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  1. Can confirm this as well. It's like their textures suddenly drop off, but they still track collisions and damage properly.
  2. Let them fix Merulina getting out of level geometry. Just today when I took her to RJ survival Merulina broke through the textures so hard I found myself outside of the ship with no way in. And that was without putting speed mods on it - imagine how bad it could get otherwise.
  3. I noticed that on Void Storm Survival only the first relic gives void traces at the opening. All subsequent ones give their contents but no extra traces for unlocking them. Please fix.
  4. That's because you got them before DE fixed that system.
  5. If you want more constructive help provide more details.
  6. Seems less like a bug per ce and more like an oversight, but what the title says. When an enemy is shaking as a part of an electric proc you cannot perform Mercy on them, even if they're ready and open for it and you're pressing the button right in their face nothing happens. You have to wait until they stop shaking and the animation is done, and only after that will your command to do a mercy register and go through. Needless to say it's very annoying, doubly so when you notice that the flailing animation from Fire proc does not prevent Mercy. It must be an animation issue, since I noticed that certain enemies are invulnerable to Mercy during ceratin attack and abilities animations as well. In fact, I'd go as far as to ask if enemies were vulnerable to Mercy at all time, it overriding all animations, but barring that at least make it so that it can still be done during Electric procs.
  7. As per the topic title. I'm using an AW weapon on foot as a frame and I noticed that status procs from it do not trigger the Growing Power aura effect. Please make it so they would.
  8. I'll fix it for you - Warframe Community is not a PvP-oriented community. That's the core of it. This game just doesn't attract the kind of crowd that is willing to apply themselves to it. And because of DE's development paradigm they don't dedicate resources to parts of the game that do not attract people, which traps Conclave in a vicious circle. They got rid of Raids because they couldn't fix all the bugs and exploits that kept popping up.
  9. Maybe replace nulls with techs? Outside of their bubbles nulls aren't difficult to take out, so Mercy is redundant on them.
  10. Because I can't, ok? If just moving files were feasible I would've done so myself, I don't need advice on how to do that. Such were the conditions I had to deal with. I asked a very specific question: "How to get to install WF into a specific folder instead of whatever it defaults to?" You, instead of answering that, or even asking clarifying questions, started addressing an issue that was irrelevant in this case, and that could not be used to solve it anyway. What stopped you from telling this at once? Because this actually helped. Or rather, while I was getting to it I found another way to solve the problem without potentially messing up my registry even further. So it was at least a nudge in the right direction. So thank you for that, really. But why did I have to insult you to get to this stage? When you're being asked question A and give an answer to question B in response, you're not being helpful.
  11. Useless advice, if I could do that I already would have. Anyone with an actual solution?
  12. After a recent Win10 hiccup I had to reinstall a bunch of programs including WF. I'm using the .msi file downloaded off this site - and I remember that back in the day when you started it you actually picked the installation folder before you proceeded. Now the installer without asking me proceeds to put everything in the user documents folders on C, where I don't want to have it. What is wrong with the file and how do I get it to install the game where I want it to be?
  13. During my latest sortie my RJ caught an electric malfunction, and I immediately caught the UI disruption effect. The problem is that at that moment I was aboard a Corpus Crewship. It doesn't seem intended that consequences of malfunctions on your ship follow you outside of it, so please fix.
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