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  1. Quality over quantity, and for quite some time, DE has been doing quantity over quality, and it shows. There are a load of easy to reproduce and overly obvious bugs, not to mention the lacklustre steel path rewards
  2. And yet not a word on these blatant issues.... (waypoint one was taken before this update but the issue persists altho in a bit lesser capacity (defence waypoints and destruction waypoints appear to disappear properly now) you can reproduce this by running any sabotage mission with only your operator). And there are still no boss related voice lines whatsoever when running assassination missions with only operator. DE, please. Fix your game
  3. I’d sure love to play steel path with mouse and keyboard. DE, please, it’s been years. Please give us PS4 players the option to properly use mouse and keyboard
  4. Sorry mate... it’s impossible. Closest you can get to playing on a PC with your PS4 save is using mouse and keyboard, if it worked properly that is
  5. There is nothing to grind in railjack other than parts. Running a single earth proxima mission in which you break every asteroid is enough to sustain your titanium and asterside or whatever it was called for a while and trachons accumulate over time (relatively fast) for when you need them
  6. I honestly don’t know for sure how much I have right now, but it’s at least a few thousand. How I did it was by just playing gian point a fair bit (it’s my favourite veil mission) with no resource boosters. They have a guaranteed drop from EXO ramsleds but it’s far from the only source of the things. It is also a drop in other railjack regions and not only the veil, but it’s rarer there. They have a chance of dropping when destroying fighters if I recall correctly, just like all other resources
  7. Brief respite is a popular option for squishy frames and in combination with shield gating allows for amazing tankyness. So as Magus_Tahir said, it all depends on what weapons you use and how you mod everything
  8. What? Throw adaptation on protea, cast her shield nates and there you go, a makeshift tank with rechargeable overshields. And it seriously doesn’t all come down to health, it also comes down to how you use a frame
  9. Must be bugged. There should never be a bleed out in arbitration
  10. Always nice to see I’m not the only person that wants to see this change
  11. While nice that we are getting new content, when can we PS4 players expect mouse and keyboard support? Mouse and keyboard has been broken for years and still there has been no action towards fixing it
  12. Among a multitude of other issues. DE, where TF is our mouse and keyboard support after years?
  13. This. It’s been years since the release of warframe on PS4 and STILL this is an issue
  14. Absolutely no problem. I really wish I could use mouse and keyboard as well. Can’t aim well with controller lol
  15. This has been broken for years. I myself reported this issue in the bug tracker a while back. I 100% agree that this needs to be fixed, but given the fact that it’s been literal years, I don’t have too much hope for it. I will definitely support a push for a fix for this if it happens. I’m sorry for having to tell you this news
  16. Restarting mission and game doesn’t fix this
  17. Go to the controls section of settings and go all the way down, it should say centred crosshair (mouse)
  18. This is nice and all, but when can we expect mouse and keyboard to function properly? its incredibly broken atm
  19. Over the past month or so i've been investigating mouse and keyboard not working properly and have figured out some things that dont work issues in settings: 1. keybinds cannot be changed in any way shape or form 2. the (controller) at the end of the sensitivity settings indicates that there are also mouse sensitivity options and that they are split, but changing the controller sensitivity also affects the mouse and there are no mouse sensitivity settings 3. there is a centered crosshair setting all the way at the bottom of controls, for both controller and mouse (which works and is split), again indicating that there should be mouse and keyboard settings ingame issues: 1. gearwheel cannot be navigated, meaning only slot 1 can be used 2. same goes for emote menu 3. corpus hacking is completely impossible UI issues: 1. tooltips dont update when using mouse and keyboard, meaning you will always see the controller tooltips, no matter what you do 2. the news/patchnotes/prime access screen cannot be navigated with mouse and keyboard in any way 3. it is impossible to use the chat during loading screens with mouse and keyboard if i missed any issues, please inform me
  20. recently i decided to do some missions using only my operator, but when doing so, i found out that waypoints (edit: don't) get removed while in operator mode, so when i was doing earth sabotage, i had 2 yellow markers at the toxin mixer and cartridge that wouldnt go away, even if i went back into my warframe. this isnt limited to sabotage however, since assassination and railjack missions also have this issue in the exact same way. i'm not sure about other mission types since these are the only ones i tested it on
  21. i recently got a proper amp and decided to test it against bosses. when doing so i did not receive a single of the usual transmissions from the target and the lotus and when going back into my warframe, those transmissions did appear
  22. darn it. really sucks given that there is an option all the way at the bottom of controls that is mouse specific and works
  23. How does one change keybinds and get gearwheel and corpus hacking to work properly with mouse and keyboard on PS4?
  24. Just a random question, when can we expect the ability to change mouse and keyboard keybinds?
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