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  1. Actually probably easier in coop as you get to oneshot the Resonators if you're not the host as they only scale in health for the host. I don't think there's any difference between solo and coop. So more people kill everything faster. Possibly more enemy spawns, no biggie. You can have 1 - 2 people on Resonator Duty and 2 on enemy duty and then burst down the Orphix when you get rid of the Resonators. In coop you can do this much faster than in solo.
  2. I think the actual issue is new players starting coop from the get-go. They don't learn anything because other players do the work for them. My advice is to clear the star chart solo and only play coop occasionally when you're starting out. I honestly never used a defense type frame when I started playing for the longest time and all these missions are doable with any frame. Sure an endurance run is going to be hard, but just a few rounds of defense should be fine as long as you know what you're doing.
  3. Mentoring system works in a healthy community. Guild Wars 2 has mentors that work really well. In this game. I don't know. There's a lot of helpful people out there. A new player can use chat to ask for help, there's bound to be people that are willing to help out. It's more the issue that the game has so little information on how things work. If anything I'd like DE to fix THAT. I mentioned this before. There should be separate quests on things. Like a modding quest for instance.
  4. Depends on the map. If you're going into open world, any short range weapon is going to suck. Best to use a weapon that has a long range and an AoE if you can get it. Something like the Tombfinger primary for instance. For small area tilesets like Corpus ship any weapon with AoE or chaining effect is probably best. For tilesets with larger rooms you may want to look at something else. Ideally something that has a range of 30-40. Also kind of depends on your playstyle. If you're going melee then the clone will follow you about and be in closer proximity to enemies more often. If you both go ranged then you may want to opt for a specific ranged weapon.
  5. You should be able to solo this. If you lose because of your team, then you would have lost solo as well. Meaning you're complaining about pubs, but you also weren't able to do it.
  6. You can check your progress if you go to the menu. It will pop up. If you don't have it equipped nothing regarding the riven will pop up. Also there will be a pop up for each stage of progression. Say you need to kill X enemies with Y condition then for each completed it will show how many you completed as you complete them. If nothing shows up then you either didn't equip the riven mod or you didn't do the challenge correctly.
  7. Some bugs are pretty cool. Although it looks like that left hand is gonna hurt.
  8. Support is the only place for this. They have a lot of requests so this may take a while. Negative plat comes from people buying plat, then spending that plat and then refunding the purchase. This forces DE to invalidate that plat wherever it went. Honestly don't know what DE does about this and if you get your plat and Riven back. Let us know what happens.
  9. You can create a new account to do this. But make sure not to trade between your alts. I think DE hands out bans for that.
  10. In order to properly deal with sentients you need to complete the main story quest "The War Within". Then you will gain access to abilities that can counter the sentient damage reduction abilities. Umbra can do this as well, but that's further in. Railjack wasn't meant to be for new players. Sentients are pretty strong. My advice is to use hard hitting weapons. They stack resistances per shot, so a gun that rapid fires low damage rounds is not good. You're better off shooting them with a slow heavy hitting weapon. Also, don't listen to people telling you to rush main story quests. That's just terrible advice.
  11. You can play the earth missions solo with the basic railjack. You get some resources and a crew going and then it's smooth sailing from there. Railjack was way harder and had less resources as rewards before. I don't understand why people complain that it is impossible. If anything you can tag along with another player to get some resources going and then spend them on buying some upgrades before going solo. But it's really not necessary.
  12. Well you can use the slingshot on board your own ship to go to an enemy ship directly. Although I'm not sure what your issue is with flying to the entrance and then entering it. That works fine for me. Also you can change your sprint speed on the fly, you don't have to select a mode and stick with it forever. You can fly at full speed and decrease speed as you approach the door if you're going too fast.
  13. Yea see, you can buy those things off the market by playing level 10 relic missions. Or selling stuff from the NW store. You don't have to play Steel Path. Sorties are easy, no need to mention those. Yareli can do fine there. ESO isn't the "best" way to gain focus. It's a really good mind numbing experience sure. Look not everyone plays the game in the same brain dead fashion. I log on. Pick something I want to go do, pick a frame I want to play at that time and make a weapon selection and then go and play. Maybe you should do another 4K posts more than me and come back to me.
  14. You must be new. People here cry over everything. DE has stated that their way of releasing things is deliberately underpowered because buffing things receives better feedback than nerfing things. This tactic is to appease the cry babies that cannot handle nerfs and land into real life depressions. What loot?
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