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  1. I'm sure theres already a bunch of grief going around about this, but why in the devils taint would you unvault Chroma so soon? Meanwhile, Zephyr only cut in line by like six places (Mag, Loki, Rhino, Vauban, Ash, Saryn). Where are Mag and Loki? If any attention were paid to prices in secondary markets, you'd see that Mag and Loki are selling for 1500+ platinum each on switch. This cant be what you intended. I get that Switch is the smallest and least important platform, but we deserve a healthy marketplace. #freemagprime #DEpoothebedwithzephyr/chromaunvault
  2. Focus earned during rj missions is not being awarded fully. With an affinity booster, affinity blessing, the stealth kill bonus and affinity bonus bubbles found in mission, the game shows me earning 25-40k per bubble with a lua lens, but at the end of the mission I walk with 50-70k total. I second this. There are abilities that are not working properly in voidstorms. Ivara sleep arrow does nothing to certain corrupted corpus units
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