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  1. no, they're doing more streams than usual right now because of QTCC. Devstream will probably be announced for the last Friday of the month.
  2. I really do hate the RNG grab bags. I guess this is just how they're done now. 4 bags so far, 4 argon pegmatite. The only one I'm really interested/didn't have yet in is the eidolon deco. Sigh.
  3. Each drop is a random item from the list. You don't know what you're going to get, it's all RNG with no duplicate protection so you could get 5 different things or 5 of the same thing... you don't know. That's what they mean by "grab bag". You have to claim your drop before you start accumulating time on your next drop. You cap out at 5 drops on the week. There's no scheduled stream today - last one was yesterday (Thursday).
  4. There's the Spanish warframeinternational stream at noon PST on Wednesday (whatever that is in your time zone), but otherwise nope. That's it.
  5. and there's technically a 5th scheduled stream, if you include warframeinternational, since the progress carries over between the two. That's a wednesday stream at noon PST (whatever that is in your time zone).
  6. I also miss deterministic drops. If you're looking to skip more streams, though, at least with the grab bags you get 10 opportunities in a week (assuming no dev stream) to get your max 5 bags, since they drop every 30 minutes and are not limited to once per stream. But for real, screw grab bags with only a few chances to get the thing you're actually interested in. I'd care a lot less if it's a grab bag where you get them every 20 or 30 minutes across the whole directory with no limits like they did with the Deimos prex cards. If you don't get what you want, you can keep trying. With only 5 chances, though, odds are you're missing something and you don't have the option to keep trying, you're just SOL.
  7. you... have 5 drops with a lot of duplicates. It's a grab bag. You're not guaranteed to get everything, that's why everyone hates grab bags. Ones like this aren't terrible, but it's really bad when there's like one really important thing that everyone wants (thinking back to the grab bag with the Basmu blueprint that isn't readily available) and even with 5 shots, there's lots of people that lose out.
  8. yes, you watch on Twitch for Loki and the gunblade. No purchase necessary, just have to link your Twitch account to your Warframe account. To get the sword skin and the armor, you have to be in game in the relay. Last year, they had a separate relay from the one you had to pay for that Baro shows up at, so you could sit in there during Tennolive for those cosmetics without buying anything. I'd expect it to be the same this year
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