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  1. Hello dear Tenno. This is my first time doing a concept art for Warframe. So, here's to you my concept: General Art. Close-up of Void Gems. Other detail. Name: Vulpes/Flagellum (In Latin: Vulpes-Fox. Flagellum-Whip) Weapon: Whip. Description: A nine-tails whip created, originally, as a torture method but soon became an extraordinary weapon due to her sharp blades. Don't be fooled by its elegant appearance, by those golden spheres used as knots and those blue 'gems' on each rope. They're not there as decoration but as offensive purposes
  2. Playing Warframe just for Blessing is ridiculous. You should play for the sake of the game, not for boost on drops/credits/buffs. If any MR30 gives you a blessing, that's good you can use them for your missions. Once expired, work hard and play hard. Come on Tenno.
  3. RNG as always and sometimes it's even Twitch responsible for that. It happens.
  4. I've waited for her for almost 84 years. And she's looking GLASSY.
  5. Not only there, but even of Saturn (Sargas Ruk) and Ceres. (Seimeni and Gabii)
  6. Standard and Prime Warframes share the same abilities, nothing ''stronger'' or ''weak''. But Prime ones have slightly more health (using mods too of course), armor and shield and such, for example: Mirage and Mirage Prime. Mirage: Health: 80 (240 at rank 30) Shield: 80 (240 at rank 30) Armor: 100 Energy: 150 (225 at rank 30) Mirage Prime: Health: 80 (240 at rank 30) Shield: 110 (330 at rank 30) Armor: 175 Energy:150 (225 at rank 30) The highlighted texts shows the difference. For
  7. Oh, welcome back drops. And it looks like I don't have to put images for the drops. But here's a random image, just for fun: Clem? Yes Clem! Grakatas!
  8. Oh, it's okay. Drops or no drops, I'll keep watch these streams. When I'm able, let's be clear. University exams, projects and such... See you around Tenno. Let's love eachother. 🖤
  9. For those who doesn't remember what Scintillant is, or just started playing Warframe, heres to you anonymous troublemaker: http://www.bandedehoufs.net/BDH%20index_fichiers/Warframe/warframe_1025.jpg See you on Friday.
  10. I appreciate your complimen but I'm just expressing something simple. There should be fairness in everything. DE devs are doing their best with limited resources. From a Tenno that started only a year ago, brothers and sisters please: enjoy what they show. 🖤
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