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  1. Hah!. MR stands for Mastery Rank. It's a rank you gain by levelling up weapons, frames and companions among other things. This rank is displayed on your own profile, including the amount of points you need for the next rank. Each rank requires you to do a Mastery Rank Test which utilizes game knowledge and skills to complete and be able to move to the next rank. If you're not familiar with this, then I would guess you're at MR1 :)
  2. Would be too much to share here as there's tons of weapons. But if you tell me your MR I can have a look. Don't worry, even though the aura mods that are available cycle every week, they will all become available again. So if you cannot buy them now you will always be able to get the later. The only thing you need to be aware of is that nightwave credits are removed from your inventory when this "season" ends. That will be announced by DE so not to worry, you will not miss it by mistake if you play regularly (like at least once per week).
  3. Melee is really strong at any point in the game. Guns do require some investment to become good. For me, I had a hard time killing stuff the further I got with the weapons I had. I played most of the time with the Karak and after that the Baza. While the Baza is a good rifle, it's not good to deal with crowds. I would suggest you look at the Atomos (MR5). It's really strong, especially vs infested. If you're interested in some advice on which weapon would be good at what MR unlock, I have a list of weapons per rank.
  4. A lot of survivability also comes from movement like dodging and such. Europe and Jupiter should not "hard"-require that much investment in a frame. The way you play and use your abilities can make a big difference.
  5. Not sure what you're refering to though. To build it the weapon costs 5 mutagen mass, 50K salvage, 5K circuits and a forma. I'm not sure on what planet those things would take more than an hour to get if you really go for it.
  6. I really like the armor. The ephemera, not so much. That's like a huge virtual chastity belt that hides your entire frame. Not sure who came up with that, but they must have been intoxicated.
  7. You mean you have your own clan and want to get it through there? I mean... that's like masochism and in no way necessary. There's plenty of clans you can join that have no requirements. Building the thing requires 5 mutagen mass and a bunch of common resources.
  8. Even if they had an advertisement there for a year it'd still be a fraction of the cost of servers to host Warframe for the same amount of time. Are you serious though? I mean what you're saying makes no sense. You'll definitely not be playing with me or anyone else in Europe/North America without any form of heavy latency. You're looking at between 150 and 300 ping which is definitely noticable. Your internet may be ok from a local perspective, but Warframe is International and can connect people from all over the world. There's no such thing as local "servers" or some such.
  9. Hema has really no hard to get requirements. Are you confusing it with something else? If you've played for a bit you should have all the components. This weapon requires no farming at all...
  10. No problem. Since you're starting out I wouldn't worry much about optimizing everything. There's a lot of different frames and weapons out there and only a few you will find to be to your liking that you want to spend more precious resources like orokin reactors/catalysts on. I played most of my early time without any of those on my weapons and frames. For more help on modding I would suggest to follow one of the many guides. Leyzar has some good guides and he's laid back and fun to watch: This one is about weapons, but it covers a lot of things about modding in gener
  11. Heya, welcome to Warframe. Mods use up mod points on frames or weapons. This is called "drain". You can get more points by levelling up a frame to level 30 (max points). But aside from that there's two more way to increase the amount of points. Equip an Aura mod. Aura mods do not drain, but actually add capacity. If the aura mod is slotted into a matching mod type (polarity) then you double this increase. You can double the mod capacity of any frame or weapon by slotting an Orokin Catalyst or Orokin reactor in them. You can get these in nightwave or pay 20 for them.
  12. I pick whatever I want to do and if I get bored I go do something else. This also means I will likely take more time getting something than the real grinders out there. But meh, I generally always have fun playing which to me is the key part. I know that eventually I'll get that next frame or weapon. I don't need it now or tomorrow. Khora's pretty easy to get actually. Just play a bit of Sanctuary Onslaught and you should be good. I've been fairly lucky with my drops in general though so I'm not a good reference for how grindy things can get. I think I played SO about 8 times and got all
  13. Yea... people are not going to care.
  14. Have you been buying Weapon slots, warframe slots or companion slots? Or perhaps, and the most likely, been rushing things in the foundry?
  15. Things coming from outside the current solar system is always an option. The current setup and something from outside aren't mutually exclusive. The only downside is if they introduce something intricate then it would make everything a lot more complicated.
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