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  1. Restarting mission and game doesn’t fix this
  2. Go to the controls section of settings and go all the way down, it should say centred crosshair (mouse)
  3. This is nice and all, but when can we expect mouse and keyboard to function properly? its incredibly broken atm
  4. Over the past month or so i've been investigating mouse and keyboard not working properly and have figured out some things that dont work issues in settings: 1. keybinds cannot be changed in any way shape or form 2. the (controller) at the end of the sensitivity settings indicates that there are also mouse sensitivity options and that they are split, but changing the controller sensitivity also affects the mouse and there are no mouse sensitivity settings 3. there is a centered crosshair setting all the way at the bottom of controls, for both controller and mouse (which works and is split), again indicating that there should be mouse and keyboard settings ingame issues: 1. gearwheel cannot be navigated, meaning only slot 1 can be used 2. same goes for emote menu 3. corpus hacking is completely impossible UI issues: 1. tooltips dont update when using mouse and keyboard, meaning you will always see the controller tooltips, no matter what you do 2. the news/patchnotes/prime access screen cannot be navigated with mouse and keyboard in any way 3. it is impossible to use the chat during loading screens with mouse and keyboard if i missed any issues, please inform me
  5. recently i decided to do some missions using only my operator, but when doing so, i found out that waypoints (edit: don't) get removed while in operator mode, so when i was doing earth sabotage, i had 2 yellow markers at the toxin mixer and cartridge that wouldnt go away, even if i went back into my warframe. this isnt limited to sabotage however, since assassination and railjack missions also have this issue in the exact same way. i'm not sure about other mission types since these are the only ones i tested it on
  6. i recently got a proper amp and decided to test it against bosses. when doing so i did not receive a single of the usual transmissions from the target and the lotus and when going back into my warframe, those transmissions did appear
  7. darn it. really sucks given that there is an option all the way at the bottom of controls that is mouse specific and works
  8. How does one change keybinds and get gearwheel and corpus hacking to work properly with mouse and keyboard on PS4?
  9. Just a random question, when can we expect the ability to change mouse and keyboard keybinds?
  10. I used to have my 1st gear item bound to swipe up on the touch pad but recently changed it, and the tooltip for swipe up hasn’t gone away in the gear wheel (functionality has)
  11. So I was just doing some SU bounties to get some debt bonds and several times during that stage where you have to investigate SU bodies I get teleported back to a previous position (in the enrichment lab in my case) if I do the last body (haven’t tried doing it with other bodies) while in operator mode.
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