoid this kind of RNG. It has been analyzed to death and fixing rivens to favor the player a little more would not hurt their bottom line at all. The only other game with RNG this bad is Genshin.
  11. I feel obliged to post my thread as well
  12. Especially if something else spawns. We need some clear cut spawn guidelines.
  13. Ill just leave this here. The realness starts at 3:50 I pray youre listening/watching, DE. Please. Before we have no one else to play with.
  14. You make a lot of great points, however, I love how you have to throw in "(but fair)" because you know they'll just try and nerf anything you think is good or fun. So obvious, but also so frustrating things have gotten this bad. Nothing in this game infuriates me more than my Mausolon riven's .5 dispo. All .5 dispo rivens need to die. I just used the Mausolon in a Steel Path mission. Thing does no damage. Too bad I can't even slot the riven, the one I spent way too much Kuva on. DE, before you worry about railjack stuff, fix your broken riven system please.
  15. Today Baro had another Glaive mod. I appreciate the support for Glaives, but theyre already the best weapons in the game. So where is the shotgun love already?
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