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  1. Well, Apex Legend's latest update killed my console. At least I was able to get the Ephemera.
  2. Oh, yes. Octavia Noggle to celebrate her Prime Version. Well nice. I'll watch it, even if my ps4 died.
  3. And here's me, that will lost this event because my PS4 died.
  4. ''And now, on Fortuna, a brand new object has arrived! Let's welcome Twitch, the ads master for your trips! Do you feel lonely? Let's listen some Twitch news! Do you need company while doing some mission? Twitch Spark is right there for you!''
  5. It's ''Meh''. It would be better a Grineer Propaganda against Tennos. Or Corpus against Tennos. Or even Grineer against Grineer and Corpus. Damn you Grineers...
  6. Anyway don't take my words as a ''real'' statement, we need a ''voice'' by devs.
  7. Oh, the Sentient Chicken. I know the pain...
  8. Honestly, I don't know then. I've searched on the wiki, but it seems it was a ''limited time'' object.
  9. Maybe it's a Worship Gem combined with the Energy Orb.
  10. Alright. It's a good build, but if you want my advice, I suggest you to remove ''Ammo Drum'' mod and put some of these: -Vigilante Armaments. Max Rank: +60% multishot. Combined with Split Chamber you'll get a 150% and you'll -Vigilante Fervor. +45% fire rate. -Split Chamber. +90% multishot - Speed Trigger. - Wild Fire.
  11. We don't know ''it'' yet. From what I have seen, Seva looks like Nekros cooler brother. A bit angry, a bit ''Step aside, I'll take care of it'' kind of guy. But it seems interesting.
  12. I think it's the Sentient Energy Orb, just a shrunk version of it.
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