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  1. Actually come to think of it, @[DE]Danielle, are multiple screenshots (Be it one arsenal and another captura, or like my post with a front & back view) within the criteria to be considered? Assuming all the person's screenshots are within the same post, and that they haven't made multiple separate posts or used more than one fashion-frame look. Given what someone else mentioned about if they were potentially disqualifying themselves or not, I thought it would be important to get that straightened out :] (Also, if multiple images aren't allowed, would it be alright if I edited my own post to get rid of the backview of Mirage Umbra, or is that already too late? Same question goes for others who may need to correct their posts to qualify) No super rush, but it might help everyone to know about that!
  2. Considering Operators don't have absolute customization, I wanted to go with my favorite frame: Mirage Umbra! (Technically she's only a prime, but this loadout has umbrified her: http://warframe-builder.com/s/be12e8d40dd7e5fe (There's no downsides with this build, if anyone wants to try it)) I have a front view & a backside view (To see the full look!); I thought it would help panel viewers to see what Armor / Syandana she has. The first four colors are her personally changed colors ( Palettes: Smoke, Lotus, Classic Saturated, and Orokin). The emissive and Energy colors are au naturel :] Details not seen in arsenal UI: - Left shoulder: Scarlet Spear Operations III Emblem - Right shoulder: Glassmaker Emblem - Front sigil: Empyrean Sigil - Back sigil: Champion Sigil
  3. I'm pretty sure that Chroma's chassis will be updated with a different Prime frame's chassis or equivalent part after he leaves :] As far as a prime weapon goes, I'm hoping eventually there'll be a Lesion Prime to go with Nidus! (I usually go with Mirage or a different prime depending on the mission, but hypothetically a Nidus Prime would be best with a Lesion for the primed melee, and quite some time back I heard from a friend that it could be a reality when that happens)
  4. Hi all, Gamer-Steve here. It's been some time since this happened to me, but during the recent affinity boost a week or two ago (While I had my own booster as well) I encountered an unexpected mission failure after a very successful mission was done. The title sums it up, but what mainly happened is that I had fully Ranked up Vauban Prime (For more Forma) and two other weapons or so, and finished the third with a few hundred-thousand affinity during one of the last nodes in Earth Proxima, & gathered a large amount of resources from a Missile platform / captain (The first I ever encountered coincidentally), etc.. As far as I can recall, I was playing the mission in Solo matchmaking, and started it from the Railjack (After taking the Orbiter's elevator) itself, and not via the dojo, if it's relevant. However, after this great run, and I got a mission success screen and it showed all the good things, since there's no way to specifically return to where the orbiter is, I thought I'd save a trip and go on ahead to Iron Wake rather than the scenic route of visiting the dojo, then go to Iron Wake. Big mistake. As soon as I set foot in Iron Wake: MISSION FAILURE immediately after loading into the area. I lost all the resources, and most of the affinity. Since then I was able to make the progress back up and get plenty of the resources again, but it was pretty disappointing when that occurred. Until it can be fixed, I just wanted to put the word out there that this can happen! I don't think it's specifically a Nintendo Switch exclusive bug, but it did happen on the switch, which is why I put it here. Also because I haven't played Warframe on the other systems, so I'm not sure if this can happen on them or not. Misinformation never helps anyone :] That being said, has this happened to anyone else, either on the Switch or other consoles or PC? If so, did Iron Wake fail your mission, or was it a different area? I'm just curious, in case there's a way to gather this info for DE to help them fix it!
  5. Nice, that's a big help :] I've got about half of them scanned currently, and 12-4 (If I remember correctly) may be up on a ledge in one of the remastered rooms, unless the ice planets weren't affected by the remaster (I haven't seen the whole tileset yet, today was kinda busy). According to the update notes, it sounds like the previously existing Corpus Captura scenes (Like the ones from Sanctuary Onslaught) were basically changed directly, so I suppose the originals don't exist to visit anymore. Unless someone were to recreate them in a dojo somehow.
  6. That's true. There was the Gas City remaster, after all. Maybe the Kurias would be in slightly different places depending on the area.
  7. Hi there, Gamer-Steve here. I intended to ask this question in the main thread for the Deadlock Protocol announcement (Which was updated to show June 11th as the release day!), but for some odd reason, I was unable to post a reply to that thread. I thought the next best thing would be to make a thread for it so that everyone and any DE staff could provide some insight into this. As far as Captura scenes go, I'd understand if they would be updated within players' inventories or something (Especially if that happened before for other tilesets), but I thought it may be a nice idea if they could remain as some legacy captura scenes, while any new corpus captura scenes could be named accordingly to distinguish them from the past ones. I suppose that leaves Kurias, most significantly. Might there be any insight on this?
  8. (Small situation update!) Well, mostly a discovery i think. I've managed to log onto this "new" account via my Nintendo switch itself, so it may be that my Mobile Warframe account was outdated in some way. It is still connected to my Switch progress of course, but considering the fact that my own console logged into this account after being redirected from the Nintendo sign-in, maybe what needs to happen is along the lines of resetting my mobile warframe app, so it can re-link to this new account and (If the "actual" account I originally made on the forum is no longer connected to my switch) possibly merge the old forum account's info to this one, or sever it's connection with my phone, so my phone and console will rely on the accidental new account (More bold letters due to inability to turn it off on Switch touchscreen) from then on. It may leave the original account sitting in place without any further actions unless it were (For a figure of speech) Valence Fused into this one, or done away with. I'm mainly hoping for a way to determine which account will not harm the in-game progress by getting deleted or merged. I'll update the support ticket later today with this sudden discovery :]
  9. Hi, I've been waiting on a support ticket throughout the week, but I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this particular thing before? I'm making sure to keep both accounts from benefiting on the forums from one another (Quoting the original, actual account above would only send it a notice of being quoted), but what I'm hoping for is that when the Tennocon 2020 glyph is added to the forums, I can safely delete the newer account (The one which began the thread), and then re-log into my actual forum account on the computer. As of yesterday, I've confirmed that I can currently only access my actual forum account (The one which is quoted in the post) through my phone whenever I go into the forums through google, or the Warframe Mobile app. Currently, when I get onto the forums on the computer here at home, it logs into the newer account. There was a brief time that I noticed the "(NSW)" was missing from this new account's name, so (Can't remember 100%) I may have accidentally made a PC forum account and upon logging in with the Switch button on the website, it became a second Switch forum account. I'm hoping that since this accidental new account is not affecting my in-game progress, it can be deleted, and maybe restore access (Via computer) to my actual forum account, so that I can use it without needing my phone. Any thoughts or community / staff feedback will help for sure! Let me know if any other info is relevant.
  10. Hey @[DE]Helen, this is a bit awkward (I know this isn't the ideal place to ask about it, but it's one of the few places I know I previously posted in). I signed out from the account in the forums and had tried to sign back in (I kinda succeeded it seems), but now it's become a whole separate account, since my actual profile is shown earlier on in the thread with the Baro Ki'teer glyph. Do you have an idea on how to relog back to that account and reset the glyph? (I purchased the digital 2020 pack and changed the glyph, but that eventually led to this predicament) (Edit 05-18-2020) At first this new account may have been a PC one, as the (NSW) was missing from the username until after I logged into the official Warframe website a bit ago, and re-accessed the forums from that. I submitted a support ticket and provided contact information along with it just now.
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