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  1. Watched full stream but got only two drops. Argon Crystal and Basmu Bluprint. I hoped to get a third one, but who cares.
  2. Oh, a Basmu Blueprint? NICE! But, what is a Kuva Globule?
  3. Valkyr is still a good Frame. I made her strong enough to buff even those Warframes that are already stronger. Like 65% buff speed damage.
  4. Well, at least we can have Vor and Tyl as rewards. Better then nothing.
  5. Thank you Danielle. I thought I was banned for some reason at first.
  6. Let me guess: ''Access denied. Check your data.''
  7. Title: Journey to Deimos. Warframe: Hydroid Prime (with a different color palette) Platform: PS4 Unedited. (Just used 3 lights setting in Captura Options) Good Luck everybody. And first time posting here!
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