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  1. Linked. Tried to claim. Says successfully claimed. Received nothing. Is there a delay of some sort? Twitch drops usually require me to run a mission before they appear in my Inbox, but that did not work in this case. Edit: If anyone else runs into this issue, quitting the game and relaunching worked for me.
  2. I'm sorry. But I'm not sure I understand. If this is not a Staus Proc, what is it? It needs to fit into one of the existing damage types in the game, correct? It can deal direct damage, elemental damage (which is technically only direct damage unless it causes a Status Proc), and damage from a Status Proc. If it's not a Status Proc, but Iron Skin blocks it, what is it? After all Iron Skin blocks incoming damage and Status Effects. The way Negation Swarm reads, it should do the same?
  3. So, I've been playing about a year and have found the forums and the wiki a blessing as the game makes no attempts to explain itself. (But it's so much fun!) I've been having fun with Helminth recently and have been experimenting with builds for Inaros in the least few weeks. I was attempting to use the Negation Swarm augment and the Rage mod for one of those builds. Rage to convert all Health damage to energy, and Negation Swam originally intended as a means to block Ancient Disruptors Energy Drain. I was under the assumption that was a Magnetic Proc, that was draining all energy. Especially considering Iron Skin blocked it (I played Rhino for a good long time in the beginning, after Excalibur and before Wukong became my main). But Negation Swarm seems to have no effect on the energy draining attacks of Ancient Disruptors. Is this a bug? The Augment is supposed to block all Status Procs at the cost of 3% armor per block, but even though I'm losing the appropriate 3% I'm also still losing all my energy. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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