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    This video about how you can animate any warframe for making game videos,anime,memes or dancing videos.Videos short and all models copyrigts beleogs to DE. Dont forget ı am not making any money from videos.I used emty free youtube account for show you how you can.This program name is MMD.You can downoad for free and english version.Its totaly free.Long name is miku miku dance.Its working fine with old pc.If you can play warframe with pc you can run this program. Second video. We wil use 4 program for making anime,animations,artworks and in game videos. I don
  2. She dont play with toys.She dont sleep on bed.She dont like me.Why ı am keping her? I gived her best foods.I buyed her beds,toys.She just sont like me :(. https://ibb.co/wypCPw5
  3. I can't find anywhere when I want to join the missions as a crew. No one joins me when I start my own missions.My ship is new so I'm not strong and need help from other players.Or until I get stronger, I need to join the players as crew members and provide the necessary supplies, but there are hardly any other players playing in either case.Players do not play these missions.I can find teammates on every mission I enter to open Relic.This means that players are just playing to farm.Why farm? For better weapons, stronger and more beautiful costumes.Or to prove themselves to everyone.You should
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