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  1. Maybe it is just a figure of speech,like : I can smell our victory
  2. I am also noticing incorrect focus gains,i pick up the orb,the time runs out,i am shown 5k focus,i press tab and see 2k focus(actual gain).I pick up another orb,time runs out,it shows 8k focus,i press tab,i see 3k focus gain.Due to this,i assume i have lost a lot of focus,please investigate into this
  3. I would suggest trying to open the relics in void storms,i have farmed a lot for sevagoth and have noticed that they drop rares a lot more commonly (in my experience).I got quite a few rares from regular relics and about the same from radiant relics.May just be rng for me,but maybe try a few runs with rad relics
  4. If you cant handle that level,just leave the lich untill you are geared up for that or you can ask in recruiting for help as murmurs killed by others also count towards your murmur progress
  5. Try contacting support : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us They are the only ones who can help you with lost loot
  6. More story/lore Less bugs/fixes for existing bugs Revising insanely low drop chances for mods/bounty rewards (specifically necramech weapon parts) Introduction of RJ missions in sorties (Only ground enemy level scales) More weapons like trumna,mausolon,etc More warframes like lavos (but without cooldowns/energy based) More ways to get aura forma Reworking most of the boss fights (especially the annoying ones like vay hek) An actual use for Necramechs other than for MR
  7. Not even captain vor himself has the strength to withhold the power of two seer`s Anyone who can wield them shall surely conquer the void and the MITW
  8. Nothing we players in the forums can do Wait for them to respond,usually a day or two (but it can also be more)
  9. Contact Support at https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  10. I did all that,due to the streamlined matchmaking changes,RJ missions are now like any other.You do not have any choice to be the host,hence you do not know if you will use your own ship,modded for your playstyle and whose capabilities are known to you,or some other RJ which may be much weaker than yours Please add a choose to be host/client option
  11. Yes,Make it so that navigation from the railjack UI follows the old system and all the other UI`s (orbiter,relays and dojo) follow the new UI It is a simple thing but very frustrating.After the update i excitedly jumped into my clan`s dry dock,got whatever plating was available and went to do a mission,only to find out that i cannot use my own railjack because somebody else is using theirs.This would have killed my enthusiasm,but the gameplay was great. This is one of the very few things that i dislike about this update Please allow us some choice to use our own RJ or others
  12. What will happen to the dirac we have invested in our avionics? Will that be refunded in terms of endo? Will the avionics be converted to mods of the same rank? Will we lose all that dirac and have to grind for no reason at all? Also,i would prefer if the costs to upgrade the avionics remain the same as dirac and endo are being converted in a 1:1 ratio,i dont want to be getting 2.5k from and avionic,just to have to invest 30k into it
  13. The same way the 2nd console is locked You cant interact with the 2nd console until the 1st one has been hacked and the things have been destroyed,make the door a normal one and just change the console
  14. Either delete it,or make it hackable by adding a console beside it,i have aborted a lot of RJ missions and lost quite a bit of zetki parts because of this.Needs to be fixed/removed or whatever
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