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  1. Which is why I want more players to run it.
  2. This sounds okay. At least some type of option to recover. I can res my friends, but not my pet? Come on DE.
  3. Outside of that fun explosive build, I've stopped playing her until she gets some tweaks.
  4. More players need to run corrosive projection. Stop going into high level missions with energy siphon, rejuvenation, and physique. Those mods are for new players.
  5. I'm sick of people killing themselves on purpose just to get their pet resed or leaving the mission. "Sorry my pet died I'm leaving". If the only constraint that is keeping them from continuing play is their pet dying that is pretty lame. It forces people to play tanky frames so their pet doesn't die. Limiting frame options is never a good thing especially in higher level content. Pets provide a ton of utility like enemy radar and fetch. Without fetch a good amount of frames can't continue because they won't be able to get energy orbs.
  6. Maybe they should make condition overload benefit heavy attacks twice as much or something. Food for thought.
  7. The armor stripping is too much of a pain to use. You have to be above 85% on the redline and then cast his #3 twice. So you have to basically use 200 energy and run around for awhile before you can even do it. As soon as your #4 runs out you have to recast it and run around again. If you're using his #2 there is a good chance you'll drop below 85% and it won't be effective. Meanwhile Hildryn is over here just spamming her #2 and healing herself to full and stripping most of the armor off. Either make his #2 90% DR at max and not drain the redline meter or remove the redline meter from the armor stripping equation all together. Allow us to just hit #3 twice to strip armor.
  8. Wukong went from feeling downright overpowered to feeling boring and slow. They nerfed the speed his speed to win moves at, his range, and his damage. I've got several melee weapons that outperform it. Until his staff gets some buffs I'm not going to bother with him anymore. The only reason I might still use him is for his speed with his #2 ability. The other melee exalted weapons(except for titania) don't feel nearly as bad as wukong. Baruuk and valkyr are at least usable.
  9. It says 250k because you get 250k without a booster, but the OP had a booster active so he should've gotten 500k. When he killed the lich he expected to get his 500k back. Guess that means you need to kill the lich before doing index if hes on that planet.
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