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  1. EriniyPrime

    Part 1

    This video about how you can animate any warframe for making game videos,anime,memes or dancing videos.Videos short and all models copyrigts beleogs to DE. Dont forget ı am not making any money from videos.I used emty free youtube account for show you how you can.This program name is MMD.You can downoad for free and english version.Its totaly free.Long name is miku miku dance.Its working fine with old pc.If you can play warframe with pc you can run this program. Second video. We wil use 4 program for making anime,animations,artworks and in game videos. I dont created this 3d model but ı wil show you how you can. I am using grafic tablet.Its not normal tablet.Do not try to with normal tablets.Its special for this.I will tell you how you can do with mouse only in pc. First plz lern basic menus about this 4 programs. 1-Photosop 2-Manga Studio 3-MMD 4-Rhinoceros Here some screen shots for beginners.I wil Upload daily 10-20 picure with how to do viddeos and tips. We wil design new warframe for game here. https://ibb.co/tYC38Nn https://ibb.co/30GJQFD https://ibb.co/w4m3vPm https://ibb.co/rmgYCTx
  2. Bir clanım var.Aktif olarak oynuyorum.Clan bana ait değil.Ben sadece üyelerden biriyim.Öyle süper gelişmiş bir clanda değiliz ama gereken herşey var. Oyunda ihtiyaç duyulacak herşey.Kimse kimseye karışmaz.Yada liderimiz öyle diktatör ve kuralcı değildir.Yeni giren biri de olabilirsiniz aktif oyuncuların oynadığı bir clanda gelişmekte isteyebilrsiniz.Oyunla illgili her konuda elimiizden geldiğince yardım ederiz.Dİyelim ki hızlı para kazanmanız gerek yardımcı oluruz.Bir bosumu kesemediniz yardım ederiz.Yada Railjack görevlerine gemimi lazım bir mod mu gerek nerden ne farm yapılır öğrenmekmi istiyorsunuz gibi.Balık tutmakmı gerek gibisinden.Tek yapmanız gereken oyunda bana yazmak.Kalıcı olup olmamak size bağlı.Bir sene önce bir gün girenleri bile atmayız.Ama aktif olarak oyunda beni sürekli görürsünüz.Süreklii yni clanlar kurup onu geliştirmek için farm yaparak zaman harcamak bence boşuna uğraş.Oyunda eğlenmek önemli ki bizde eğlenmek için oynuyoruz.
  3. She dont play with toys.She dont sleep on bed.She dont like me.Why ı am keping her? I gived her best foods.I buyed her beds,toys.She just sont like me :(. https://ibb.co/wypCPw5
  4. I can't find anywhere when I want to join the missions as a crew. No one joins me when I start my own missions.My ship is new so I'm not strong and need help from other players.Or until I get stronger, I need to join the players as crew members and provide the necessary supplies, but there are hardly any other players playing in either case.Players do not play these missions.I can find teammates on every mission I enter to open Relic.This means that players are just playing to farm.Why farm? For better weapons, stronger and more beautiful costumes.Or to prove themselves to everyone.You should go to a design change.A competition must be created between clans and the rewards of this competition must change the game.Regions like PVP games should be added to the railjack map in the game.It will be a system that shows the regions under the management of the clans.In other words, if a clan and ships in a certain region make a lot more according to their scores, the control of that region will be passed to them.This will give the clan players an advantage in all maps where groups in that region are connected. .For example, the clan that keeps the world region under control will receive a 200% increase in all money and resource gain for all its members on each planet.Or clans that keep the Saturn area under control will receive a riven mode every day when they log in.Of course, these are the ideas that come to my mind quickly.More favorable rewards can be set.Since some clans will be much stronger in the game, these regions must be more than one, such as the world1-100.If it can be done between clans, there must be pvp battles to ensure the domination of the regions.For example, clan A is made up of strong players who cannot spare much time for the game but clan B is made up of new players who spare more time for the game.The B clan takes control of the regions because they can perform more missions, but the A clan opens war on them and forcibly takes control of the regions with their ships.These cross-clans wars can take place in ships in space or by ship-to-ship shots.
  5. Unlike all available frames, this warframe can be changed to give body parts different features. Many warframes can use different skins, but this does not affect their abilities. This will be different. For example, when we use head A, our first ability will be control-oriented when we use head B for damage. We can only change them from our arsenal. In addition, this warframe will not carry weapons. All the weapons we want to use will be mounted on the shoulders and arms in the arsenal. Melee weapons will only be added to change the properties of their own special weapon. This weapon will be beam swords that vary according to body parts. Especially its fourth ability will not change depending on body parts. Using this ability will combine with another warframe as a kind of armor and attachment. As the other player receives all the armor and strength we have, we will be able to use our other abilities by sharing the vision of the other player. We can also use our weapons mounted on the other player's shoulders in the same way. In a sense, we will turn ourselves into a sentinel. So it will be a warframe, many parts of which are interchangeable. The rest of the features are pretty easy to set up.
  6. I builded my forma 3 day before.When ı checked ıts not builded..I thing ı forgat to click building.I clicked building again.I played game and did some misisons for 2-3 hour. I checked its not builded or clicked.I clicked again build.1 day later ı checked its not builded.1 day before ı builded one.Today ı used on my Paris prime and lvled my wepon again.I clicked build forma again befoe lvl up my wepon.I checked 3 time I was building.I did some derelic survival for 2 hour when ı come back ıts not builded or clicked.I clicked build again now.I lost 3-4 day becouse someting cancel my clicked forma builds.
  7. EriniyPrime

    End Game

    One video about end game in warframe.I dont have very good mods.I need many wepon,rank up,primed mods etc. My current rank is 13.I am kinda newbie.I am doing dailys,relic runs,farming etc.First of all, since the game is based on continuous farm, many players doing missions very quickly.I generally like to play slowly and carefully.The worst part of the game for me is that almost everyone is super fast.This affects me badly when I play with other players because I like to look around.Especially players with end-game items play incredibly quickly.I have a hard time finding enemies to kill even when I have a sniper gun.I think the abilities that let us kill the enemies on the map or the enemies in a very large area affect the game badly.In other words, it can be said that there is no need for weapons.I think this type of skils should be better adjusted but this is my idea.In addition, the level of difficulty in the game is adjusted by the enemies being more and higher level.I think this is a pretty bad choice.Many players can do millions of damage, and this type of player gets bored with the game over time.This is because even the toughest enemies they may encounter in the game are not difficult for them.But if I encounter the same enemies, for example, I have no chance.Another issue is that some warframes are obviously almost immortal.Rhino can be an example.I think these should be changed in the game.We can play the game alone, or we can play together with other players.Small changes to the designs of the missions and new maps to be added can prevent players from getting bored.For example, the missions should be changed based on team play and warfarme abilities.For example, there must be a new style sp mission.Whichever warframe you play with, lasers should kill you with a single tap. For example, you should have a key that you get from such a tightly protected area.You have to move this key to a specific area, but the player who carries it should not be able to use his abilities and other players have to protect it until he or she goes to the destination.When we arrive at the area we are going to, the spy player should hack various automated defense systems so that we can defend it while protecting it.While all this is happening, a mini bos should appear in a remote part of the map and a player should go hunting boss.Such complex and team-based missions must come in the game.Also, the number of puzzles in lua should be increased.These should be easy but based on teamwork.In addition, add-ons should be made to prevent players from completing missions at super speeds all the time.In the game, it should be more important than the missions of the players to research and carefully play the team by exploring the map.For this, in my opinion, hundreds of small rooms like voult can be added to normal maps.The number of these should be high, and the number of secret rooms requiring puzzles and teamwork should be increased.Scanning enemies and making it automatic should change.Mysteries showing the hidden pictures on the map or keys or clues of various secret rooms should be added.We should only be able to see some of these with scaning area. Take the best mods in the game, be immortal and deal million damage.This should change.
  8. I heard a different voice before entering this field.After hearing the sound, I flew around and entered through a hole just wide enough that the titania could pass.We researched it for a long time, a group of empty caves.I think these caves were deliberately placed here.Because different voices are made especially.If anyone has found these caves before, did they find anything in them, or can someone explain to me why these empty caves were placed?It is quite difficult to find and it is an area that is entered only with titania. https://ibb.co/Snzmt7B https://imgur.com/Zs8Tyo1
  9. We all made some syndicates choices.That's why stalkers are chasing us.A fun and very nice part of the game.In my opinion this can be improved very well.First of all, let's assume that you are in a defense game with random players.While some have made different Syndicates selections, you come together for a purpose.Let's say I am going to play a defense game in the same area.Suddenly the game got me into your game as a stalker.The reason for this is that you are a player who makes a hostile choice with the Syndicates I have chosen.Other players will attack me.My aim is to complete the task that the game gives me.Kill you.In this case, you will have an advantage.I am the only one, you are in a group.To balance this, I can be given extra power while I am stalker.Or stalker players can be given to me.If we fail and die we will not receive a reward as a stalker, but you will get it.On the contrary, if we succeed, we will receive awards and your current mission will fail.For this, it must have different features to be added to the game.You might ask why this is important.No NPC can be as clever as players, and we have more fun when our opponent is clever.Just imagine, playing a short defender game with your friends and four stalker players come and attack you at once.Of course, it can be added to the options for players who do not want it to close .Sorry for my English is not my mother tongue.I am a new player in the game and I think this idea will bring quite a lot of fun to the game.
  10. The aim of everyone I play with in the game is to run as fast as possible and kill as needed.In other words, if they do not need to kill, they will run quickly, but if they have to kill, they do it with appropriate builds for mass murder.The game may have a quick build, but many weapons and warframes in the game are not used for this reason.I have never met anyone playing for fun on the property.Either they kill enemies on the whole map or run fast.Let's say I like playing with sniper rifle, but I have very little chance because of those who clear the entire map before I see enemies.Let's say I want to play with a machine gun, but this is quite difficult due to the focus on close combat in the game.Many weapons are completely useless and are totally stupid to use.The reason why enemies often run towards us is that we constantly go into close combat.Melee weapons have a lot of advantages.The players are two types.Those who run very fast and kill enemies on the map with a single click.What is the knock of a key and kill every enemy without ever moving?Or to be fast as if it was a continuous racing game?What is the purpose of running at the speed of light and not making the slightest interaction with the map?Also, many of the abilities in the game block our view that many of the players use them for bad purposes.The colors of the skills used are deliberately chosen from the colors that will disturb the other players the most.Many players deliberately use their abilities that completely cover our screens and prevent us from seeing anything else in order to disturb other players.The most important thing is that the people who designed it do not care about this issue in the smallest way.I got out of the game because the skils used in many games where I stopped constantly prevented me from seeing anything else on my screen.If I want to see a white glowing screen, I will not play games. Killing enemies in an entire map with a single click, preventing other players from seeing anything.To be fast, to be so fast, to pass the speed of light record.Oh sorry, was this my car racing game?Or how do we add skils to blind players?So what do I do in the game when I can't see anything and there are those who instantly kill all the enemies?Or what do I do with those who run at the speed of light and insult because I am slow when I want to play by enjoying the map and killing enemies?Let me ask a different question, those who design the game are not aware of these problems?
  11. My first choice in the game was to play with volt.I stopped playing as soon as I got the first two prime warframes.For now my rank will be 9 and tomorrow will be 10.Every player I encounter in the game tries to be fast and the general structure of the game is about being fast.You must tell me whether you are teleporting on an open world map or hiting the walls while running in narrow corridors with the speed of light.Our movement mechanics are very good in the game, but the general map structure is preventing this.Whenever I play with other players, I see that they are playing only on speed, instead of aiming or hitting targets regardless of the task.Let's say we are on a defensive mission, but all the players are waiting to kill them as soon as the enemies come out.They usually do this with abilities that kill enemies all over the map, or with swords in their hands very quickly.I am aware that the game is a loot game and a fast action.But many weapons in the game are unnecessary and unusable only for this reason.A player with a sword in his hand can kill enemies much more quickly and easily than a player with a missile launcher.Or another player with advanced modes in the game can kill enemies on the map before you see the enemies.Warframes with the highest armor and defensive capacity in the game can run at the speed of light.Nobody is doing a job division and everyone is concerned about being the fastest.So what is the reason for the rush to do something quickly in narrow corridors with a map structure that is obviously unsuitable for this?Why is a sword preferred over a rifle?Melee weapons are more preferred than ranged weapons.These are the biggest mistakes in the game.After spending a week or two in the game, it gets so boring.I have a spaceship and I'm fighting with a sword in my hand.Moreover, I am traveling by beaming on an open map bu ı m using light spee in narrow coridors. Who is idea ?Why you did maps?Why everyone skip maps?Why knife better than rifle? I wana shoot things with my guns but everything forcing us to sword fight.Mele wepons give defence bonus too.Why?
  12. I entered a clan. A clan with two active players.One is me and the other is the clan leader.One of the most patient and helpful player I have met.I learned everything I know about the game from him.I paid a small amount of real money to the game.My reason for paying money was definitely to save time.I actually bought the things I could have had without paying the game.I can play with Ivaria Prime and Titania Prime from tomorrow morning.I decided not to pay money for long craft times, until I waited, I played to increase experience and level up.I am currently rank 8 but I can be rank 9 in half an hour.I have met many good players in the game. Good-hearted benevolent and team player.In the first days I started the game, I encountered a lot of bad players. I think the community of players is good compared to other online games.Above all, the game is fun in every way.I would like to thank the people who made the game and everyone I have played with until now.I don't really play this type of games.In particular, I tend to PvP focused games rather than PvE oriented.I am no longer a new player.I have many prime weapons, special mods, and experience in the game.Of course, I learned what's what, but not as much as those who have been playing the game for years.I play many online games, but warframe is the game I spend most of my time.I think I will continue playing for years.Thank you for your helpfulness and the opportunity to have fun with you.It is not enough to say thank you, so I decided to make game related posters and share them on the forum.I love you and Ivaria Prime is the best Prime.
  13. I started the game the day before.Before I started, I watched youtube videos and read many wiki pages.My reason for starting the game is just because I want to do pve online, not pvp.There are already three different games that I actively play pvp and its different style has led me to this game.Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a pretty good pvp player, I wanted to relax and play here.I learned a lot about the game before I started the game and, unlike the recommended, I started with volt.I'm currently at the maximum level and I'm doing tasks.I always have problems when I play with other players in the game.Let's say the task is over, but a player does not come to the finish area and dance.Many players are struggling to fail missions, for example.There are those who deliberately try to ring alarms while alarms should not sound, or those who knowingly fail to end the task.I could be max lvl in my first four or five hours in the game.But because of the abundance of this type of players, I stopped many missions.I am a very well-known player in a different game.Pay and play that game.I have to say that this type of behavior has never been observed there.It is immediately punished with a permanent account ban.Nobody has the right to deliberately harm the gamer's experience.This game is a free game, so I think the penalties will not care much.I usually play the game for one person and to say it clearly, the online mode has been rendered unusable by such players.There are troll players in every game.While some games are successful in fighting it, some games don't even care.So this game is free.I don't know if I can keep playing.Even if I don't pay, I can continue a different game where I pay.Why should I deal with this type of player in a game I play to relax?
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