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  1. While I share this gripe with armor too because the attacks 100% ignore armor which is weird. But when comparing armor and shields they are different. Armor can be pierced. It doesn't have it's own HP bar. Something that cuts through armor can affect what's underneath. Shields function differently. They completely absorb damage. Armor does not. Perhaps armor can get some sort of buff that gains resistance against certain procs, but no immunity. Shields should be immune to slash procs.
  2. Only thing I would like to see is making shields immune to slash procs. Shields don't bleed.
  3. Cool yea forgot about that. I'll have to try that.
  4. Think you're looking at this the wrong way. When you use Smeeta you don't use it for the crits. So when you DO get crits, and to be fair most weapons don't go to 200% crit chance or higher (unless you play braindeadmelee), you get a big boost out of it. When it's something you're not aiming for the unexpected boost in damage is great. In your earlier post and the ones after you also seem to ignore the fact that smeeta charm buff not only gives double drop, but also double affinity. Makes levelling stuff up much easier so you don't have to rely on braindead content to level stuff up. That said the buff is random. You may get 3-4 stacks of it or you may get nothing. But I found it very satisfying to see a 16 steel essence pickup from 1 single acolyte. Did I get lucky? Yes, but the game is built on RNG so that's kinda the name of the game. I think I get about 1 out of 3 acolyte spawns with a smeeta buff. I think that's worth it. The buff can trigger every 28 seconds and lasts for 150 seconds if you use the correct mods on the smeeta.
  5. Double affinity is also good if you need to reforma something a couple times. And it stacks so you could get 8x affinity for instance.
  6. Yep the drone is really slow. Best part is that the Lotus tells you we need the drone to transport the goods. The goods being the toxin that you have in your hands while you are in archwing... The drone is slow which is really annoying, but the drone transport being a slap in the face is more annoying. 🤦‍♂️
  7. I've been using Nyx, but I'll be looking at Oberon as well soon. Haven't played much, but I can say Nyx works fine.
  8. Ah yea, forgot they added that. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. Most mods can be gotten through necraloid syndicates and the isolation vault bounties. There's some that are no longer available as they were part of the Orphix Venom event, but I'm guessing they'll come back at some point.
  10. If you're decently equipped then this can be done relatively easy solo. The bosses aren't really a challenge, but more so the number of infested spawns. They will swarm you. Infested spawns are level 20. And there will be a lot of them continuously spawning. So you'll need to be able to deal with them while you also kill the 4 bosses. Final boss is level 75, so it will have a decent HP pool. Any weapon that has some decent fire rate will work on the Hemocite. This is because of the damage cap. So any weapon with high fire rated modded for corrosive should do well. Doesn't even need to be a high end weapon or high damage weapon. Fire rate and corrosive is what you need. Best I found is to strip the armor before hitting it, the health is vulnerable to corrosive, the armor vulnerable to radiation. With the armor down you'll kill it much faster. I used Nyx to strip the armor and to confuse the hordes of infested. Made it pretty simple actually. I'll try different frames. It's the first time for me doing the event.
  11. It's more difficult to see from a picture. I walked around them a couple times and you can clearly see it then. Both are standing on the ground except one was taller. It could be an animation set. But they were using the same animations. Maybe one just glitched out on my screen. The one in the back looks like he's standing on his toes more and the one in the front has his feet more on the ground. But that's not all. The actual frame is also smaller. Just do a check and you'll see. It was really weird.
  12. That's actually not a bad idea. Yea I worded that poorly. I meant to say that Yareli was crafted around her K drive. Which is not reflected in her kit.
  13. Definitely the game not agreeing with itself. That's kinda what you get if you change the lore as you go.
  14. Hm, the game doesn't seem to agree with you there. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Warframes Says specifically that the frame channels void energy. Which is kind of puzzling since the frames were created before the Tenno were made to operate them.
  15. Ok, sooo stationary CC... Let's have a looksie. Titania has stationary CC. Possibly worse than Yareli in this regard. Outclassed by other CC frames. Gara has stationary CC, definitely worse than Yareli. Outclassed by other CC frames. Hydroid. Well his CC sucks too, it's worse than Yareli if you ask me. I rather hit a target that's not flailing around. Anyway. The problem is looking at roles and that is because they don't exist. Warframe has no roles. Yareli's kit doesn't work for different reasons. Her kit was built around her 2nd ability, but there's no synergy with her other skills. If they fix that then Yareli because a lot better to use. Thing is. I don't like her second ability and so do a lot of others because using K drive in a lot of tilesets is very cumbersome.
  16. I always wondered why we had so much trouble fighting sentients when the frames were specifically designed to battle them. In the end it's the void energy that really counters them though. Frames are supposed to be channeling this void energy, but they actually are less effective vs sentients than the operator without the frame. Weird.
  17. Don't think DE creates frames with a role in mind. But I'll humor you. What roles do you think exist for warframes? Let's check them against the current list of frames and see where Yareli stands vs the rest. I'll wager she's not at the top, but there will be plenty of frames that do something that another frame does better.
  18. This ties into my previous comments. Some people cannot stand the grind and need everything today. So they min max and only going for that next thing and mindlessly farm for it. If I played the game that way I would have stopped a long while ago. That's just torturing myself. If I'm not having fun while "grinding" then what's the point of playing the game in the first place? So don't really min max or play for 100% efficiency unless it's necessary for something specific.
  19. There's many frames that are not top tier in anything you've listed and they are still fine. Also, I tend to not put much stock in the generic complaints on the forums or some of the salty streamers. Those same people put Nyx at the bottom of the tier list for almost anything in the game, even though she's one of the most powerful frames in the game. Granted Yareli is a bit underwhelming and her kit feels clunky to use. It's not the things above that make her sub par. It's down to usability and synergy. Nothing in her kit feels really good to use and the interaction between abilities is non existent. Her passive is good though. 200% crit chance boost on secondaries gives her a lot of extra power. For me I look at it as follows: Her 1: it's good CC. Yes people want sh!t to be clumped up and have everything operate as a Nidus 2 so they can braindead spam E. I'm not one of those people that wants everything dead in seconds so I can stand still and spam specific combo's till I fall asleep. I think the ability can be tweaked to be better, but it's good CC. Reliability is so-so. Probably what I would like to see improved. Her 2: well the K drive thing isn't for me in certain tilesets to be sure, but the tankiness is good in low to med level content. Her 3: good vs low level infested. Doesn't scale so falls off later. It's more of a deterent for melee enemies if anything. Maybe the width of the blades could be increased to make it more reliable. Her 4: terrible if you ask me in every aspect. It's the one ability I would replace in the helminth system. Perhaps they made her with open worlds in mind? Not sure.
  20. Yea, but I'm kind of wondering at what point. Originally during the old war the Tenno were able to beat the sentients. But sentients being sentients they learn to adapt. What's to say they've haven't adapted in the last few hundred years or so?
  21. I think that peoples playstyle and how they approach the game has everything to do with this topic. If you're looking for a frame that's top tier at everything, then Yareli isn't it. Question is, is this a problem? I've seen plenty of topics/comments about people doing Steel Path with Yarelli and doing just fine. Although, I myself probably wouldn't select her for that. That said, DE has stated that the game isn't balanced around Steel Path. So the argument that Yareli falls behind on that mode is kind of moot. I mean, I agree that she "should" be able to do it, but the fact that she doesn't isn't a bad character design, because it's in line with DE's design statement. We wouldn't be having this conversation if Yarelli was released a year ago.
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