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  1. You need to write your request to Warframe support: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  2. We’ve also made changes to Nightwave based on your feedback! Removed the “Guild a Modular Weapon” Act Reduced the “Forma” Act requirements from 3 Forma to 1 Reduced the “Silver Grove Specter” Act requirements from 3 kills to 1 Kuva is now always available in Nora’s Offerings 🙂
  3. For now the expiration date is Monday 20 January 2020 00:00:00 ( but could be a placeholder ) source http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/worldState.php
  4. are you sure it's not the 4000 endo?
  5. the drones get stuck and die at one point on the map, you can find them a pile of virtus
  6. It drops, I found all 3 pieces a month ago Xiphos Avionics 46 run 2 x Xiphos Engines 104 run Xiphos Fuselage 103 run
  7. Gear is stored on local file %localappdata%\warframe
  8. https://web.archive.org/web/20190829214155/https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1123841-saint-of-altra-update-2570/ It wasn't crossed.
  9. I think I didn't explain myself well. Disruption event "Pack Hunters" it means conduit effects (Not on Operation: Hostile Mergers) they can still be obtained now.
  10. Topic is hard to read with dark theme. For Hyekka on disruption event "Pack Hunters" let's destroy the terminal and they start to spawn.
  11. 2 records on table Neo T2 Relic Sedna Berehynia (Interception) Rotation A Pluto Cerberus (Interception) Rotation A Event: Eris/Sporid (Interception) Rotation A Event: Eris/Phalan (Interception) Rotation A Eris/Xini (Interception) Rotation A Axi P2 Relic Sedna Berehynia (Interception) Rotation B Pluto Cerberus (Interception) Rotation B Event: Eris/Sporid (Interception) Rotation B Event: Eris/Phalan (Interception) Rotation B Eris/Xini (Interception) Rotation B https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html
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