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  1. the whole dendra set is just the shoulders and legs, they're not broken up into left and right so they filled in with 2 other items. More is better, no?
  2. Honestly, I don't disagree but then the overall look isn't really my thing in the first place. Since you actually set each side independently, I kind of wish they just made 2 versions of these asymmetric sets and let us mix and match as we want. There are a few asymmetric sets I wish were symmetric (or at least had the left shoulder available for the right when trying to make a different look or vice versa), and often I mix and match sets if I want an asymmetric look anyway. Since you can freely mix and match left and right sides of these sets, the asymmetric quality of these sets isn't d
  3. I don't think there's anything to fix here. Not all armors are symmetric; there's plenty of shoulder guards that are asymmetric, it makes sense that they have a couple of leg guards that are similarly asymmetric.
  4. Too many people have no idea you don't have to pay for Ignis Wraith, and too many people are trying to prey on the ignorant. For anybody reading this who thinks you have to pay anything for an ignis wraith, please go here: Ignis Wraith Supply Center on Reddit There are a couple of rules, but they're either there because of DE's MR requirements/trading mechanics or to put this weapon in as many hands as possible for free (or as close to free as possible factoring in trade taxes).
  5. stream @7 EST: Last week it was at 6 because they didn't want to overlap with the VGAs.
  6. Sorry, I think I'm not expressing myself clearly. I'm saying I'm more willing to believe that my information is incomplete than I am to believe that you are being willfully ignorant, despite you being "some internet rando". I believe you, and I think there's another factor I don't know about that could be contributing to the issue. In short, I'm on your side, and trying (but failing) to echo your point. I have a laundry list of potential failure points, and they're clearly not covering whatever your case is. There has to be a better way, some further clarity/transparency is needed.
  7. Honestly, I'm more willing to believe my extensive list of things that can go wrong with a drop is incomplete than someone clearly frustrated with lack of drops legitimately looking at a potential problem that's easy to check and fix and is yet unwilling to give it a try. I hope they get you sorted.
  8. the official warframe stream. https://www.twitch.tv/warframe
  9. Did you verify you could see your name in the list of chat users? Because that's the list they use to check who's watching. Twitch will randomly just not show you in the list even when you're happily throwing out messages in chat. It doesn't matter if you're showing online and not away, muting/volume definitely doesn't matter, but you do have to be logged in on the Twitch account linked to the desired WF account and you do have to show up in the list of chat users, which most of the time just works.... until it doesn't, Twitch can still just randomly bug out and not show you in the chat user l
  10. There's so many things that can go wrong. Sometimes something is messed up in the Twitch API and nobody gets anything, like the case of last Tuesday. Sometimes the link gets corrupted - not sure what causes this, but it happens sometimes. Solution is to unlink (from both sides!) and re-link. Important to follow the steps you can find on the support page. Sometimes the twitch page glitches out for whatever reason and the user doesn't show up in the list of chat users. I've had that happen where I had to log out and back in and kill and reopen the page a few times before it regist
  11. Nah, every time they do these RNG drops dupes can happen.
  12. yeah, it's... weird. I'm in Pacific time (GMT-8, so 3 hours behind DE's Easter Time, which is GMT-5) and the Wednesday and Thursday streams are at the right time (7AM PT/10AMET and , but the Monday stream is showing an hour early (9AM, when 1PM ET is 10AM PT) and Tuesday is showing an hour late (2PM, when 4PM ET is 1PM PT). Today's starts an hour early, of course, but unless it starts at 12ET each week going forward - for two hours, at that - it's messed up.
  13. I'm not really sure what you wanted them to do. You didn't actually watch the stream or you'd know that the drops broke because of a problem on the Twitch side of things. Nobody got the drop, and they're re-running the drop next week. All this was revealed in the Tuesday stream. There is literally nothing DE support can do for you. The problem wasn't on DE's end, so there's nothing for them to troubleshoot. They know what the problem was, and it's already being addressed. There is zero reason for this ticket to remain open.
  14. Receiver (yesterday) was a problem on the Twitch side. Nobody got it and DE is re-running it next week. Today's drop worked, so I'd try unlinking and relinking your account.
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