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  1. The same thing happened to me yesterday,i just did onr hour worth of fractures and bounties,decided to finish with some mining,was roaming around looking for caves in orb vallis,found deck 12,was like wow i aint gonna do that boss fight,went in (as there were a few ores there) and the same thing shown in your video happened,,the exploiter glitched through the roof and was attacking with her turret in the area after the cave and between the actual deck 12,i play on a not so great pc,so WF is on my hdd so it took me a long time to get out of there as i had only two revives left and did not want
  2. Same thing happened to me,in nightmare mode,only way i was able to do the fight was seeing where the light was on the invisible platforms and trying to land there after jumping,took too long to do,seems like it may have something to do with skipping the cutscene My post about it:
  3. I got a riven from the daily sortie,i can see that and i traded for a riven,i can also see and interact with those both,but i still cant see my amprex riven/interact with it to reroll it
  4. Yesterday,i wanted to roll my rivens,i went to the modding section of orbiter,opened the screen,i noticed that in categories,there was not a riven category,i checked the filters,none were active and it was shwoing me 2/15 riven capacity,i searched riven in the search bar,no result,i selected the filter to show only rivens,it showed none,despite showing in the background that i had 2/15 riven capacity,when i went to the mod upgrading screen from the weapon after putting the riven on the weapons,it still didnt show,my rivens arent very good,i want to roll and sell them,with this bug i cant roll
  5. This also happens to me,the first time i noticed it was when i was doing murmur for my lich,we started an excavation mission,i loaded in after the first excavator was deployed,it did not appear in my HUD,i was also unable to power it using power cells,only when i was standing on top of it(from where the large beam comes out) was i able to power it,i also noticed this when i was doing excavation in void fissure missions,i loaded in before the excavator was deployed,i had the HUD for some excavators,i didnt have the HUD for some,i did for some,dont know what causes it,but whenever i lost the HUD
  6. This is also happening in other places,i am chatting with my clan while modding my frame/weapons,i press t to open chat box and start typing my message and realize that what i am typing is going into the search bar,this also happens in the foundry and void relic segment,when you open it,and type anything it is taken in the search bar,i think it also happens in he mod upgrading/dissolving/selling screen,when i finish a mission and open the chat box before i start loading back,when i start loading back the chat box is open and the search and is open,so when i type anything,it is registered in bo
  7. I agree,i dont know why they do,i have also done grineer missions with an active lich and sometimes the lights flicker,sometimes they dont.There may be a bug involved or not,the game may first check if the kill count for the spawning has been reached or not,then it may check if anyone in your squad has a lich or not,then decide whether to or not to spawn the lich.Just a suggestion,try to get a player who already has an active lich to host,and see if the lights flicker or not
  8. I also had x86 C++,uninstalled them,will look for improvement,also(maybe a stupid question) do i need to have only one version of C++ redistributable,i presently have 5 versions:2008,2010,2012,2013, 2015-1019
  9. For a larvling to spawn,no member in your squad should have an active lich,also the player that downed the larvling will only be able to generate a lich with it,so if u want to get a lich,better try to do it solo
  10. A similar,but not exact thing also happened to me yesterday,my squad was in round 2 of index,my connection was going bad as i could see them teleporting,i opened chat and told them to finish it fast,but before that message went,i got host migrated,then i was in the index on my own and no enemies are spawning,i killed those that were there,but none respawned,when the timer ran out it showed final score 1321 seconds and nothing happened,i thought i would get extracted with round 1 reward,but i had to abort the mission as i was stuck there,also after the timer ran out i became invincible(black he
  11. This has also happened to me twice in the last two days,once i started a public sortie,it showed infinite please wait,i force closed the game using alt f4,yesterday,i was looking to level some gear,started matchmaking for a public hydron lobby,it put me in a squad and started transitioning form the star chart to loading screen,during this transition,it got stuck in a black screen with some of the star chart UI,i was able to see my quests,alerts,void fissure,etc but when i clicked them it said that i cannot start another mission vote while one was in progress,dont know whats causing this,but th
  12. I went to do the kela de thame boss fight as the last nightmare mission,i reaached the pressure plate and shot the thing,cinematic started palying,i skipped it and did the 1st pahse,during the orbital strike phase,i was hitting the things,but nothing was happening,then i remembered that i had to stand on 4 pressure plates and shoot the things while the upper cover was spinning,to my surprise i saw no pressure plates,when the strike ended i saw 4 lights coming from the air and recoginzed that the platforms went invisible,it was a pain to do it 8 times,i had to land on the light which was lookin
  13. Try contacting warframe support here:https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com I also had a launcher issue once and it was fixed by their help via zendesk,it will take them two or three days (or more to reply as a new update just launched) but inform them of the problem and they will try to help
  14. WTS :Amprex Visitox +153.9% base damage +78.1% toxin damage -18.9% reload speed Attica Critades +267.9% critical chance +174.7% status duration -35.8% ammo maximium Feel free to PM your offer in game or reply in this forum
  15. I also had this bug once yesterday,we went to 6 waves no problem,the target stood on some ice/snow and fell through it making us fail the mission,also during that mission,for some reason the target was going to the edges of the map like it was trying to escape from the map,on my 2nd try,the target this time went into the cave and was there the whole mission,while we were doing the mission we got two host migrations almost in a row,after the first host migration,the counter showing the number of waves left froze for me and showed the same number,after the 2nd host migration,the counter refreshe
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