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  1. why it have to be always like that? they don't want us to burn the conten but rather burn the players to limt they quit the game
  2. This is it. this is is the maximum amount of frustation a human can handle. I have been doing the same contracts and vaults over and over for 5 HOURS!!!! 5 MOTHER.....ING HOURS and didn't a single scillant! How is this supposed to be fun? How I am supposed to build the new warframe if I never get the items to build it? I really want to enjoy warframe but sometimes you do stupid things like this is and is annoying.
  3. It seems to me that every good idea you have like the helmint system which build the most hype in the last years and shows that you want to a make game changer system and take the game to a new direction is behind a system that is a total anti-fun and a massive grind. Why you force us to do something that literaly nobody in the world likes or care to do? Its like you forcing us to play PVP to get a new warframe or something. Deimos needs a lot of work because the token system is trash, the ranking system is trash. I just don't understand...but I'm done
  4. I've been playing for the last 3 days the same misons over and over and the systems still skip me
  5. I have been taking notes everytime I enter the granum void in hard dificulty and I'm about 60 times and still haven't protea systems and whats even more weird is that I'm getting always the same reward credits x 2 and mourtous shoulder decoration. have anyone go through this ? is bucking annoying
  6. I played many MMORPG so I know what is the grind but the grind in games should be rewarding and to put an example protea's farming is not grinding. is a brain dead idea to get to player so frustated for getting a part of the warframe that you either ended up buying it or don't give a f... about it. I played many koreans MMO'S so I know what real hardcore grind is. I love warframe but everyday is getting worse and worse and people leave because the game is not fun breaking the basic rule of videogames.
  7. remember when you got some spare time and play videogames to have fun? what happened with that? why everything have to be overcomplicated and frustating? I asked myself everytime I play warframe, a video game where you are not allowed to have fun if you want to have fun you have to surpass a dozen walls of BS.
  8. I use mesa but the map is so big and just a few monsters that you can't get to rotation C in the harder levels
  9. So this it. this is the cabal proof that anyone at DE have tested deadlock protocol in consoles. as you may know dear DE employees we the console users use a joystick so it is 100 times hard and slower to aim and thebrainddead idea to target the xoris in floating enemys to charged it not 1 but 3 times while you run off time because the monsters are spread in the map and there just a few of them make getting to rotation C almost impossible right now if you are lucky AF and kill 75 enemys you probably will get 3000 credit or endo. Warframe is my favorite game. The rework idea was great but the p
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