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  1. All that comes to mind for me is Kitframes
  2. In terms of requirements MR 14 unlocks the highest MR type of weapons and MR 16 allows the highest MR of Riven mods. MR is not a measure of skill, only a measure of how many things you've gathered in the game in terms of frames, weapons, companions and so on. It'd be better if they renamed it to HR (Hoard Rank) or FR (Farm Rank). If you like to stick to a few basic weapons you can definitely do that and not get higher MR. Note that Mastery Rank requirements do not always mean better weapons. But in general Prime, Vandal or Prisma versions of weapons do have a higher MR requirement th
  3. You'd be right if you weren't completely wrong. There is always someone on the market selling this one for 3-4 plat. Always. Chances you bump into someone offering this for free in game is very high as well.
  4. I got it to work in the end. I use a controller so the explanations aren't always in line with how these things work. I think the interface bugged out on me the first time I tried it which is why I was frustrated. It's actually not that difficult to do. :D
  5. The only thing I think is annoying is that some things don't work vs the weak parts. Even some weapons like the Convectrix can't break them. But usually one or two melee hits take care of them so I've never been bothered by them. They're not a big deal. I also don't go stealth kill farming as that is too braindead for me. I'd have been burned out on this game long ago if I followed all the "most efficient ways to do X" vids out there. What I do find strange is that these things still spawn after you complete Nightwave. Seems they should not be according to the story.
  6. Well this worked for you. It doesn't work for me. After hours and hours on Cambion Drift I only found 2. I usually check every time I go to Cambion Drift when I do bounties, but I never see them spawning. Dev stream stated they will fix some of the issues with these spawning or not. I myself got them with the lures each and every time. No issues. Took me like 30 minutes to get a whole bunch that way.
  7. Yup. inspect the clues more closely
  8. Yea it's a bug. I had it as well a while back. I could go upside down with the camera, but not up more than 50% of the screen. Still playable, but a bit annoying. It's fixed once you exit.
  9. My Lambeo MOA Master Oakley Abernathy wants a Moustache. Why are there no MOA Moustaches? I demand a moustache for my MOA!
  10. Blade looks best when using a dark color. It's the secondary color. Using anything else makes it look ugly. You can still use your fashion colors, as long as you keep the blade itself dark. The issue lies I think not even in the color of the blade itself, but the energy and emissive colors don't seem to accept every color as effectively. When I made a white blade with dark emissive and energy the color of the blade stayed white. But when I made a black blade with yellow/golden colors it showed perfectly.
  11. They spawn in the air. Not near the point where you lure them. You have to get up and use your archwing. I had a hard time finding them when I started, but they spawned regularly using the lure. I even found two random spawns in the same area. Got lucky. The random spawns are unreliable. I saw some posts and youtube vids where people claim to farm them by flying around. That never worked for me. I find them around the Cerebrum Magna. There's a lure point there as well.
  12. This bug has existed since forever. No fix. If you want to redo a bounty with a console part, best to re-enter Fortuna. Sometimes the game doesn't register a restart and leaves the console already hacked.
  13. You could try to talk to Saya directly as well. She's somewhere in Cetus. I think you can find her if you follow where Konzu is looking. She's somewhere behind all the tents on the edge of town. Other than that I don't know what to say.
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